Mercedes-Benz North Shore
145 Diana Drive, Wairau Valley, Auckland 0627, New Zealand

Review №1

I cannot thank Gary Hubbard enough for all his hard work in helping to put together a special birthday gift for my husband during a lockdown drama. He was so helpful, efficient and went out of his way to get it delivered within an hour. In this crazy world we need more people like Gary who clearly loves dealing with customers and knows how to deliver excellent customer service like its business as usual.

Review №2

THANK YOU TO THE SERVICE DEPARTMENT!Jacob Stead was outstanding, he got the repairs done in a timely manner and communicated throughout the process. Will definitely be back for further repairs on the E55.

Review №3

Give them 5 stars ⭐️ I love Jahna she very helpful and friendly sale ever. Love all Mercedes-Benz North Shore team. They are amazing 🤩

Review №4

The service I received from Frederic Cheng and his team was excellent.Frederic’s people skills are second to none. He listened to my needs and is willing to go the extra mile to get things sorted.I would recommend Frederic to my family and friends.

Review №5

I can not stress enough how fantastic Gary and his team have been. Impressed is an understatement. I will buy all my parts through them from now on. Superb

Review №6

I had a bad experience at a Mercedes-Benz store North Shore. Usually, a new car has one years Rego , and a used car has half a years .Although we bought a used car, but I didnt get half a years Rego until the day I picked up the car. I try to ask my sales but he doesn’t reply to me.I know his quiet popular. But he didnt ask us if we needed a cup of coffee or water until we paid the deposit.

Review №7

I have bought two vehicles from Mercedes-Benz North Shore. The service I have received is always second to none even though they werent the most expensive vehicles in the range. The sales team is absolutely fantastic and a pleasure to deal with. Very friendly and knowledgeable team and faultless service. Great coffee too! Thanks.

Review №8

Give them 5 stars ⭐️ I love Jahna she very helpful and friendly sale ever. Love all Mercedes-Benz North Shore team. They are amazing 🤩

Review №9

If you want good service with polite helpful staff do not come here. Failure on their part to to do an essential aspect getting a new car roadworthy has caused me no end of hassle. Their rude and unhelpful response has ensured that I will have no further dealings with Mercedes Northshore.

Review №10

The team at Mercedes-Benz North Shore offer a 5 star service. Every detail cover + Mercedes detail to every aspect is carefully and meticulously tailored to the needs of the customer, leaving nothing but the satisfaction of the Mercedes-Benz service. Mercedes North Shore excels and goes beyond the normal customer experience. The sales Consultant Frederic Cheng, understands the Mercedes brand and of course delivered Big Time.I highly recommend Mercedes-Benz North, Shore despite not buying from our local Mercedes agent. It was worth the 90 minute plane flight and 16 hour drive home to fully test the outstanding features of my new X250.Well done Mercedes-Benz North Shore - Frederic Cheng Your service is outstanding.!

Review №11

I recently visited the North Shore Benz agency.I went there to receive the first of the best basic service 3 years and asked questions at the reception. Which of the best basic services is included?Then, at the reception, the oil & filter was very bluntly.When purchasing this product, I heard that there are a lot of services for car service, but when I tried to get it, I was dumbfounded by saying Oil & Filter.Also, I used the reservation system on North Shore Benz homepage to get this service, but it didnt work, so I sent an email to the reception 3 times, but I got a reply only once. Even this was not fully booked, so I could make a phone call at the end to set the reservation time.Finally, after the car service was over, I couldnt help but I couldnt help but be disappointed. Other car dealers simply wash the car or grease the tires when returning the car after the customer service, but there was no such service and only the drivers side had oiled footprints.If this is the best basic service 3 year product for $2700, I really dont want to recommend it to others.And if you use a high-quality vehicle, you have to sell good service as well!

Review №12

I already loved amg cars and bought misc parts when they in wairau valley, then bought another and they recently moved to takapuna just 5 mins walk away from where i live, so booked in for wof this morning and was impressed they offered wash/vac by onto it young guy. feels like cool people are now in my orbit, and look forward to further dealings. thx, benz north shore

Review №13

Really really really bad service!!!!  2 weeks ago  I booking service for my car, today I go there, they told me they havent got any information from the system. they let me booking again! still need to wait 3 weeks. unbelievable!!!!!!!

Review №14

I came into this dealership to get my key remote batteries replaced. This was a fairly easy process, and had no issues. The problem with my experience arises as soon as I walked into the dealership I saw a scruffy young man walk into the showroom with hot chips and handed them out to the staff?! Do you not have a staff room?! The receptionists were eating at their desks, making the whole place smell like a cheap bakery. Not the experience I expected. And definitely glad I wasn’t purchasing a car!

