Novant Health Parkside Family Medicine
1236 Guilford College Rd Suite 117, Jamestown, NC 27282, United States
Review №1

Highly recommend this location for your primary care needs. I had been seeing Niall for a couple years and recently moved to Charlotte. Otherwise, I would be a patient here for a long time. The team is compassionate, professional and they do a great job explaining everything in your care plan along with answering any questions you may have. Again, highly recommend.

Review №2

I will recommend any body looking for a PCP Dr. To go to Novant Health Parkside Family. I have been with them going five years. My blood sugar and blood pressure are in control with my personal Dr. I have been involved in all the cares I receive. Please keep it up p.

Review №3

This was a very welcoming visit. Thank you for answering all my medical questions. Niall Moreira is a caring person and the front staff is polite.

Review №4

Highly recommended! I have been coming here for years! And they take such great care of me. Dr. Briscoe and the other staff really do care about you and your well being. Shanteira and Stephanie are amazing and knows you by name.

Review №5

Love this office. The staff here is so friendly and they really care about their patients. The doctors provide the best health care advice. Niall Mereira really cares, and shows great compassion for his patients. Best Novant center ever.

Review №6

Very pleasant experience considering Im fairly new to Greensboro. Would highly recommend.

Review №7

Extremely professional and caring. Clean and welcoming environment. Physician knowledgeable and takes time with patient

Review №8

The Doctors and Nurses Remind You Of inexperienced people as professionals. Each visit feel like a waste of time hard to find good doctors for African Americans and this is no place for a child they can’t even draw blood right.

Review №9

Very friendly atmosphere at the Parkside Family office. All staff was very cordial and friendly. Dr. Briscoe is an excellent doctor who listens to your concerns and issues. She was very open to working with me in various ways to help my medical conditions.

Review №10

Absolutely love Desiree. She makes me feel so comfortable, and I never feel judged. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a primary care provider.

Review №11

This place is amazing. The entire staff is very kind and welcoming. I have been going here for over two years now and will continue to go as long as I live in the Triad area. My family has been seeing PA Niall Moreira and he is the best! Great bedside manner and takes care of my entire family. If it wasnt for Niall I wouldnt be here today. He helped find a tumor and sent me to the best specialists. I highly recommend Parkside Family Medicine.

Review №12

I can’t recommend this practice enough. Stellar service and care. 11/10.

Review №13

I am very picky and selective about my doctors and my care & treatment. They have exceeded my expectations. Not only do they listen but they find the solutions to accommodate my wishes.

Review №14

The entire staff is helpful, friendly and professional. Niall Moreira is a gem.

Review №15

I thought it was important to share my experience with Desiree Howley PA since there are so many negtive reviews for Parkside. I recently switched over from the other PA to Desiree and could not be more happy with my decision. She was caring, nonjudgmental and I felt like she actually listened to me when I said I had a problem. Not feeling heard and rushed through the process was a big issue in the past when seeing a Doctor/PA. I felt completely comfortable with her and will recommend my family and friends to her. Thank you for making me feel like I can come to someone that I can trust.

Review №16

I always receive great care and attention from Dr. Briscoe and her team!!! I highly recommend Dr. Briscoe....shes GREAT!!!

Review №17

I will NEVER recommend Desiree at this facility. When I had a miscarriage and was seeking help for panic attacks, the first thing she said to me is at least you have one healthy kid. Instead of referring me to a psychiatrist, she wanted to experiment with random SSRIs, knowing this is not her field of expertise. Further, I was in a very serious car accident and tore multiple ligaments in both knees. When I sought pain relief, she let me know they do not prescribe narcotics and treated me as if I was drug seeking. When I filed a formal complaint with Novant regarding her lack of professionalism, she made the same assertion that I was simply drug seeking. I firmly believe she should not be allowed to practice medicine given her lack of bedside manner and unprofessional conduct. Will strongly discourage anyone from seeking treatment under her care.

Review №18

I have been going to this practice for the last year and have only good things to say. Their office staff is friendly and helpful, and medical staff is knowledgeable and caring. I have been seeing the PA Niall Moreira and he has a great bedside manner. I even moved about 25 minutes away and although there are closer Novant Health family practices, I still make the drive to this practice.

Review №19

I have been at this practice for nearly a year. The staff, PAs and MD are all wonderful. They listen to your concerns and take time make sure you understand treatments and steps to help you move toward better health. I appreciate the effort they have put forth to make my experience as comfortable and productive as possible especially when Ive faced so many health challenges over the last 2 years.

Review №20

This practice is all about billing wherever possible to acquire patient co-pay funds. I went for an annual physical (which should have been documented as a preventative care visit - no copays required) And was charged a $35 co-pay because the doctor asked me about how my reflux was doing with my current medication. I merely said to her Ive got used to the way my reflux is. SHE suggested that we change my medication and thus this office charged me for a gastrointestinal consultation. I requested several time for them to reconsider the inaccurate charges, but they were more concerned with assessing the $35 fee than with customer care. I do NOT recommend this practice.

