Maaco Collision Repair & Auto Painting
240 Prosperity Dr, Winchester, VA 22602, United States

Review №1

I took my 2000 Nissan Altima with 210,700 miles on it to have Maaco repair the fading/peeling clear coat on the hood and roof areas. The body was still in fairly solid shape, and it still ran great, but It really bothered me to let it just die a slow death and look so ugly. I talked with Megan and Kevin and shared with them that I didn't want to sink a lot of money into such an old vehicle, and they understood and offered a great price and deal that I felt comfortable with. They were very professional in answering my questions and working me into their very tight time frame.In the midst of a pandemic AND a major snow storm. They still came through with their promise to meet my needs!My wife and I were blown away by the results of all their work and talents! WOW!! The results are AMAZING!! They repaired the roof and hood areas prior to a complete repaint of the car! We are SO HAPPY that we went with Maaco! They are great people to work with and run their business very professionally! We highly recommend them!! Great job Maaco! Thank You!!

Review №2

Great option and well worth the drive to get there.

Review №3

Evan and his staff did an amazing job at a fair price. They scheduled me quickly and I got my vehicle back sooner than expected. Workmanship was amazing. I have recommended them to all of my friends and will definitely use them again if I need a body shop.

Review №4

I had their most expensive premium paint job service and paid for them to remove a few parts for better paint coverage. The result was great except for a couple spots where they left some old double-sided tape which they promised to fix at no extra cost. Outstanding service and quality of work for a great price.

Review №5

Dishonest, poor workmanship, and 4 months later paint is already starting to peel.

Review №6

They painted a pickup for me and did a great job. Highly recommended

Review №7

They sanded and painted my entire truck turned out amazing. Very perfessional

Review №8

I was very happy with our experience of an overall paint job on a 2005 dodge Dakota! Evan was friendly and easy going and super helpful! The paint job was done in a week and they applied new decals for us. Price was amazing for what we needed!

Review №9

Very very nice people they did a excellent job on my 2010 Dodge Charger SXT they had it done in no time excellent body work and paint for cheap price would highly recommend

Review №10

I was.pleased with the paint job i received...then they even resprayed the hood after i noticed that is wasnt quite right and didnt charge me for respraying the hood....i am very satisfied..

Review №11

Awesome work Meagan and Kevin both great. Fantastic job on all cars. Will continue to use them.Thanks Guys

Review №12

Paint turned out pretty decent found some spots that I thought could have used some more attention. Was promised the car a few times but kept getting delayed. They claim they are going to fix some of it we will see

Review №13

Wow! I took my old Chevy here for an overall paint job. Great family run business with knowledgeable staff. Great group of people doing a lot of good work. Thanks Maaco Team!

Review №14

I brought my Subaru in to have some superficial rust fixed on the tailgate. The work was done ahead of time and I can't see any evidence of work done. The office staff was excellent. More recently, I brought a Ford Expedition in to check the door; water was pooling in the door. The repairman spotted the problem immediately, told me how to fix it and I was on my way. I will keep using them.

Review №15

I was kind of skeptical going through the process of getting my Subaru worked on after getting in into a slight accident and just needing a little tender love and care but the knowledge and skill level of just the employees in the office gave me faith in this shop. I felt very comfortable during the whole process and just handing them my keys i know they could be trusted. I know the car painting industry can be kind of cut throat in a sense of u201cyou get what you pay foru201d but these guys let me tell you....... they are amazing they had my vehicle for about seven or eight days (not including the weekend) but let me tell you from my experience it was worth the wait 100%!!! The car has never looked this good and I have had it since it rolled off the lot. If you ever have any auto painting or body repairs big or small these guys are the way to go. For the price, experience and the absolute fantastic end results no one in the Winchester/ front royal area can touch this shop. I would highly recommend them to anyone.

Review №16

Very professional and customer friendly. Excellent work preformed along with fair prices

Review №17

Great work for a great price!

Review №18

Great experience. No problems.

Review №19

I've had work done by Maaco on two occasions and have had great experiences both times. They provide great customer service, they've completed both jobs faster than they estimated and the workmanship has been very good. They are my go to body shop.

Review №20

They did a great job at a very fair price.

Review №21

Took our vehicle in to have the a spot repainted... was quoted a week, they had it for two. Got it back FULL of dust from front to back from them sanding with doors open, paint dusty boot prints all over the leather seats from them using the seats to reach the top instead of a stool or something. Primer overspray on the windows, buffer swirl scratches on most of the glass from buffing with a dirty pad, couple spots where they never sanded and painted the main spot we needed fixed and the paint is chipped up. Weu2019ve been wanting to take it back to have them fix the issues but afraid what it will come back looking like after complaining and not knowing how long they will leave us without a vehicle again. Very disappointed in the quality of work and respect for a persons vehicle. Our vehicle was spotless when it went in and weu2019ve been playing hell trying to get all the dust off the dash and out of the vents and carpet!