Review №15

Just wanna share my experience with MBNS in the past two years. As the second manufactory service of my car is about to due, I dont know what type of service it should be when I tried to make an appointment throught Mercedes Me if I want to service my car at another Mercedes-benz authorized Retailer.Purchased my E300 on June 2018, found the Steering Wheel adjustment function was jamed early Jan 2019, booked the appointment and dropped the car in the morning to MBNS 27 Mar 2019. Victor booked me a loan car, issue fixed at the same day. Everything was going smoothly until I was on my way home. The plastic cap under the Steering Wheel just fell on my foot while I was driving. I was too embarrassed to move my feet for fear of lifting the cap to the brake position. Pulled over the car and spent about 20 mins tried to put it back. Texted Victor and told him this, he said the service department must not put it back properly. Oh Okay...The first manuafactory service was carried out by MBNS on 17 June 2019. As the cap under the Steering Wheel fell off previously, I told the service department to make sure everything back properly this time after the service. This time was even amazing, the bonnet did not close properly, warning message only poped up when I just got to HW 18. Well, had to pull over again.Also, I told the service department about the front wheels paint began to lose its luster on the date for the first service. Unbelievable, the car was usually parked inside garage and no scratch or dent on all wheels and the mileages not even 10,000kms. Service advisor Jahna offered to get Wheel Fix to polish and sand. Refused the solution for a new car. She requested more photos of the wheels 25 Jun 2019 and nothing comes back until I sent a follow up email on 19 July 2019, Jahna replied me that the service department had to pass this back to Victor, there was nothing the service department could do and had to pass back to Victor. Never heard anything from them again, even I sent another follow up email.

Review №16

Can not trust.Dealer offers price to my mum and after decision and deposit.Hours later, called back again and says ‘it was mistake we can not sell the car with that price. I will return your deposits’Thank you Dealer that makes my mum fooool.My mum was really happy for a short time and She called all of our family and cousins that she bought a new car :)

Review №17

Always a great visit, service team is amazing

Review №18

Sales team spot on .. service team yet to return my 3 messages left over 7 day period .

Review №19

I called for a couple of simple parts and to my surprise there was quite an attitude from the advisor on the phone. From the website it seems to be Mr. Kurt Valentine. The lack of personality and professionalism was in my opinion, inappropriate for a Mercedes-Benz dealership. Thorough training would be required to prevent anyone else from going through the same experience. Some advice for Mercedes - A good morning never hurt anyone.

Review №20

Always good service

Review №21

I have been thinking about purchasing a soft top from this company. However, after the treatment a family member has received from Craig Innes and company, would not even consider them. I will be passing this experience on to who ever asks. I would not be proud of a 4.3 average! Shame. Thought nothing more than 100% five (5) star would be what you should be accomplishing. Its a definite fail from me.I have indeed been to your premises, as the before mentioned, so have experienced your team. Hence my review. Still would rate your franchise as a -one star.

Review №22

I was very disappointed. I made a call to make an appointment for car service on 1st Dec 2020. They told me my booking is on 15th Dec 2020. I went there today and was told that your car doesnt have a booking in the system. The reception (bronze hair and wearing glasses) wasnt friendly and helpful at all. She didnt do anything about it and just told me to wait until 5 p.m. I, therefore, asked for a driving service. She refused and said the same thing like a robot,” your car doesnt have a booking in the system.” It was a very awful service that I have ever been to so far.

Review №23

Shilah in the service department was very helpful to my enquiry

Review №24

I had to bring my Mercedes Benz into this dealership after it was running really rough. I spoke to Jahna in the service department who went above and beyond to assist me. Jahna has more mechanical knowledge than most men in the same field. Jahna is an asset to this dealership and I look forward to my next visit. Thanks so much Jahna

Review №25

Dropped off my SL500 to get roof mechanism repaired in March. It is now November and Roof is still not working. Was told that last missing part had to be made in Germany and will not be available untill March 2021. I got in touch with a independent workshop in Whangarei that specialize in European cars, they managed to source same original part from Germany in 6-8 weeks and for less than 3/4 of prize. After endless phone calls, and drives from Marsden Point to North Shore Merceders I have now decided I had enough. If I would wright everything down that has been missed, forgotten or not done properly I could wright a small book. I am a qualified marine engineer and working with engines every day so I have a great understanding of what was needed to be done. Reason to go to Merceders was that the repair was covered by mechanical breakdown insurance. At this stage I will never go back again. Ps: Feel sorry for William who took over the job towards the end. He tried his best.

