SEA LIFE Kelly Tarltons Aquarium
23 Tamaki Drive, Orakei, Auckland 1071, New Zealand

Review №1

Once lockdown ends Id love to come here again. The sea life is so interesting to see and its not too small or too large of a place to pace about. Though the location is aimed for a younger crowd its super fun to go on a date here. Theres a section where you can texture a 3D fish in a tank on a screen by drawing stuff on paper and scanning it into a machine, and the animals seem to have somewhat of a decent habitat. One of the penguins even copied my body movements, bobbing its head when I did and following me.

Review №2

My kids love to visit aquarium.So we visit when we’re in Auckland. But this time moving belt and snow wheel were not working. I don’t know why.And it was first time to visit on weekday. So quiet and enough time to see and enjoy. (Usually need to be hurry with many people)Anyway if some visit here on weekday please buy ticket online. This is better price.

Review №3

Always a great place for the children to see what happens under the sea. The play ground and stingray and turtle pools are always a hit with the children. The tunnels are as always the finale before navigating the gift shop and saying no to all the things. Wheelchair access is very well thought out and very well accommodated for. Staff are very friendly and helpful.

Review №4

Having been to Kelly Tarltons many, many times, I always enjoy being there with grandchildren. It is still very expensive for a one off visit though. Also the lovely area where the children can colour the fish and project them onto the big wall needs some explanation for newcomers, I always feel I have to explain it to people who are new to it, as it isnt self explanatory.

Review №5

Loved it, and how they have made some changes was amazing, I loved the pink jellyfish and good for kids... The staffs were very friendly and warm welcoming as well explaining things and the gift shop staffs were friendly and helped as well... coming back again

Review №6

Kelly Tarltons Sea Life Aquarium (formerly Kelly Tarltons Underwater World) is a public aquarium in Auckland, New Zealand, that was opened in 1985. Located at 23 Tamaki Drive, it was the brainchild of New Zealand marine archaeologist and diver Kelly Tarlton (1937–1985).Built in disused sewage storage tanks, the aquarium used a new form of acrylic shaping, which allowed curved tunnels rather than viewing areas with flat panels only, as in previous aquariums. The project is also one of the first to use conveyor belts to slowly move people through the viewing areas.

Review №7

Great stuff for Saturday family relaxation. Penguins are great attraction, nice fish tunnel, with sharks.. We expected more fishes and aquariums.. would definitely recommend 👌

Review №8

The visit was so worth! We weren’t expecting much of it, but it was just amazing! All creatures are beautiful. Staff very friendly. Unfortunately we spent a lot of time looking for a parking spot

Review №9

Theyve gone cashless, which is a bit of a bummer. $41 for 1 Adult. General Admission!! Food is so over priced!Loved seeing all the sea animals and the look on my nephews face tho.

Review №10

Not a good visit, and inexperienced staff member with no knowledge. We visited on site on 21/03/1021. Busy as still. During the turtle talk the female staff member who was on the photos knew NOTHING about the animals. She purely just read out what’s on the piece of paper. I asked her questions and she didn’t know the answer. No interaction no information. The cafeteria is a joke: no fries available. You must be kidding me and not even want to make money. We are extremely disappointed, and it is with great sadness that I wrote and rated 2 stars

Review №11

My wife and I had an amazing time. Great staff lots of great info and things to see. Music was very fitting and the areas were well layed out.

Review №12

The experience here was educational, fun and fascinating. My favourite thing about being here is being able to take my time while looking at all the pretty fish as well as the adorable penguins. I came here with someone special and it was like a wholesome sort of date!

Review №13

A great place to take children. Definitely recommend taking your time to go through, and loop back on the interesting parts as it can go quite quickly.

Review №14

I really love this place. Even it is small, but got a lot of things to explore. It’s a place full of good memories.

