Briscoes Coastlands
6 Ihakara Street, Paraparaumu 5032, New Zealand

Review №1

This branch has lost me as a customer. A display item was different from stock on the floor and I didnt realise I had a wrong model until i unpacked it at home. When i tried to return it they refused to accept it because the box was damaged. Their head office was more understanding and offered a full refund and pick up or i could return the item to the store. The same rude staff member i spoke to originally still tried to refuse the return despite being shown the email from head office. She definitely needs some customer service training, an better awareness of the CGA.

Review №2

Found what i was looking for and staff are friendly. Last time i bought a dinnerset i was misding a side plate so i asked the lady to check the box just in case and she did it gladly.

Review №3

Nice big shop. Clean and tidy. Nice staff

Review №4

Great experience, heaps to pick from, good prices and friendly/helpfull staff

Review №5

Missing a lot of stock from the shelves. Not sure if this is normal or they were just waiting on a suitable time to re-stock.

Review №6

Friendly, inexpensive great selection. Good quality items.

Review №7

Easy to find things. Friendly staff.

Review №8

Needed a heater. I have never seen so much choice! Really happy with my pick at a great price.

Review №9

Easy to shop here. Helpful staff. Will return

Review №10

Great place for great bargains with great weekly sales & deals

Review №11

Great experience ud83dudc4d

Review №12

Found what we wanted at a good price. As usual there was a sale on.

Review №13

Dont ever buy online with briscoes or rebel sport they use aramex (fastway) couriers who are useless and slowThey lost a package of ours between Christchurch and kapiti and have no idea where, and deny responsibility.After 3 weeks and about 10 phone calls to aramex and briscoes we have had a replacement dispatched

Review №14

Helpful staff.

Review №15

Pretty good outlet, although not easy to find a staff member when you need one (I think this is fairly normal no matter which branch of Briscoes you're in). They have good sales, but it's really not worth paying full price for anything in store because you *know* it'll be on sale within the next few weeks. If you're willing to bide your time, there are some good bargains to be had.

Review №16

Great sale prices

Review №17

Staff are very helpful and friendly. Good quality selection and always best to go when there's a sale on.

Review №18

Sale!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There's always a sale on here. If there isn't don't go, it's not worth it. They are made around SALES and they have a lot of stuff to go on sale. This place is good for all your house needs so go here.

Review №19

Unusually good service for Briscoes, I was pleasantly surprised. Item I wanted was out of stock in store but checkout operator was more than happy to suggest using the instore portal to purchase from another branch and have it delivered.

Review №20

Good sales and a wide selection for what they sell

Review №21

Very happy experience. Found what l was looking for. Staff very helpful & pleasant.

Review №22

Good bargains for good product

Review №23

Can't believe our luck - they were holding one of their incredibly infrequent sales when we turned up! We couldn't believe the amazing bargains? 30, 40, even 50% off most lines. I'm amazed they can stay in business with slim profit margins like this. Pile in and grab yourself a ridiculously cheap deal before they go bust!

Review №24

Sale prices are excellent. Real value at a reasonable cost.

Review №25

I went to a Briscoes store this morning and I found what I believed was a good deal for a outdoor furniture set. I spend time discussing over the phone with my husband the purchase, how I would take that home, if that would fit on my car, among others.However, for my surprise and deep frustration, the advertising papers have been exchanged in a way neither I or the attendant could identify the mistake.In a plastic u201ccaseu201d it was displayed in the front the name of the set, numbers of pieces and the price (279,99) in the back was the fotos of the product and the reference number.When I was in the checkout we realise there was something wrong. The information in the front was wrong and what was actually being displayed was the information and value of another product very similarly (also a outdoor furniture set with 3 pieces) and the actual price of the set I wanted was something around 360,00.The attendant called the manager to see how we could resolve the problem, but the manager denied the mistake and said he couldnu2019t do anything about that. The only justification he could give me was that there were names and I should have noted by looking at the names. How am I suppose to know the name of a furniture? What customer cares about the name of something if everything else is indicating a given price for product? How could I know that one product is caked XWZ and another ZYX? The names never say something useful about the product.What frustrated me even more is that nothing, absolutely nothing was tried to minimise my deep disappointment as an active customer of Briscoes. The manager could at least offer me a discount as a way to compensate something, but there was nothing.I understand that at time this things can happen, but I (your costumer) have nothing to do with that and you should have a process to provide some sort of compensation for the illusion and waste of time.Luckily I took photos when I was discussing the purchase with my husband over the phone. Therefore, Iu2019d like to ask you to have a look at the photos and let me know how I was suppose to know there was something wrong? I also would like to know what is the standard procedure for situations like that? And most important, how is this in line with NZ Consumer Guarantee act?I am deeply disappointed with the way the problem was dealt, which has only benefited the manager. I paid with my time for a mistake I wasnu2019t the responsible for. All I can say now is that Iu2019ll avoid as much as I can buying again of Briscoes, because youu2019ve showed little or no consideration and respect with your customer. By the way, I had similar issues with Warehouse before (even more difficult ones), which have all being resolved with highest consideration, care and respect with me. I wish I could say the same about Briscoes.

Review №26

Good range and price

Review №27

Yes good shop but you have to wait for those sales they have because of their high retail price are very high.

Review №28

Great selection of homewares and good discounts

Review №29

Always wait for specials! It's how they operate. That thing you want is going to be on special, it it isn't already.

Review №30

A great shop to get a good price. We keep an eye on their advertising and go in when what we want is on special. Never been disappointed.. Quality of goods is usually good.