Review №26

Quick, efficient, professional & friendly service, as expected. Amanda & Rose were awesome to deal with.

Review №27

I made a online booking for a 15000km express (A) service yesterday , which is supposed to be within 1 hour as stated in the Mercedes web site, When I enter the reception, the first thing they told me is that I needed to replace the front brake and rotor , instead of “A” services it required , then they told me that a campaign update to the engine system is needed, it is free, but I have to pay for the more expensive B services.I am not happy, but force to accept it, because No “B” services means no update. The Mercedes web site said the job would finish in 60 minutes, it ends up returns to me the next day, either request for a 15-minute home drop off or loan car is rejected. The worst thing I found out the next day when the car return, no job stamp was recorded in the services booklet, the engine number, the car model, the year manufacture etc. were incorrectly mentioned in the invoice.Blaming the Wuhan virus or lack of good internal communication may be the common reason nowadays, but for over 20 years relationship with this dealership, this is not the first time I got upset about the world class services as claimed.

Review №28

Friendly and helpful team both prepurchase and after sales in their sercice department. Very happy with my purchase and glad I used MB North Shore.

Review №29

Bought my first MB three weeks ago and totally wrapped with the overall experience from MBNS. The team were really friendly, knowledgeable and professional in all manner; not in a fake way to generate a sale, but genuine. The car is awesome too 😊

Review №30

Absolutely the best service Ive had with any major dealer. Gary Hubbard was a marvel and helped get me back on the road immediately. Outstanding. Give him a raise.

Review №31

I spoke with the spare part department but the person (Curt I believe) I was speaking to was not very good. He was also quite abrupt and rude on the phone. I though he would have been more welcoming upon purchasing the item from him but this was no the case. Could have been a lot better for Mercedes-Benz

Review №32

I was never there

Review №33

I wanted to say a huge thank you to one of your staff Jordan Atutahi.I rang on Wednesday 27th to get a replacement part for a broken rear view mirror. I spoke to Jordan who was so helpful and very polite, after my attempt to explain which bit of the light needed replacing. He was really conscientious about taking essential details of the car and said he would e-mail me a diagram so that I could correctly identify the part.I was amazed that from the time I hung up the phone, to walking down to check the computer, that he had replied instantly! Most people get back to you later in the day or in a few days time so I was most impressed. I sent a copy to my partner at his work and he too commented on Jordans efficiency and fantastic communication.I wanted to write to you because so many people complain these days and forget to send accolades to those who deserve an acknowledgement, so thank you!Angela & Darrell

Review №34

A big thankyou for the great communication, and helpful and prompt service provided by Gary Hubbard. He ordered a part from o/seas, had it painted and courierd to me in 2weeks.

Review №35

If you want to be fed with lies, treated like utter cr*p, sold faulty and unsafe vehicles, a brand new car full of rust, faulty mechanisms, old batteries, old tyres, old chassis, and then to be told that they dont care, then Mercedes Benz North Shore is the place for you!They rave about customer satisfaction but ignore you the second there is a problem or try feed you with excuse after excuse.Re. Mercedes Benz review - If you searched my name in your system, you would see that I too purchased from you and I too am having serious issues with my vehicle and nothing has been done to resolve the matter - including Mercedes Benz New Zealand getting involved.

Review №36

These guys are absolutely amazing. Gary, Jacob and Shamus have all been so instrumental and extremely helpful toward me. If it were not for MB North Shore then I would be losing my pride and joy. These guys are currently helping me save my AMG E63 from disaster. I love the staff and love MB North Shore. Best MB dealership by a long way. Thank you so much guys and ladies 🥰

Review №37

Am I a glutton for punishment? I keep returning to MBNS for servicing of my ML350, but I often end up not being impressed with my experience. It has never been bad, but I look forward to the time that I am suitably impressed.

Review №38

Must be good. Just brought a car.

Review №39

Professional service, under Covid 3 very organised.

Review №40

I dropped my car for service and Wof 2 weeks ago, Ive been told the car would be available 2/6, I came to pick up this morning, the wof still havent been done properly, more than 1 hour waiting time here, I asked if they can drop me back to work and drop my car to me when available, they said no, because they dont have enough staff. Really disappointed.