Review №15

A very nice aquarium to go for a visit, however the price is a bit dear considering the size of the aquarium. It seems to be fantastic for kids, but not so entertaining for adults, though there is a very nice cafe with lovely staff.There are many cool things to see in the aquarium, I especially loved watching the penguins and identifying them through their tags ( and reading about their cute personalities! ), rescue turtles and sharks. There was also a giant preserved squid on display, which I found super interesting.On the negative side however, the penguin exhibit reeked of urine through the glass, and it was a bit worrying seeing an ammonia hazard sign outside on the building.It was worth the visit, however I doubt I would ever go back because of the high cost and smell.

Review №16

It was nice visiting there, but it’s especially a good place to take kids there, they can absolutely have lots of fun

Review №17

It wasnt too busy for Sunday, which is nice. The price is not bad for one person, but when its a family outing, it can become very expensive.Probably the biggest attraction was the penguins. There is a lot to see and a few immersive activities that children will enjoy.The tunnel with the huge stingrays and sharks are awesome, although there were much less fish than when I was there 4 years ago, while the tank at the coffee shop had way too many fish for such a small tank.

Review №18

We had a fun time with our kids today at Kelly Taltons Sea Life, lots of hands on , unfortunately the travel walkway wasnt working, but it didnt spoil the fun

Review №19

Had a parents room and rooms for females with babies but none for males with babies so if Disabled toilet is occupied no place for the male to go.Cafe needs to upgrade their menu and food in warmers looked very old. Cookies were expensive at $5 each. So plan to take your own food and snacks.Noisy with a school visit and kids and adults were rude. Nothing KTs can do about it and shouldnt detract from the attraction but certainly put a dampener as kids running and knocked over my grandchildren, even tho I kept my toddler close and I thought out of harms way, never mind apology - some adults with them did the same. Couldnt say anything cos they took off and I had to console my moko.But the kids loved the Fish and other sealed Fe talking about it the next day too.

Review №20

Highlights: rotating glass tunnel aquarium, penguin enclosure, Scotts cabin. The bad stuff: Almost zero food available - no menu. Only potato chips, couple of pies, overpriced cupcakes. School holiday visit means lots of kids, but felt too stuffed. Kids screaming and when we got to the cafeteria it was wild. Felt like it ended too quickly for the price we paid as adults.Please work on the cafeteria as you would get more money from selling more food in general, doesnt have to be anything fancy just order some sandwiches in or something.You should focus on improving adult experience OR lowering adult ticket price. Experience was over so quickly and felt like not much was engaging on an adult level.

Review №21

Great place to take the kids, takes about an hour or so to get through, with lots of activities and the opportunity to get up close with the sealife, recommend pre booking tickets

Review №22

The entrance tunnel was the most fun, however, the penguin exhibit is the main highlight. The penguins stand so close to the glass so you can get really close. You may get to see some swimming in the water. Other than that theres not much to this place. Its should be nice enough for kids.

Review №23

Have been a couple of times with the family. Nice experience, friendly staff, well maintained. Recommended visit for all ages..

Review №24

The tunnel at the start might be a bit intense, but once pass that its so good. Take time to look at the penguin names on the poster, it makes it much cooler

Review №25

Actually not to much things to do but my daughter expect to visit here everytime and spend such a fun time.

Review №26

Was a lovely place to visit. So nice to see all the fish and penguins close up

Review №27

We were really impressed with lots to see and view. Spent a couple of hours there enjoying the live action.

Review №28

There’re all so so cute. Lovely staff and have lots of knowledges

Review №29

I hadnt been to KT in 22yrs, so many improvements. Not cheap but so worth it. Lovely taking my mokopuna & free entry for my daughter on her birthday 🎈

Review №30

Great place to go with kids lots of fish,sharks,eels,stingrays and more. decent food

Review №31

Always a great time. We have an annual pass which of you live in Auckland and plan to go a few times a year its worth it. We now pop in just to do a few loops and leave.Penguins, sharks and seahorses are the favourites.They seem to be always improving and adding different attractions. Its worth visiting.We found the afternoon penguins seemed more active, but then the octopus want as active as the mornings.