Review №21

It was a great appointment. I really feel safe with this organization

Review №22

I have been treating at this facility for almost 4 years! I will say the great atmosphere and wonderful caretakers begins at the front desk. This practice feels like home! Scheduling is easy...once you get there you barely wait 5 minutes to be seen and I just can not say enough about Dr. Briscoe, always greeted with a hug! Her bedside manner is the most comforting part of your visit! She is very knowledgeable, takes her time with her patients and listens! Parkside akways feels like home.

Review №23

Do not....I repeat do not go here. The doctor is not good. He waste time an money also the staff at the front desk seem to have no clue what is going on

Review №24

This doctor’s office is the worst. It’s my fault for not switching my kids years ago. After Dr. Charity left it has been nothing but doctor after doctor after doctor. Doctor Kim Briscoe refuses to see my children when my adult daughter brought them in for their appointments. I am a nurse myself and have been working with Covid patients and did not want to expose anyone. That’s not good enough for Dr. briscoe she wants me to expose everyone at the office. We offered to FaceTime to do a virtual visit and she refused. This Doctor and the office is horrible. I would NEVER recommend them to anyone. Ebony the nurse that’s working in the office customer service is horrible! I can only imagine how her patient care is. And this is an office for children. Looking for a New MD run far away from this office. Horrible horrible horrible!!!!

Review №25

I read that some people have had good experiences with this doctors office. Happy for you. Sharing a very small part of our experience over a 3 month and 6 appointments later time period.First... We just moved here and got new insurance with my husband’s company. Looked up this place on the insurance website and it was an approved doctor location. I went for my “FREE” physical. The staff was nice and attentive. They informed me that I had several wellness check ups that are included with my insurance. Double checked with them that the next service I was making an appointment for was covered and that there would be NO charge. The doctors office confirmed.My husband and I set up 3 “wellness” appointments which were their suggestions. They suggested the other locations and we again were told that there would be NO Charge since this is covered under our wellness check list. We were excited about all the love and support we were receiving from the staff both front office and back office.Well soon after we began getting bills in our mailbox for these so called “FREE” wellness services. (Every “FREE” wellness appt we got a bill)They even suggested a mammogram for me and the best place to have this service. (Another wellness NO charge appointment). Had my appointment scheduled when we began receiving these bills from our previous appointments. By this time I had learned. This office was not looking out for me as I had thought. When I told the nurse the in-network name of the other location for my mammogram appointment; she grimaced and said they don’t like that place. When I asked why, she stated, there not so good. Didn’t instill confidence in me but every place they suggested was out of network for us. Now I’m thinking they suggest places because they get a kick back or something???There is so much that can be said about each appointment but I’m not going to take the time to write it all.After everything is said and done we have been billed over $1300 each for these “FREE” wellness checks. We no longer use this office.

Review №26

Dr Desiree was amazing. She listened to my needs And made me feel like she was present at all times.

Review №27

I have taken my son here for over 2 years now and we love and appreciate the staff from walking in the door to leaving. We have never had a bad experience and Im grateful for a phenomenal group of women who make me and my family feel welcome! Professionalism is imperative along with bedside manners. We would recommend this practice to everyone.

Review №28

For first visit I found the doctor to be rushing which was weird since there wasnt anyone even there. She wouldnt listen to what I wanted but I will give her a chance.

Review №29

Where do I begin? I have been visiting the practice for a little over a year now, and have noticed some recurring issues.First, the staff makes a lot of little mistakes that turn into big inconveniences for the customers. I dont have enough time to go down the list of everything that has gone wrong, but Ill list three examples. Ive been scheduled for Wednesday appointments, but told that I was scheduled for Thursday. When I arrived I was told that I could not be seen even thought it was their error. Ive been scheduled for appointments with the wrong doctor, even after explicitly requesting the doctor Id like to see, and having the receptionist confirm that she scheduled me for that doctor. I also would not suggest appointments in the 1:00 hour. It is just after lunch and the doctor tends to return from lunch 20-30 minutes late. I had a 1:20 appointment and was told that the doctor was at lunch. At 1:40 when I rescheduled, the Doctor still had not returned from lunch. Once, I had to speak to the office manger about the receptionist bad-mouthing me to her co-workers simply because I complained about the wait time (it was currently 45 minutes after my scheduled appointment time and I had to work).My experiences have not been all bad. Before Dr. Hartman left, my son visited her and we had a pleasant experience. She was nice and attentive (but she does not work there anymore). Also, when my sons school lost his kindergarten assessment, one of the receptionists was nice enough to fill it out over the phone and fax it to the school to save me a trip to the office. So, it hasnt been all bad. Unfortunately, the number of bad experiences outweighs the good experiences.Bottom line, I would not recommend this clinic.

Review №30

Allison Ervin is the best PA Ive ever had at a medical center. I absolutely love her bedside manner and she really cares for her patients well being. Shes not in my network of care but I chose to continue seeing her for my medical needs. Shes definitely an asset to this facility. If she doesnt leave the state, Id follow her wherever she goes to continue seeing her.