Review №41

Wonderful sales team. Great selection of cars. For work purposes I have many cars on the road.Chris in service is the most professional, courteous diligent person I have ever met.I normally keep each car for about 500k without the car giving me any fuss at all. With Chris at the front desk ensuring each car gets checked with a fine tooth comb their service is second to none and I’m never off the road. To Chris and the whole team at Mercedes Benz north shore a big thankyou

Review №42

Very helpful staff, made a vehicle service easy, and a reasonable price.Fresh coffee in the waiting area, very comfortable.

Review №43

This was my worst service I ever experienced in my life.1. First, the service reception guy was so rude and the way he speaks to customer was politically incorrect.2. I went this place simply to change my wind shield wipers last week of May.2020 Paid$155 for wiper exchange but next day i found out that the wipers makes squeaky sounds like old one.I brought my car back next week and that rude service reception guy called Ruben booked me 2weeks later for wiper angle adjustment and windshield polishing. He didnt mention about extra cost at all.After finishied first job done, I checked my self if it works fine but it even got worse!!! which they did not even check it. I told this guy its got even worse and the asked him should replace the wipers to another one coz of quality issue but refused and told me to pay for it.Then they charged another $125 for incomplete job they have done.3. They rather booked me another appointment 2weeks later for whole day service just for wiper fix!! They told me it will be finished before 5pm but no calls so I rang them but one of the receptionist told me will call back in 2mins but no returning call. I tried to reach them one more time and just informing me that car needs to be stayed overnight... They just treat customers like toys. No Manner No commitment4. They said they exchanged the wipers to new one after overnight repair... but still no problem solved but did not go back to MB Northshore.Just tired of their attitide.What a fantastic Mercedes service..

Review №44

Would recommend purchasing here. Great service and friendly professional staff.

Review №45

There is a reason this Dealership has won back to back Best Dealership for the past 3 years. Very Professional and their knowledge is exceptional.Gary was amazing to deal with. Would definitely recommend them

Review №46

Poor service. Steven did not even do the job I requested. I had to call back after waiting 10 days then he quoted the price unprofessionally. No desceription of each items or explanation whatsoever. I always feel they behave as if they are friendly but not an actual professionalism that comes with. If you smile does not mean you do your job good. Not reccomend.

Review №47

Wonderful day of golf thank you Jacob and the team at Mercedes-Benz North Shore. It was a very well organised first class event. The breakfast and hospitality throughout the day was so easy to enjoy. The golf course was in great shape and I enjoyed playing it with a fine group of men. I look forward to coming back next year. The crystal trophies you presented to the 3 winners looked so nice. I will need to improve my game because I would just love to win one!!

Review №48

Cost me 😁

Review №49

Victor is very knowledgeable and helpful. He did not try the hard-sell on me which I greatly appreciated.

Review №50

Amazing team, superb cars and personalised care makes buying your new car such a positive and rewarding experience. Big thank you to Glen Chan, Alex Wilson and Ben Panettiere in helping me get my new car. Cheers Jason

Review №51

This was a great vehicle purchase experience in fact better than that this was right up there in professionalism and customer attention. And the yard was immaculate , the vehicles are immaculate there is nothing here that I saw needs fixing . You guys rocked it today thanks so much cheers Chris a very very happy customer . Highly recommend these guys

Review №52

Best car dealership I have ever dealt with. Over 60+ years that is a lot of car dealerships

Review №53

Sold my father an unsafe car, did not remedy the situation at all, terrible customer service, extremely rude staff and unprofessional workmanship.

Review №54

4 gold stars for good customer service,average mechanic skills.

Review №55

Yesterday I drove into Mercedes desperate to recover my beautiful but lost earring. I had tried everything I could think of to retrieve it, I just knew it had slid somewhere inaccessible under my seat.The team at Mercedes smiled and were absolutely unfazed by my plea for help. The lovely receptionist said finding my earring was no problem, that the Service Manager would recover it. I was given afternoon tea and Ashwin materialised to check that everything for me was okay and to catch up and keep me company.Within fifteen minutes the smiling receptionist returned and to my delight proferred my undamaged earring.I am so grateful, thank you so much my Mercedes team. You exceeded my expectations in every way.

Review №56

On the 17th June 2015, I went to a wonderful days experience at Hampton Downs Circuit, driving a multitude of new Mercedes Benz vehicles, including a massive Mercedes Benz Truck, and was totally treated like a V.I.P, including the provision of a fabulous lunch, with a great bunch of people. I have had over the years, a great service from North Shore Mercedes, and I am always made welcome when calling in there for one reason or another. Many thanks to Craig and his team, for a very memorable day. All the best, Graham.