Review №32

Had a great time! Love the aquarium tunnel and watching the penguins for far too long. Will definitely come back.

Review №33

This was one of the best experiences ever! I stayed here for so long and enjoyed this place so much, would definitely come back

Review №34

Had a fun day with the family. Some might say it is a bit pricey, but look around there are plenty of ways to get better deals! Service was excellent, the person behind the counter was helpful and informative. Staff at the front desk, coffee kiosk and shop were all excellent- big thanks to them for being so nice on such a busy day. The place itself was good- the kids had fun and came away happy and frankly that is all that matters! There is actually quite a lot to see, we were there about an hour and a half which is pretty good value in this city! Thanks for the nice family day, my kids were buzzing afterwards!

Review №35

Explore this Majestic place with loads of information for all ages! Enjoy it to the MAX!

Review №36

Loved our visit here. Had booked a 11am session, turned up at 10.30am not sure how long with Auckland traffic it would take. Staff were happy to let us in when we arrived. It was interactive and interesting. Kelly Tarton was an incredible person with great vision. Spent roughly 2 hours here. Saw most things.

Review №37

Best choice ever. It was our first visit with our little one. She loves it and we were so busy run after her. We just refret that didnt buy the annual pass. We definitely will come back and get the annual pass.... !!

Review №38

This spacious and well-designed aquarium is a great place to spend some quiet and quality time with kids. It was clean & the staff was so friendly and accommodating. We had a great time & I highly recommend it to anyone that loves sea life.

Review №39

Havent been here for a few years and it was good to see the changes. The ice tube that moves wasnt good for my vertigo but it was a good visit all around.

Review №40

Absolutely amazing time there with our amazing little man. Great lay out, excellent facilities, nice coffee and very child friendly place to take your family too. Look forward to our next visit. Thanks Kelly Tarltons.

Review №41

The experience here was a fantastic and great place for fun. Special one penguins, and other animals.

Review №42

It is a bit small but lot of fun for my 2-year-old. Definitely need a bigger car park. Pre-paid lane was a long queue. Looks like it would be quicker just to buy the ticket there...The worst experience was at the exit for photos. I saw a lot of other people commented on that too. I had problem viewing the photos at first. The staff was so friendly to help. Then I was told to pay $35 to get the photos printed. I decided I just wanted the digital version as it was included in my ticket when I booked it online. So the friendly staff became not so nice (I try not make harsh comment here) I was told no digital photos for my type of ticket. ....and guess what, came back home and downloaded all online for free....

Review №43

Very beautiful place!

Review №44

Best place to visit in auckland.If you love sea creatures best place for you. You get to see almost all types of animals .Kids will surely enjoy.Staff is friendly.Enough parking space .Neat and clean place.Even close to mission bay so you can have fun later on there as well.

Review №45

Bit expensive compared to global sealife aquariums. Good fit for kids. Can see a variety of sea life.

Review №46

Was a very fun experience, the penguins, all sorts of fish, the turtles and the shark cove all were just an awesome time.

Review №47

Clean and tidy. Good staff with great knowledge. An excellent place to take kids to learn about the ocean and our environment.

Review №48

Master 10 requested to visit Sealife, Kelly Tarlton’s, 23 Tamaki Drive, Orakei.$99 for 1 adult and 2 children. The number of fish in the large tanks seems lower than in the past but we still had fun.The penguins were our highlight with young “Bonnie” being the most interactive, cheeky, wee one there.Keep it up SEA LIFE Kelly Tarltons Aquarium, 2020 was a tough year for so many businesses and we look forward to returning and enjoying your upgrades (the only reason for a 4 star review is because a bit of a spruce up is needed).Kids in Auckland and those visiting Auckland always request visiting SEA LIFE.

Review №49

Just the place to take our 5 year old grandson. Went round the travellator about 16 times. Fascinating stuff well presented. He liked the sharks and wanted to buy one.