Review №31

From the time I walked in, I was warmly welcomed. Alison Ervin, PA was amazing to talk to, and it felt like I was having coffee with a friend.She listened intently, and gave me her professional opinion and suggestion.It’s very refreshing to have someone treat me as a person, and not a number.

Review №32

Excellent service, very polite and helpful staff and ofcourse Doctors are very professional as well.

Review №33

I’ve read some of the reviews and was very surprised 😮 at some of the things I read. I’ve been with this location for few years now and never had any problems with any of the doctors there. Dr. Briscoe is my doctor. I never had any complaints about her whatsoever. Allison, who is a PA there is the best!! Sometimes I think she’s the doctor because of her genuine concern for the patients she sees. When Dr. Briscoe can’t see me, I definitely see Allison before anybody!

Review №34

I had a wonderful experience at NH Parkside Family Medicine. Everyone made mefeel welcome and that they sincerely cared. The frontdesk greeted me with a smile and was so helpful. The nurses took time to get to know me, which made me feel very relaxed. The doctors were ALL SO CARING!!! I would recommend this office to others!

Review №35

Myself and my children see Alison Ervin. She is a PA. The wait time has never been more than 10 minutes. Alison listens to our problems and is never condescending or dismissive. Office is clean and everyone is polite.

Review №36

Absolutely the worst care I ever had and paid for it The service was awful I dont think the doctor ever graduated high school never mind anything else Rude administrative staff unhelpful and really didnt care

Review №37

Stay far away. They do not care about you or your health. You go to see a Dr you will only see a CMA who will diagnose you and send you on your way and the manager Mel is even worse. I took time off work to go just to go through a complete headache. STAY FAR AWAY!!!!!

Review №38

Great friendly staff. The office is very clean. They got me in and out fast.

Review №39

MD has forgotten oath she took, to first do NO harm, I left feeling worse than when I went in

Review №40

I only have them one star so that I can write a review. Since Doctor charity kates left this practice service has been horrible. I have four children and it doesnt matter which child I bring always the same thing. If you arrive early you still have to wait at least 30mins to get seen. Today I Finally took them out and switched services my son was due to see PA Ervin I was ten minutes late and was told she refused to see me. Forget EVERY time we are seen we wait. Not that I wanted to see a PA anyway but with this office I had to settle with what they give you. Im tried of just settling with this practice. If you see this office WALK or RUN fast. Horrible service!!!

Review №41

Since Dr. Richter left, they have gone downhill on a steep slope. Its taken over a week to get an Rx refill and then Dr. Briscoe arrogantly told me that she wont write an Rx for natural thyroid. Not to mention that shes not even there 2 days during the week. A huge 2 thumbs down. AND if you want a Dr. that respects you and that you know your body, Dr. Briscoe is NOT that doctor. She is very arrogant and thinks shes better than her patients.

Review №42

Dr. Briscoe is the worst doctor ever. She is condescending, rude, and she thinks she is GOD. Im very intuitive with my body and she doesnt respect that. She also acts like she knows EVERYTHING, even after Ive told her that some things dont agree with me. She just brushes it off and keeps saying the same thing. She also talks to you like you are a child and are incompetent.She wont fill my thyroid meds for more than 3 months... I had to BEG them to give me more than ONE month refill before that.... Ive been on these meds for years and she comes along and acts like she wants to control everything by only giving me a month refill, then after I complain, she only gives me 3 months. Why not give me a years worth like my past doctors have? I mean, Im going to be taking it for the rest of my life.Also, she was supposed to checkup on one of my blood tests that Dr. Richter had said I needed to follow up with, and Dr. Briscoe said she would run it. I wait for my blood test results from my physical, and I dont see the one that was supposed to be followed up. I called about it and they said Dr. Briscoe said you didnt need it. Okay, so another doctor specifically says I need a follow up test because my levels were low before, and she doesnt do it, because SHE thinks it doesnt need to be done!?! Are you kidding me?? Can you say, CONTROL FREAK?? I was beyond upset.I miss Dr. Richter and even Dr. Hartman because at least they listened to me and took me seriously. Dr. Briscoe needs to get over her ego and and start listening to her patients or it will catch up to her sooner or later. Maybe its because shes fairly young, who knows. But I wouldnt waste my time coming here as a new patient, thats for sure. Im never coming back after my last visit. She wanted to blame all my problems on anxiety and depression, when something was clearly wrong with me physically, and anxiety was way out of character for me. Luckily, I found another doctor, who LISTENED and ran the appropriate tests, and sure enough, they found something that was not in range. So, trust your instinct people. If someone (LIKE DR. BRISCOE) is not listening to you, RUN! Find someone who listens!

Review №43

I used to be very satisfied with these providers and had left an excellent review, however very recently I have been treated like patent-X and not an actual person, their new requirement for me to come in for an appointment just to get ADHD medicine that Ive taken for more then 15 years (!!) is both VERY expensive and disruptive to my work schedule - I WILL be looking for a NEW DOCTOR.

Review №44

Stephanie is very sweet and helpful very good staff!

Review №45

It Parkside over a month to fax a document, which delayed a major surgery. I would NEVER recommend them to anyone

Review №46

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