Cafe Anatolia Levin
196 Oxford Street, Levin 5510, New Zealand
Review №1

What a nice place to eat! Fast and nice service. Regular sized it’s a huge portion. I really recommend this place to eat.

Review №2

Spanakopita (vegetarian option) try with the combination of hot chili, sweet chili and hummus

Review №3

LOVE this place! Great value, delicious meals that the whole family love. Impressed by the keto options and impressive service. Great place to dine in or takeaway

Review №4

Great meat loved the vegan part

Review №5

Very clean and tidy shop. Staff were polite and food was excellent. Highly recommended.

Review №6

If youre on a road trip and sick of gas station pies and McDonalds, this is the place to go.Im so impressed by the quality and quantity of the food for the price. Very affordable.Highly recommended!

Review №7

I never tasted this kind of meat batle anywhere. Every type of food they serve 😋 tastes mounth watering. Fast in serving as well.

Review №8

Great food and very friendly service! The food is delicious and I cant wait to try the other items they have.

Review №9

Decor not likely 2 impress The Authentic Thai food is fantastic

Review №10

Friendly staff and food was great tasting.

Review №11

Great place to stop for a fresh and tasty meal! I tried the mixed shish salad and I was super happy with my order. The coleslaw was crunchy, the meat was delicious, I loved the hummus and the size was generous To top my experience off, all the staff were welcoming and friendly. Will definitely stop here again next time Im in Levin

Review №12

Delicious. Very friendly staff. There was a mixup with what I had ordered. Without any problem they made me the right order.Definitely a recommendation.

Review №13

Good to see vegan options on the menu and to be treated with kindness and respect by the people who work here(: To be completely honest, Id suggest training staff about cross contamination and whats vegan and whats not on the menu as I found some cheese stuck to my sandwich bread and the rice I ordered had butter in it and I wasnt warned about the butter in the rice even though I had ordered a vegan delight as well as the rice and it was known to the cashier that Im vegan. I did tell one of the staff about this and they were kind enough to apologise. Will most likely go back here and hope to see more vegan options such as different plant based patties. Loved the salads and sauces in my vegan delight🌻

Review №14

Kabab was a bit dry. Could have been heated for longer. Paper wrapping sticks to the kebab

Review №15

I was naughty and tried mixed meat on chips for lunch date with mr 16. so good. Nice juicy meat and good amount of sauces. The regular size was heaps. Kebabs are good always . Staff lovely.Will try the mixed healthier plate next.. looks so good.

Review №16

Ok well I would have given a better review but the last couple times Ive been here recently the lack of hygiene has been lazy, There are so many things you touch when in a kitchen and when you touch the bin and then peoples food thats a big no no! And come on wear gloves and wash hands before service begins is huge! I like coming to your store but lately, New staff as well. Not impressed at all!!

Review №17

Found this a good stop for quick healthy food. Fresh, good flavours, quick service. Recommended

Review №18

Lovely kebab good service, friendly and helpful

Review №19

Chill little place for a bite. Lamb and chips is a must and the staff are super mellow when you ask them for locations/directions. Just classic good old large well cooked meats, rice and beautiful filling salads with loads of variety. Definitely the best Turkish iskenders in town and highly recommended as yummy with good size helpings though one more piece of bread would be good. Decor could be better and seems to being added to at a rate of 1 picture or ornament a year. Not a place for a romantic date unless maybe for teens but the food is always good. A new regular choice for Turkish in Levin.This place might look like a fat food chain from the outside bit when you get your food its honestly just the bomb. Lamb and chips after a hard night onit is exactly what the hangover doctor ordered. You will not be disappointed!The seating is great with large bench seating thats great for groups to pop in for a quick kebab our even the family. I Lambert how unpretentious the place is. Just meat chips and sauce 👌Service is on when the young kiwis are on but a bit distant otherwise. Not unfriendly just distant. Still you dont go there for that and like I say its my pick and i will return for sure. Can be busy for takeaways but its still quick.

Review №20

Friendly crew very pleased with food will go there again regularly 😁

Review №21

Food is delicious and customer service is excellent

Review №22

Good kebabs,just found it difficult to hear the shop assistant with the ordering!!!

Review №23

The food was amazing!We will be back next time we are passing through 😁

Review №24

Really tasty meal, and awesome customer service! Greatly appreciated the friendly staff and their passion for customer service.

Review №25

Really awesome manager, food was good

Review №26

Pleasantly surprised by the quality of the food and taste. Most kebab places I got to very seem to have that authentic taste. This one is actually legit.

Review №27

Four hungry blokes on a Monday night were well satisfied with their meals and the service. Such flavour!

Review №28

We originally set out to have lunch at a Thai restaurant in Levin we were eight of us with children but were shocked when we were told we cant club the tables together. We then looked around and got to this one and Paras, the crew member was awesome. He setup the tables so we can dine together and also took good care of us. I also saw him look after heaps of others the same way. Ive visited this restaurant before but it was an unwelcoming one, I hardly saw people buying food there. This one guy is making a difference, we loved the service and will visit again. Paras is a jewel the restaurant should fear losing. Ill give it 5 stars and I hope They keep the service up in the years to come.