Review №50

We visit the aquarium regularly as we have a membership. Staff is very very helpful and friendly and care about the place, you can tell they love their jobs. The shark tank is great and always a hit with the kids. Playground is nice to keep little ones entertained. I wish they could improve cleanliness in toilets and modernise them.*Review updated after explanation from owner regarding cafeteria, it makes total sense!

Review №51

Went here a couple of weeks ago and had an amazing time. Then had a guided tour with the educator Pauline. We had a bunch of toddlers and were all so impressed at how she was able to keep both the adults and children engaged. The other educators we encountered were also amazing with my daughter. The space is layed out so well in a way which gives children a break and so that they are not over stimulated. The colouring in section was a real hit and was a real nice blend of analogue and digital. This is really an amazing outing for both kids and adults and the staff really make it!

Review №52

Boody love this place. Penguins are super cool. Sting rays, turtles, fish of all kinds, octopus, tuarara etc etc. A great place to visit especially if you love animals and wildlife. Spend a few hours here, listen to the staff when they talk about the animals and go with the flow. Highly recommend.

Review №53

This was a super and amazing place to come visit l suggest that everyone come down with their family or friends and look at the wonderful sea life living here absolutely amazing 👏 10/10

Review №54

An amazing experience for everyone, but especially for kids. The penguins and sharks are the most attention grabbing ones, but the kids area where they can look at the fishes while coloring/sketching is what I liked the most. The antarctic outpost also was brilliant.Maintenance is also fairly good and overall this is a highly recommended place.

Review №55

I really enjoyed my time at the aquarium and I most likely will be back.

Review №56

Very friendly Staff at the entrance . Just big enough to take 3 small kids around without them losing interest too quickly.very Limited parking on a busy day. Lovely little food area half way through

Review №57

Wonderful facility extremely knowledgeable staff, brilliant conservation education patience with kids just an overwhelmingly great experience

Review №58

Amazing experience. Almost like meditation

Review №59

It is expensive and the tour depends on how much time you spend reading about the aquatic wildlife but if not a quick view can end in 20mins

Review №60

Really enjoyable. Hadnt been there for quite a while. A fun place for children and adults. Would recommend going early as car parking can be limited

Review №61

It has been such a beautiful experience. My daughter discover a new whole world and a favorite pet: the penguin 🐧which, she adores. The whole place is magical.

Review №62

Been over 10 years since last visit and so many great changes especially Scotts hut. Really enjoyed it. As a local I only drive by 10+ times a week, so recommend everybody does an update visit.

Review №63

One of the best experiences. Loved every bit of this place. Loads learn.

Review №64

Quite expensive for how short time it takes to walk through it but awesome experience to see

Review №65

Kelly Tarltons is well worth the visit, whether youre going for the first time or returning. The staff have put a lot of effort into developing and maintaining an engaging series of displays and animal encounters that is both fun and informative.The issues visitors may run into are challenges with parking and vehicle movements along Tamaki Drive on busy days, as well as congestion around popular displays such as the penguins. Still a great experience though.

Review №66

It was great, my daughter loved it. But I was shocked when we got to the end. It was so quick. I expected a bigger experience. Quite expensive for a 1 hour outing

Review №67

Pretty fun place! So cool to see all the sea animals. It can be hard to get a park at Kelly Tarlton’s as it’s so small and crammed. But overall great!!

Review №68

It is awesome to go there and have fun. They protected all the sea life very well and taught people about them. There is a shark talk you cant miss in the day. Staff are very friendly. Good place to go with your family.

Review №69

Havent been there for years. Help full staff. Good advice. Grand kids loved it. Great family-friendly. Good cafe.

Review №70

Great place to visit. Has interactive areas for children

Review №71

Always lots on for the kids over the break, staff are always happy and informative. Entrance has always been the issue here. They suggest pre-paying to speed up entrance but this far from reality. Those who paid on site were in under 5 minutes and had seen lots before we got in, as the prepaid queue was over 30 minutes long. I suggest paying in person on the day not online.

Review №72

Really good! Penguins were my favourite 🐧 Lots of interactive displays not going which was a shame. Good fun though!