Review №31

Great sales . Good variety especially linens and towels

Review №32

Briscies were having a good sale so it was busy. But service was still good and hardly any time was spent queuing at the checkout.

Review №33

Great store to find a bargain.

Review №34

I'm getting a bit annoyed by the staff standard respond of 'if it's not on the shelf, we don't have it', while one lady constantly confirms there is stock of what I'm after in the back. All staff should make an effort or not at all. A shop like this should also be opened all days of the week. I'm not counting the ones that you need to pay significantly extra 'because there's no sale'. Such a hassle to figure out when it's worth shopping here and not getting ripped off by 'full prices'.

Review №35

Excellent store with very helpful and polite staff

Review №36

Always good value.

Review №37

Excellent prices

Review №38

Good stock

Review №39

50 percent off today at briscoes what a joke, go to the warehouse people

Review №40

They had what I wanted, good price.

Review №41

Great place to shop for everything needed for the home. Love the bargains and the friendly staffThank you Briscos

Review №42

Good range and prices

Review №43

The only big homewares store in Kapiti which is great most of the time, but the quality of some of the products are pretty mediocre. The sales are good though.

Review №44

Too long in getting attention and no floor attendants to ask questions. Walked out, too long a queue at checkout.

Review №45

Had exactly what we were looking for. Good price too.

Review №46

It's Briscoes. Perpetual Sales of decent homewares, appliances and knick knacks

Review №47

Extremely helpful staff, great prices.

Review №48

Perfect place to buy home appliances for our ladies as well as gents. Sometimes they have good promotion on selected items. Otherwise place is little bit expensive but quality service and goods.

Review №49

Nicely laid out store and very helpful staff.

Review №50

Good deals.

Review №51

You'd never believe it, they had a sale on ud83dude0aud83dude0a

Review №52

Big shop, good range , helpful staff when you can find one

Review №53

Specials will probably be better on Boxing Day

Review №54

Excellent vac just what was required

Review №55

Good reliable store as a rule and usually great staff. My first experience of a staff member who clearly wasn't in her most helpful mood!

Review №56

Got what I wanted at a good price

Review №57

Good prices, easy to find anything and everything

Review №58

Airways a good deal to be had, just make sure you never pay full price! It will be on sale in a day or two if its not when you visit!

Review №59

Very good choice of goods to buy. Seem genuine sale prices. Staff great.

Review №60

Always a great day at Briscoes

Review №61

Very good

Review №62

Huge store well lit and airy

Review №63

If you say on the website that you are open to 7 p.m. (27 Dec), then stay open until 7. It would help if you answered the phone as well - I phoned to verify the hours.

Review №64

Great specials lots of ideas for Christmas

Review №65

Always good value

Review №66

Huge store. Big range. Helpful staff

Review №67

Fantastic selection and good prices when on special!

Review №68

Massive store. Good selection

Review №69

A+++ service and friendly staff

Review №70

Very good shop place to go to buy pots pans frying pans rice cookers and good service 10 x better than the Warehouse warehouse quality isn't good Briscoes quality is pretty high

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Review №72

Very happy with the many options, and reasonable pricing

Review №73

Love briscoes sales

Review №74

Normal pile of crafts Kitchen bedroom things

Review №75

Great specials. I would only shpp there if there was a sale on. Parking is a little bit out of the way but not too bad. Very big store, bring a chair and a picnic coz once you're in there, there's a lot to look at ;-)

Review №76

Great savings

Review №77

Very helpful. Cheers Team

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Review №79


Review №80

Reasonable sale prices just don't expect any form of service.

Review №81

We found exactly what we wanted. Very helpful staff.

Review №82

Pretty good, with an okay range of stock for a briscoes

Review №83

There is always something there that suits my needs. And a fascinating place to browse

Review №84

It's Briscoes, they have a sale on! Always well stocked and tidy, friendly staff too.

Review №85

Items weren't easy to identify price but great bargains.

Review №86

Always awesome deals and great service

Review №87

Excellent service everytime ive gone in....staff very helpful

Review №88

Great selection

Review №89

Excellent service today from 3 members of staff. Thank you *****

Review №90

Quick service, quiet environment, good prices.

Review №91

Didn't have what I wanted but the click and collect service they offer is free if clunky.

Review №92

Love this pl very helpful to customers always a bargin

Review №93

What you would expect from a briscoes store.

Review №94

Just been to the store this Sunday morning. Huge queue of people waiting to be served. No one extra was called to assist though a guy I assume was the manager was wandering around. Really poor service

Review №95

Well layer out n helpful staff

Review №96

Don't trust to exchange your purchase within 30days.They wouldn't listen what you say. Just they do it what they want until you can prove something.Bad service.

Review №97

Good but only when items are on sale other wise very expensive

Review №98

Exceptional quality, lovely& helpful assistance.

Review №99

If you're there and theres not a sale on then you're not at Briscoes...

Review №100

Love shopping there ,especially when sale on on!!!

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  • Address:6 Ihakara Street, Paraparaumu 5032, New Zealand
  • Site:
  • Phone:+64 4-296 6021
  • Luggage store
  • Appliance store
  • Bed shop
  • Countertop store
  • Cutlery store
  • Lighting store
  • Home goods store
  • Outdoor furniture store
  • Vacuum cleaner store
  • Window treatment store
Working hours
  • Monday:9AM–5:30PM
  • Tuesday:8AM–12AM
  • Wednesday:9AM–5:30PM
  • Thursday:9AM–5:30PM
  • Friday:9AM–5:30PM
  • Saturday:9AM–5:30PM
  • Sunday:9AM–5:30PM
Service options
  • Delivery:Yes
  • In-store shopping:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
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