Review №29

Had a lamb kebab for tea. Awful , mainly salad with no sauces and was very dry. I wont be going back . No authentic taste .palmy mall one is better

Review №30

Excellent service and food for reasonable prices. The staff treated us very dearly 😊.

Review №31

Great price. Good staff and really yummy kebabs

Review №32

Great service,mean kai,tried the babaganoush for the first time its different but alguds,I thought that was a made up word👍

Review №33

Great food, great service. These guys know how to make you something delicious. Ill definitely be back.

Review №34

Good food. Got the order correct and were very friendly and polite.

Review №35

Thought the doner kebabs might have improved. Still have a strange aftertaste. And they dont listen to customers requests / instructions.Sad as they have had quite a drop off in customers.Palmerston Kmart Mall and wanganui have great kebab shops.

Review №36

Good food. Excellent customer service. Recommended!!

Review №37

Have used this place often. I have a loyalty card. Bought 2 kebabs for lunch today. SO BAD I had to throw them away. Not sure if shop has changed hands or not but they werent the same in any way. Would never go back to this shop.

Review №38

Absolutely awesome meat is fresh service quick unfortunately the beetroot radish was missing unless yous dont add to the iswander dont no how 2 spell it) anymore

Review №39

Staff here are polite and friendly. meat on chips is amazing!

Review №40

Great coffee

Review №41

Last time i visited everything was amazing.this time slightly let down. lamb was burnt and food was blaned.

Review №42

Great service, awesome staff, delicious food. Cant go wrong.

Review №43

Tasty nutritious food. Great value

Review №44

Called in last night as we love the food there, unfortunately one of the staff members was very rude last night. She told the younger girl off in front of me because she offered me a bag for my food, which i would have being happy to pay for, the poor girl serving me looked upset at this comment. there was orders going through the online ordering computer which the same rude staff member complained about loudly as it was there closing time, she then canceled the order telling the other girl, wait the phone will ring soon. she then answered the phone with nothing but an abrupt hello, not saying the business name or her name, she was then rude to the poor person on the other end. this is defiantly not a good look in front of customers. when ordering I had tried to order 2 of the 3 desserts that were on the menu only to be told they were both out of stock and they didnt know why they were still on the menu as the menu was changing and they were no longer stocking those items (one of which was baklava!!) The food was great, and the service from the younger girl on the salad bar was great, but i think the rude girl needs to learn how to be politer to people.

Review №45

Lovely staff

Review №46

Food was good, portion size a bit small. The service was slow to the point of some customers leaving. The team seemed to be new and dealing with stock issues. Think they gathered that things need to improve. Great potential though.

Review №47

Good so good my child made me drive here from Wellington for lunch.

Review №48

Possibly the best Kebabs in NZ. Update. Yesterday 13/6/20. 3rd time since lockdown i have been in. Kebab was fantastic as always though i asked for extra onion and didnt get it. But the worst part is all 3 times its been wrapped in paper not tin foil. It sticks to the Kebab badly and i spent ages picking it off. Please use tin foil. The paper is a shocker. Cheers

Review №49

Beautiful donor kebabs in town. The place is clean, food comes quickly and tastes awesome. Staff are very helpful and approachable.

Review №50

The older of the two women that works at this business is rude. You need to sack her as you are losing customers. I am an out of town contractor who needs to buy dinner every night. I went in at 3.56pm and was screeched at we arent actually open until 4. Ok... so went straight next door... she has no clue how to be well spoken or polite. A hopeless case. Get rid of her

Review №51

Nice Turkish food, Takeaways

Review №52

Salads are delicious

Review №53

Rubbish Restaurant we bought lamb on rice no salad just lamb and sauce the staff should have told us they dont put salad in the lamb on rice

Review №54

Excellent service and food

Review №55

The falafel salad was amazing. Worth 5 stars, but they give out plastic bags and Styrofoam containers like there is an endless supply. I am conscious of the affects of this waste and prefer better options. Service was good and value also reasonable. Look forward to seeing some initiative with the excessive waste

Review №56

Nice new layout, awesome kebabs

Review №57

This place have the most Awesome Staff, amazing food.Thank you guys🙂🙂

Review №58

Every thing was lovely apart from chips had more salt then the ocean

Review №59

Quick bite to eat as Id been traveling all day and needed something substantial.Good size, generous wrapped kebab with marinated chicken. Nice crisp salad and a lovely garlic yogurt and hummus.I dont think there is another kebab place in Levin, if there was they would have some competition.

Review №60

Great food and service, very affordable as well. Thanks for a great iskender dish

Review №61

Nice food. Good range. Can dine in or take out.

Review №62

Lovely food. Good service. They were much better on cleaning up the tables quicker.