Review №22

Home run with this place of business. Great staff!!

Review №23

Car looked amazing for a $433 paint job I'd recommend them anytime I was so pleased my wife's car is currently there to have painted as well

Review №24

These guys are great! What a difference with my car

Review №25

Well run shop

Review №26

Wow a great experience! Will come here again

Review №27

Great family run business. Quality of work was great and the price was even better. Had it done before their estimated time too. Thanks Maaco!

Review №28

Allsome People They do good work

Review №29

Had talked to several body shops and no one could get me in went to Maaco and then brought me in for a quote that day. Scheduled me for the next week to get my 2006 F250 re-painted. Great customer service and great quality work took their time and did a phenomenal job on my truck.

Review №30

What a blessing it was to have my tow truck driver refer me to Maaco. They took care of everything for me; Rental care, estimate, insurance company. They even gave me a ride to the the Rental agency. Thanks so much for seeing me through this difficult process Evan! You are the best and I will be delivering you those choc chip cookies I promised you!!!!

Review №31

I can always count on Maaco of Winchester to do a great job at a great price. They have painted two of my cars and several body parts for me over the last year. The paint always comes out looking great.

Review №32

What a great experience. Evan (Sales Manager) did a fantastic job helping us select the right paint package. Megan (Office Manager) did a great job in helping us with our paint color and kept us well informed throughout the entire repair process! Great family run business!

Review №33

Working with the local person Evan was a great experience. I asked many questions answered them fantastic. Very helpful soil process is very good at updating. I would 100% use your services again in the future

Review №34

Excellent Job! Kevin and Evan took care of me from the beginning. Originally went in on their $399 special. They explained to me that it is essentially all in the paint prep. I spent a total of $1200 but the final product was so worth the extra $$. They showed me a vehicle that had just gotten the $399 special and the difference was unreal. Would give 6 stars if I could!

Review №35

Some of the nicest people I have ever met. They did a great job on my rockers for my truck. They kept me well informed throughout the process and delivered my vehicle when promised. Great family run business and knowledgeable staff. Thanks team Maaco!!!!

Review №36

They are very nice and helpful. They did a great job on my car. They were done with my car before I expected it to be done. They charged exactly what they quoted. I would definitely use them again. Well Done Maaco of Winchester!!!

Review №37

The adviser I had was very informant, they finished my car within two days! Super impressed with the work they did also. Just a very nice environment there!

Review №38

This Maaco is fantastic in quality of paints, matching the color of existing colors, this company is a highly skilled and professionally run paint and damage shop. The level of incredible service makes worthy of 5 stars. My car was painted in the time frame that I was quoted! Other paint shops I went to for estimates in the area were more interested in selling me additional services, didnt want to do just what I ask and their estimates were far more expensive then that of Maaco. Now let's be honest, how can the same paint be more expensive then that which Maaco uses?? Think about it, its probably the same paint!!! Thank you Maaco!

Review №39

Thank you Evan for a great job! These guys are awesome.

Review №40

Had a couple of friends get their vehicles done here and they loved the work and as soon as I was able to get the money up I got my Sport Trac done and I love it. Iu2019ve already got my 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee set up to be done. My buddy Tommy at work is considering having his Crown Victoria done now from seeing what was done to my truck. Couldnu2019t be happier right now......

Review №41

These people are very nice they did a very good job on my pickup good paint job only thing they forgot to put the pin stripes back on which I figured a common mistake so I agreed to go back and have them put on but after putting them on one side they ran out so now I got to go back have the other side done when they get the tape in. I have no problem to do it the only thing I have to go twice and that is costing me money for gas back and forth. But I would recommend Maaco to other people to have there vehicle fixed and painted there

Review №42

This shop did excellent work, and completed the job a day earlier than estimated. The owner went out of his way to accommodate my needs, and both he and the office staff of this family business were professional and genuinely friendly.

Review №43

I had my 69 Mustang done here. I was a little worried to have a Macco work in it. Man, these guys where the best!! You get what you pay for but in the case I got more than what was paid for. I had original paint that they matched perfectly. Went with the base coast/clear coat and had them buff as well. I would highly recommend these guys. Awesome job!!!

Review №44

This February 2019 I took my 91 ford pick up to the Winchester Va. maaco to get body work done and paint the truck. I bought the truck new in 91 and have had some dents and chips as well as the top of cab rusted. The two young people working in the office were very polite and helpful. The manager Evan was very patient with me as I had a lot of questions about the different paint jobs they had. He went over them with me telling the differences. He wasvery professional. I got the premier 5 year warranty paint service. They fixed all dents chips and scratches. Painted the truck the original color. The truck was ready as said and I am happy with their work. A very good Business and very professional.