Review №73

Fantastic live displays and information.

Review №74

Its getting better every year as a an educational experience for the young and old. Keeps the eyes active with all the sea life, good employees.

Review №75

Amazing experience, if youre looking for a fun weekend activity indoors, go for it! Also if you like penguins, youve gotta visit here!

Review №76

A very nice aquarium with large collection of fish and other marine life. With may types of sharks including sting rays, sea horses. You stand on a moving platform and watch the various types of fish move around you from the glass panels overhead. Then they have penguins and other aquatic animals also. A good place to spend time for a family especially with kids.👌🏼👍🏻

Review №77

Very beutiful place. Well designed. I totally recommend it

Review №78

Small aquarium but in a great location with a neat underground method and sea-level viewing window. A few specific great features like the rotating ice tube, TONS of penguins, and underwater tunnel pool - watch sharks and mantas swim over you! Limited wildlife, and no live turtles I could see. But what they do have is good. Also, SHARK BUS!

Review №79

Was a great place to visit. Loved all the creatures, brilliantly organized.Didnt like the entance as developed vertigo...unsure why the floor swayed the way it did.Apart from that...loved it

Review №80

HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE!!! My friend and me booked a shark cage adventure back in Feb for the weekend spots. Unfortunately, lockdown level 2 happened and no one inform us that our booking would get rescheduled. Since we did not hear anything from them, we assume that they may operate the activity still for only a few customers. We went there and the staff told us to get home since its covid regulations. OK! WE GET THAT. It was such a difficult journey to contact them cause we got to put on hold and wait forever on the phone. We managed to book our second time, however, the situation got messy here, they could have a separated queue for people who booked in advance so we could go straight to the area, but the queue for checking in was unbelievable, when we got there they gave our spots away to someone who had no booking and blame it on the system glitch, none of the staff call us even though they had our phone numbers written there, they gave our spots away to other people who had no booking and left us UNINFORMED. Is it fair? They could have contacted us and see if we could make it for the activity rather than assuming and give away the spots. It was already hard enough to rebook this whole thing since the beginning of the year. The staff gave us apology and offered us a free shark cage tour. We agreed and informed the date we want to go but she never get back to us again. Its a very BAD MANAGEMENT AND CUSTOMER SERVICE.

Review №81

It was a great experience and he staff were absolutely lovely and so helpful and friendly. the sea life and penguins all look incredibly well cared for and happy, which was also great to see :).

Review №82

Absolutely amazing!

Review №83

Nice friendly staff. New playground area. Good classroom session. Great QR interaction but not all QR scanners read the cards. Not a lot of different species to see. Children enjoyed the experience.

Review №84

Loved it lots have changed from the last time I came here in a school trip in 2008 seeessh

Review №85

We had such a great time there. It was so much fun. The entrance was grand and so many things to do. They had a huge cafe inside and also a big play area for the kids. Penguins were my absolute favourite ! There is also a small retail store for tiny aquatic gifts. Fairly well prices attraction. Wish it was bigger and had more things to do but definitely worth a visit.

Review №86

Its a Must visit if you like to see penguins and sea life from close proximity. Staff is friendly and helpful. Keep half day for entire museum visit. Theres mini Cafe inside , you can get coffee n some eatables.

Review №87

We havent been here since 1991 so it had a lot of new bits however the travelator, sharks and stingrays are still here and the crayfish in the ponds near the gift shop at the end are giants! They were there in 1991 so possibly the same ones but grown up now. Liked the big tank in the dining area which gives the kids a great opportunity to see above and below water and the play activities as well. The Pasifika staff were absolutely amazing, friendly and so helpful-absolute credit to this place.Not keen on the penguin enclosure though. Penguins should be in Antarctica not in small glass enclosures trying to replicate the south pole. I would have rated as 5 star but for this enclosure.

Review №88

Amazing show of variety of species of sea life one can spend value time with kids and relish !

Review №89

A wonderful morning out at Kelly Tarltons. Hubby lost his wallet which was handed in. There are still good people out there and KT called us with the goods news. 6 stars!