Review №63

Never reviewed before but someone has to complain of how poor the service is. First call 2 weeks ago a lady answers can you wait no please.. leaves me waiting for 5mins a returns... That was OK I can wait 5mins and the food was good, however they forgot my iskander and when I drove back to get it they forgot the bread!. Tonight I called and a guy answers the phone and says can you wait please as he serves a customer... He then does not return to the phone for 10mins! He had clearly forgotten me, extremely poor service in two bad experiences. They need more experienced staff. Would give the rating zero stars if I could. It has a bad reputation around levin but I never hadnt experienced any untill now. Very poor.

Review №64

Excellent kebab wraps, with very fresh and tasty ingredients and flavourful sauces. Probably the best kebabs weve ever had!! (the whole family agreed) Well probably make it a habitual stop whenever we are near Levin.

Review №65

Teally enjoyable Turkish Food, quick service

Review №66

Disappointing, dull, not fresh food, unenthusiastic staff, if you want good turkish food go somewhere else

Review №67

I used to visit cafe Anatolia regularly - often 3 times per week. Unfortunately they seem to have commercialized and the quality has suffered. For example: Tinfoil has been replaced with paper which goes soggy when heated in the press, the amount of meat and sauces used has been reduced. Changes happen overnight and staff turnover is high.

Review №68

Levin cafe anatolia I give 5 star clean store fresh food iskendars were so yummy and fresh on point Levin cafe team high five

Review №69

Dont normally write bad reviews but last night we ate in. Coffee machine out and of order, toilet out of order, out and of baklava, tiramasu frozen, 3 of 4 orders wrong. one even after checking twice. In the end my wife ended up eating a kebab with onions when she didnt ask for them as we had waited too long and were too tired to send it back. (Done already with the kids ones). The food at Wairarapa one was good.. But overall Levin one needs some improvement. Iskender was large and nice but I had no specoal for requirements like the rest of my family.

Review №70

Awesome place. Very generous servings.Clean and always consistant

Review №71

Amazing food every time I dine here! Whether I dine in or takeaway the food is great!!! I highly recommend! The staff are also very kind and lovely!

Review №72

Great food for good prices

Review №73

With not much open on a Monday evening. These guys are not to be missed any day of the week. Great food, fresh, flavoursome and worth every cent and then some. Keep up the great work!

Review №74

Love the service and friendly staff

Review №75

10 out of 10 for service, food was epic

Review №76

The best food we have experienced in New Zealand so far! Its priced right, has amazing sauces, and taste amazing! Highly recommended!!!

Review №77

Was ok. Had better at other sites. Portions smaller

Review №78

Waited 55mins , food still not ready, we walked out. Very unhappy with our experience.

Review №79

Edit: 19/11/20 - YAY KETO SPECIFIC OPTIONS, very nice thank you.Yum kebabs

Review №80

Vwey wobbly tables. Asked for a single shot black coffee in large cup.. got a single shot in small cup...l was told by male server it was was weak.. the next server did transfer it into a larger cup... the coffee was nice... kebab was rather boring.. l think they forgot the sauce..

Review №81

Good food and friendly staff

Review №82

The mezze platter is very substandard in size, & range of options, it mainly consisted of focaccia bread. 1 stuffed vineleaf, 2 small falafels, & 2 choices of sauce. I had to pay $2 extra for hummous - a mezze staple. No tabbuluh, no rice, no hallumi - also all staples. V disappointing.

Review №83

Very tasty fresh food at reasonable prices. Service with a smile.

Review №84

Always enjoy the eskinder. Yum

Review №85

Nice food, great service :)

Review №86

My favourite food place in town. Delicious.

Review №87

Very disappointed with service, wont be back.

Review №88

Good meal - nice and quick service.

Review №89

Has keto options

Review №90

Best kebabs iv ever had.

Review №91

Great service. Great food.

Review №92

Not enough falafel, 90% salad and still hungry afterwards.

Review №93

Delicious Halal food in a small town

Review №94

Best doner kebabs in town family business friendly and just the freshest produce making a wonderful experience.

Review №95

Usually very good but last time I went the new workers werent wearing gloves and one of them had rings on its just gross and it tasted horrible. Maby teach your workers hygiene and how to cook properly. I will olny be buying food when the middle eastern people are cooking its the olny way to get I nice meal from there

Review №96

I have had a few iskenders in my time and this was one of the best presented and best tasting i have ever had.

Review №97

Delicious fresh food and quick friendly service.

Review №98

Staff are all good but meals not as good as the primo in Petone, Wellington

Review №99

Lovely food

Review №100

Great service and food every time

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  • Address:196 Oxford Street, Levin 5510, New Zealand
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  • Phone:+64 6-368 7924
  • Turkish restaurant
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Service options
  • Takeout:Yes
  • Dine-in:Yes
  • Delivery:No
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Halal food:Yes
  • Kids' menu:Yes
  • Salad bar:Yes
  • Vegetarian options:Yes
Dining options
  • Lunch:Yes
  • Dinner:Yes
  • Dessert:Yes
  • Seating:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • High chairs:Yes
  • Wi-Fi:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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