Review №57

It is a smaller dealership the girl at reception is very friendly. Male sales staff could use some training on manners. However I went back and bought off Charlene, she was very nice to deal with also Zach is great to deal with.

Review №58

I can always expect attentive and friendly service every time I visit this dealership. The service team are incredibly knowledgeable and kind.

Review №59

Best Mercedes Benz dealership in Auckland, excellent service from the moment you walk in. I bought a C63S Coupe from Alex here who looked after us all the way through and made it a very smooth process. Their after sales support is second to none.

Review №60

FANTASTIC!!An enjoyable day, with really great company, great golf course although challenging. Another fabulous event by Mercedes North Shore. Looking forward to the next event and obviously a better round of the golf. Thank you to Jacob and his Team.

Review №61

Buy an expensive car. And youll always get good service. Great staff but someone left a half full bottle of water in my car?

Review №62

We had the absolute best experience dealing with Jahna, she truly went the extra mile for us and was exceptionally professional yet friendly and made us feel so comfortable. Couldn’t recommend Mercedes north shore enough!

Review №63

Make sure to talk to Glen one of the best car sales people I have ever dealt with

Review №64

Highly professional and knowledgable staff. Excellent dealership, highly recommend.

Review №65

Not trustable. arrogant.made an offer on sunday, tried to pay the money on monday, but the final price was increased more than around $6000.Be care for despoit, even when being asked to pay for a non-refundable deposit, may be obtained $6000 increasement in the final price. it is fel that the final price is controled by the sale manager and he can make change any time. Do not trust any agreeement from girlfriend was in the branch office. The sale manager lost his mind, tore up the form, and threw the key on the desktop heavily, directly went away, leaving her alone, which made my girlfriend being very upset. what attitude for a male to a young lady.tried to communicating with them, being asked to visit their office to show how being proud of their processes and everying being perfecet.the worst exprience ever.never visit this branch any more.

Review №66

The most famous European car maker. Where service and sales are both at their best.But the price is always expensive. Even service too

Review №67

Not a big showroom compared to Botany Benz showroom but the staff was very friendly and was open about the long term issues and cost related to maintenance of the vehicle that I was looking for. A special mention to Fred who came back to me a week later with some info that I asked him to let me know.

Review №68

Great selection of cars and friendly staff. Have had my car in for service and it was quick and easy.

Review №69

Jason and Jordan in parts are very friendly and helpful and very knowledgable. Great work guys.

Review №70

Had a small Vibration problem with my 2016 GLE, which after three visits to independent tyre specialists, still came home empty.Booked into MB North Shore this week for them to take a look. William from the service department went with me on a test drive, immediately identified the problem and gave a course of action. Shaun provided excellent customer service, and helped me arrange the vehicle for overnight storage. Today, I have picked up my vehicle and it drives smooth as ever.WHAT A BREEZE!5 Stars to the team for expert knowledge and great after service care!

Review №71

Great team, Goes over and above to ensure satisfaction.

Review №72

Very wide choice of cars and staff are professional. Parts department was very accomodating and very helpful. Ordered a set of new keys which should have taken 10-15days but took 3days to arrive and ready for pickup.

Review №73

Fantastic service very informative

Review №74

Great Mercedes dealership. Best to in the country to deal with!

Review №75

I had a fabulous Day.The venue was superb, the catering was fantastic, the support around the course with drinks and chocolate bars was spot on, the time of day to tee off was great .Fantastic idea to have a bit of breakfast pre tee off.All in all a fantastic day thanks so much for the invite Jacob.

Review №76

Always there when.the car needs a service or breaks down with a courtesy car

Review №77

Very helpful sales staffs and nice showroom.

Review №78

Excellent Service

Review №79

Found the staff here really helpful and friendly when I stopped in with a small issue. They sorted it out on the spot even though my car wasnt purchased here, appreciated it thanks

Review №80

Chinese new year 2018

Review №81

A nice place and professional and friendly staff

Review №82

Although they had difficulty finding the problem on the car and then the spares i wasGiven a courtesy car. So overall good service

Review №83

Terrible customer service, bad management, sells customers unsafe vehicles

Review №84

Service is terrible. Was delayed for half an hour while they held my car keys. Will be avoiding this dealership in future.