Review №90

Aquarium is nice, however 1. Doors were opened at 9.35 instead of 9.30 so there was a big queue of people waiting to come in. And this is when you encourage to come people to come on time. 2. Ticket staff member was weirdly unpleasant and rude. Make sure you train your welcoming (I would say unwelcoming) staff on customer service skills.

Review №91

Was very cool seeing some of the Antarctic history, different species of fish, crabs, jellyfish, penguins and few sharks. Im disappointed because when I looked at the map at home, it seems I failed to view the the sea turtles, but this was my own fault as I did not look at the map during my visit due to my excitement.Also a cool test the Aquarium setup for one to experience how cold the water gets in Antarctica, I wont spoil it for others by saying exactly what the test was. Parking may be an issue, esp during school holidays but Lovely day trip nonetheless.

Review №92

I remember taking my children to Kelly Tarltons years ago and it was a great experience. Recently we took our grand daughter and it doesnt seem to have aged well. The cafe had a very very limited menu so if you didnt take your own food, a pie is pretty much your only option. It was also over-priced cost twice as much than going to the zoo!

Review №93

I lost my car key last week and I called everywhere I visited on that day including the aquarium. Fortunately, my key was found at the cafe and the cafe team leader, Mariana, helped me to get it back even though I don`t live in Auckland. Much appreciated her help and SEA LIFE Kelly Tarltons Aquarium is a great place with children!! Thanks again.

Review №94

Beautiful place that tell the history of people that love nature and sea life. Must go of youre in Auckland

Review №95

To sum it up. value for money. 130$ for a family of four (2 adults 2 kids). The place was amazing. Lots of things to do inside. You can pay an extra 50 for photo album but it is optional. The souvenir shop is not so expensive, you can get a thing or two from there as a memory. Kids loved it.

Review №96

Not bad first time taking the baby, overall good except the car park as their width of spacing is so tight that many people park over the line.

Review №97

I was fortunate enough to be able to do the penguin exhibit where you can literally get on the ice with these beautiful creatures. The staff, Paula, Jenny, PJ, and Amy were incredibly phenomenal and gracious and made sure I had the best trip ever. Its definitely a must-do if youre anywhere near the area.This was the highlight of my trip to NZ, for sure... and my other activities included scuba diving and jumping off the Sky Tower! If you have more time, you can also jump in a shark cage- no diving experience necessary, just an appetite for amazing adventures!Thanks, team- Looking forward to doing it all over again next time!

Review №98

It was a Fine experience for my Toddler for some parts but not all , as I went there with my family for the first time.I had Great expectations and More quality form Sea Life Kelly Tarlton’s but it was lacking...For 2 adults $110 Entry Fee is Not Cheap.The Cost of Entry Does not include the Photos, it is not compulsory to take these photos that had been taken inside by their staff, but for the memories created with family, one would think it’s a great idea to collect there but, there is an additional and different Charges depending on the type of photos or Copy prints/Link Email to take back home.You may choose to comment back if you wish, but my Overall experience and expectations for this place will surely Not Change.Not sure if I will Visit again!

Review №99

Great for all ages.Kids are well catered for.So much to see and do.Great information talks.Shop is well priced and fantastic selection.The entry photos are awesome.Spent nearly 3 hours walking though it all and could have walked though it all again.Love the rescue hospital work they do.Get there early and you get a great park!

Review №100

It was a nice experience to visit there and see sea life of some of the very beautiful creature of nature, If you are interested seeing them you should definitely go there while touring Auckland!Staff was very nice.

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  • Address:23 Tamaki Drive, Orakei, Auckland 1071, New Zealand
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  • Phone:+64 9-531 5065
  • Tourist attraction
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Working hours
  • Monday:9:30AM–5PM
  • Tuesday:9:30AM–5PM
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  • Thursday:9:30AM–5PM
  • Friday:Closed
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  • Sunday:9:30AM–5PM
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
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