Review №45

What an awesome job this shop did on my collision repair. Great communication and pricing. Love the atmosphere. Great family run business!!!! Thanks team!!!

Review №46

Was not completed by date quoted. Did not paint door jams, and did not mention it was extra at time of estimate. Some areas of car have paint that shouldnu2019t (I.e. chrome). Helpful in helping load vehicle on trailer. Was hoping for better experience- it just wasnu2019t there. Have had better experiences at other Maacos.

Review №47

We got a beat up vehicle for our teenage kid. It was in terrible shape. We had MAACO give it a new paint job and it is AMAZING! Like a brand new car! The staff was great and friendly, the service was so incredibly fast and the paint job is so much better than I ever thought it could have been. It seriously has made this eye-sore of a car a must have for our teenager. Thanks MAACO!!!!

Review №48

Did an ok job on the paint job. Had to take it back because the paint on the hood was cracking and it was only 7 months old. Probably from not properly prepping it . Thought it was warranty but got charged $200. So not sure what warranty means ? Went to pick it up and there was some scratches on it and the owner tells me a raccoon did it ? Seriously a raccoon ! You could tell it was from a duel action sander. Had over spray from primer all over the front bumper from not covering it. Had to pay more money to get it detailed out. And sanding dust all over the inside of the car seat and floor mats. So make sure you ask the owner what warranty really means ?

Review №49

So I took my red f150 to get it fixed the front fender and light broke . It needed to be replaced repainted.Took 2 days witch was awesome. But I noticed that where they painted had a misty smudge on it. Witch I let em know and they fixed. Today I got my truck back and well 2now it has little chips in the paint and like paint bubbles. There small but it sucks that I just got that truck and it's like that. But the customer service is really good. Just wish they would check the cars or in this case would of checked my truck before they gave it to me .

Review №50

Stay away! I had a minor fender dent in my Jetta, they said the job would take 3-4 days. Took 3 whole weeks. No apology, no discount for the inconvenience, not even a call to let me know it would take longer. They did an okay job, but they left me stranded for two weeks!

Review №51

Best son in the world. You've taken this business even farther than anyone can imagine.

Review №52

Superb service. They routinely under promise over deliver!

Review №53

Very helpful in a stressful situation. Glad I came here!

Review №54

Great place that is crazy busy. Kept us informed all the way and delivered to us on time!! Thanks team Maaco!!!!

Review №55

Maaco provided me with too notch service, product looks amazing with super fast turnaround. A+ exceptional service.

Review №56

I had gotten into an accident a few weeks ago. Took my vehicle where my insurance company instructed and immediately had a bad feeling about the place they sent me. Thank goodness I made the trip over to this Maaco which is just a few yards away. They estimated my repair to the T and kept me informed throughout the entire process. There was also some hidden damage that they worked out with my insurance company on my behalf.Megan and Evan are the best and I would highly recommend this establishment to EVERYONE. Thanks guys!!!!

Review №57

Wow! Great experience and great customer atmosphere. Thanks so much for taking care of my Acura

Review №58

Took two cars to this Maaco,,met Evan also met Kevin, I am extremely pleased with the paint jobs. Evan was able to find the exact color purple which my car was painted and it looks great,also took my other mustang to have them install a cobra R bumper paint/match original paint on car would definitely recommend this place . All conversations were great and very up beat even speaking to Megan(hope I spelled your name right) to schedule cars in was extremely pleasant!!!!! Great jobs will be back if I need more.Thanks

Review №59

My boyfriend wanted to get his spoiler painted and they told him it was be ready by Monday. He went to pick it up Monday and they had not painted the spoiler. They then told him it would be ready by Thursday and he could pick it up then, but they failed to tell him they would be closed for the Fourth of July. He went today, the day after the fourth, and they still did not touch his spoiler!! We took it back and are getting it done elsewhere.

Review №60

These guys are great! Awesome experience and very knowledgeable staff. They also use PPG paint, which I love!! I own many cars and will continue to use this place of business. Thanks

Review №61

I just picked up my 2002 Dodge Ram from this shop, WOW! Friendly staff and great paint job. Evan and Megan are the best, very knowledgeable and my truck was ready on the date they promised. Great shop and great eperience. Thanks Maaco!

Review №62

I am a small dealer in the WV area and it really helps to have an autobody facility that is reasonably priced and also provides high quality. Great communication from these folks! I send all my customers here and will continue to do so. Thanks guys!!