Review №85

Service is great. Very welcoming. Very clean yard, eveything is well presented and organized. I was offered a bottle of water on arrival as it was hot outside, and that was a very nice touch, gave me the impression that they really look after their customers.But be warned, sales are not very fixable on prices, they let me walk away from a car over a $1000. The sales man would go and speak to sales manager who is right behind his desk in an office 1 meter away.When we couldnt come to an agreement, the sales manager didnt try to speak to me or look at me. Sales person went to manager twice as we were locked and still couldnt make this work. He should have stepped in, introduced himself, and try his best to close this deal and sell the vehicle.Unfortunately, this dealership needs more training for their sales team and certainly the sales manager needs to be trained on closing deals that sales people cannot close.Anyways, i went down the road 2 days later and got a better deal at BMW Takapuna and they are certainly more interest in selling cars than Mercedes NS. The sales manager come and said Hi just to make sure everything is going smoothly while I was with the sales person. As I said. They are keen to sell cars and they are bloody good at it.*****Update*****Regarding your reply below, you have my details and you could have contacted me, instead you leave a message for me to contact you, as if I want something from you guys. Again, the service of this dealer is reflected on the reply to all the bad reviews here, you copy the reply message to all bad reviews to save face, if i had a bad experiance, and i left you a review, do you really expect me to call you to talk about my review? would you like a box of chocolates with that? Logically you would call your potintial customer and make it right and then the customer would mention that in the review.

Review №86

Great showroom. Very friendly and efficient service

Review №87

Came in with my wife, however the staff were so stuck up.They have a young salesman who is very friendly, however one lady who works there was taking photos right behind me and yelling down to the otherside of the showroom. Not very good for a luxury brand …Also, one of the managers bredan is extremely stuck up. Dont know what his problem is, but he doesnt even treat the staff nice by the looks of it !!!

Review №88

Took my C63 for a basic rocker cover seal job , i chose to take it to Mercedes Benz north shore to avoid headaches but all i got was headaches, it was a simple 2 and half hour job ended up being 4 days, first time i took the car home i left it in the garage as i had to leave for business overseas got back and found puddle of oil in my garage and all over the carpet, took the car back the sales person said it was coming from the seal that they just replaced, and when i asked why this would have happened as i just did it a week ago he said it wouldnt have been put in correctly or the surface area was dirty, and then it took an additional 2 days to fix the 2 and half hour job, i could have taken the car anywhere else and would have paid 1/3 of the price charged, i asked them what they are willing to do to compensate me for all the headaches and i couldnt get a straight answer out of them best he could have done is give me some discount on my next service, do you really think i would want to come back to do a service after all this drama?

Review №89

Always friendly staff as youd expect from an MB dealership.

Review №90

Awesome service, great selection. Frederick is outstanding

Review №91

The team know their stuff and even rearranged half the lot just for me to take a particular car on a test drive.

Review №92

Customers BEWARE if you buy a Mercedes C200 that you will have to replace your tyres after only 17,000kms they start to make a terrible noise, Mercedes North Shore then tell me they need replacing as they are worn, the reason for this is because they factory set (for Germany Autobahn) them at the lowest point in case you drive your car at 200 kms an hour it is safer, what they dont tell you is the tyres wear much quicker and then they tell you your tyres need replacing at $3,200 per set, I had to find this info out for myself as Craig the Service Manager was quiet rude, unhelpful and never apologised for picking this up at my last service which was three weeks prior, they actually said there was nothing wrong, now they are telling me all of my tyres need replacing. In NZ you cannot drive past 100kms yet they make no adjustment to the tyre pressures, so you the buyer are none the wiser, so then they extract more money from you to replace them. A premium brand with Poor Service!, poor information!

Review №93

Great day at Hampton Downs! Brilliant weather and whole range of MB cars to drive.We were given full run down on all the latest MB safety technologies...amazing! Then track time.....emergency braking (learning how to use ABS braking properly)....then the skid pan to show how important stability control is. A hot lap in the very latest C63S AMG sedan....what a fantastic car (sedate sedan or racing car....whatever you wish!). We even got to drive a A45 AMG ourselves. A very rapid little car.Good to meet the MB North Shore staff in a relaxed situation as well. Food was good too!In summary a great day and thoroughly recommended.Peter Sew Hoy

Review №94

Wonderful experience all the way from test drive, buying a car and after sell service so far....

Review №95

Nice team and helpful

Review №96

Great service great comunication fair price

Review №97

Amazing service. Best MB dealership.

Review №98

Impressed with the level of customer service!

Review №99

Fabulous Dealership Great Team of dedicated people

Review №100

Im 26, cant afford a Mercedes, but I thoroughly enjoy dreaming about being 50 from the comfort of this dealership.

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