Review №63

They did a great job painting my Dodge Charger. They did a matte black paint, what an amazing paint job. Everyone stops me and ask where I had it done. Well, just right here from these great peeps. Friendly staff, great prices, you will never go wrong with this Macco branch. Good luck.

Review №64

Couldn't ask for any better. Evan is the best - very pleasant and informative

Review №65

Very good paint job but they did get paint on tires and wheels and undercarriage otherwise I would recommend for the price.

Review №66

Very fast and professional service at a reasonable price. Highly recommend them for your auto collision or paint repair jobs...big or small.

Review №67

Had my 17 year old Tacoma painted in December. Paint looks like the day I bought it in 2001! Pleasant to deal with and great customer service! Thanks MAACO!

Review №68

These folks did such a super job on my Mustang. Friendly staff, clean office area and great paint. They matched my color PERFECT!!

Review №69

The did an amazing job on my car! Stayed on budget and did it on schedule. I am def bringing my truck to them next

Review №70

They did great work and had me back on the road quickly.

Review №71

Not all Maacos are the same. We've had two cars painted here. My older son had his Dodge painted with enamel, and I was a little worried about how it would hold up, but going on three years now, and it still looks great. My younger son got a Nissan that had been repainted poorly. Maaco Winchester was running a special, urethane the same price as enamel. As they got into the work some parts they thought they were going to be able repair turned out to be beyond repair, and they wanted to replace them, which they did at a very good price (a hood and a fender for $250). From ten feet away the Nissan looks like a band new car now. There are Maacos closer to where I live, but this one is worth the drive. Don't expect frills. Good paint applied as well as possible in their cost saving parameters (masking and shooting rather than disassembling and shooting) is what you can expect if my experience is typical.

Review №72

Recently purchased a used truck which required some body and paint work. Got a couple of quotes and decided to go with Maaco. Great decision on my part. They did a fantastic job! This was not the first vehicle they have worked on for me and I highly recommend them.

Review №73

They put a superb paint job on my immense 1977 Mercury Marquis. The color was right and the application excellent. Terrific bargain over the pricey paint shops.

Review №74

5 stars is not enough. What a great experience. Love this shop!!!!

Review №75

They did such a great job on my Jeep. Evan is one of the best!

Review №76

Could not believe the job they did on my GMC! Great work and an even better price! Thank you!

Review №77

Awesome job. The paint job turned out great on my VW Bus. Thanks for your hard work, and attention to detail. I will recomend to friends, and people at car shows.

Review №78

Professional, friendly service.

Review №79

They are very good. Had a little over spray here and there but they took care of it right away

Review №80

I have done business with maaco of Winchester Va 18 years, I have enjoyed doing business with Rick and Danny. Well a year ago I noticed Kevin's attitude was changing, never thought it would develop into what happened on the last truck deal I had with Kevin. Through time I caught him in some little white lies. I took a Dodge big Horn truck to have 3 dents and and an all over paint job. We agreed on $600 and 2 weeks to do it. I was asked if I wanted all emblems put back on the truck, my comment was of course.Five weeks went by I called about the truck. I was told it would be ready tomorrow. When I went to pick up the truck it was on the opposite end of shop, first time in 18 years. I looked at the truck, raised the tailgate to find the truck had been spotted in on three different places.I had already paid for the truck so I layed my receipt on the consoleof the truck. Went to office to see why the truck was not painted all over and was told it was put in the computer wrong.I was told it would be fixed and ready in three days. When I picked it up my receipt was gone the emblems were on the console and not on the truck some where missing. I never thought after 18 years of business I would be treated like this. Edward Spence

Review №81

Good service

Review №82

Took my Acura TSX here a few months back. The paint jobs was done well and I had no real issues. However when I got the car back my hood latch was broken. I thought it wasn't that big of a deal and took home to see if it was just a quick fix with WD40, unfortunately it was not. I went back the next day to see if they could help me out since it broke under their care. I wasn't asking for much in my opinion and I wasn't rude about it either. That's when the owner came out and started accusing me of breaking it and saying that I brought the car to the shop in pieces (untrue) and that he wasn't responsible. His son however offered to help me try to fix it which was much appreciated. I was pleased with the paint job but disappointed with poor management/customer service from the owner. If you take your car here; talk to the owners son who will treat you right, unlike the owner himself. My guess is the son's mother taught him how to treat customers because it definitely didn't come from the father.

Review №83

Its OK, just take a lot of time to make an appointment!!!

Review №84

They did a great paint job.

Review №85

Great work great prices no complaints

Review №86

Awesome place

Review №87

Worst place ever. Really unprofessional, work not even done right. Rude and really bad customer service

Review №88

Does decent work for the price

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