Dream Constructor Escape Room
5 Tyburnia Avenue, Mount Roskill, Auckland 1025, New Zealand

Review №1

Went there last year with 2 adults and 2 kids. Narration is unintelligible and very hard to hear. Was difficult to solve as there was no real logic between puzzles to assist the story.Based in a residential house which was a bit weird and production was lacking. We spent ages on a puzzle that required US date time entry which was frustrating. It is about 3 times the price of what it should cost imo, having completed dozens of escape rooms globally. However, the staff were friendly (+1*) and the automation and mechanics were cool.Would recommend if it was $20 a head....maybe..

Review №2

We went as 7 person group. Hopeless. No space to discuss clues. Tight space. Recommend 3 or 4 person group max. Two important clues were flimsy. They need to be fixed up. Some clues have to be improved. Felt some clues were random. Few clues were great and interesting.

Review №3

I think the premise was interesting, some of the puzzles had potential, but also, its not a professional place and not very well executed. You go to the guys house, the escape room is in a residential area and basically he had some spare space in his house and he created the escape room. You can hardly understand the voice cues because the recorded sound was TERRIBLE. Some of the puzzles had absolutely no logic to it or guides to get you there. My hubby and I have done many escape rooms and this one was just not great. I have it 2 stars for effort and story line

Review №4

Should come with trigger warnings.First, the good stuff: the employee looking after us was amazing. Really patient and helpful.The problematic stuff: The story behind the escape room is going to be too close to home for many. These are the trigger warnings that any potential customer needs to be aware of: contains themes of caregiver burnout; violence by caregiver; relationship violence including reenacting said violence; religious imagery and themes; small spaces; darkness.The rooms are small and you are in the dark with some potentially triggering stimuli, so bear that in mind.The escape rooms are part of a larger house in a suburban area. People live in the house, so thats a bit unusual. I could smell their pet rats/mice/rabbits/guinea pigs. Also, one of the escape rooms smelt like cigarette smoke.The puzzles were too hard for us, but more seasoned players will likely enjoy the challenge.But, like I said, the personnel was great.

Review №5

Best escape room in Auckland, fully mechanical with a lot of thought put into making the theme. would highly recommend to everyone.

Review №6

Absolutely loved it! My favourite part is when I got to drown the dummys head inside a water tank. I dont know what air freshener they used but the smell inside was incredible! Love the smell of wet dog.

Review №7

This escape room is way much better than I expected. It is beautifully made in a residential house but it surprised all of us in every level. I have been to other escape games in the city but I never would have thought we can do it in a house where it combined both mystery and darkness together so well. The host Richard designed the room all by himself and he was very friendly and happy to help when we were stuck. I cannot believe all of those hits were triggered by something we did instead of guessing a few digital numbers. There were six of us and we all puzzled and worked together. It was a great team building and fun game for a night. Very recommended. Thanks for a lovely evening! Vivien Lin

Review №8

Really enjoyed this! The puzzles are clever and it was fun to have different mechanisms as opposed to just your standard padlocks. Wouldnt recommend going with a large group (4-5 max) as it would get cramped. We finished in an hour but did use all three clues. I quite liked the vibe in the residential house.

Review №9

This escape room has great potential, uses a lot of mechanical gates (instead of padlocks), and has a very useful storyline. Unfortunately, the downsides make it not worth the money. This is not a professional escape room. It is an amateur setup in a residential house and lacks much of the consistency in logical flow for the puzzles. Too frequently, the clues do not connect with the effective action that needs to take place. The audio clues are unintelligible and cant be heard through the bad speakers. I like a lot of the techniques that are used in the puzzles, but the flow of clues-to-actions needs a solid consultation with a professional game master. As it stands, its just an expensive game that should still be in test phase.

Review №10

Welcoming and friendly host, located in residential house down a long driveway with small signage, would be hard to find at night. The story/mood set up was detailed and well motivated. The puzzles were challenging and creative and fun to solve, but our ability to engage effectively with the room was negatively affected by two main things1. Its pitch dark in the rooms. The torches provided are so dim that its hard to read the clues even with the torch right up against the clue. When multiple clues fall from the suddenly unlocked boxes while loud music is playing, the small dark coloured items are basically impossible to find on the floor. If you werent pointing a torch at the box as it opened, youd never know to look for it. I know the darkness is part of the challenge and sets the mood, but a bit more spooky red background lighting would really add to the experience.2. The mechanisms require a little finessing, theyre not idiot proof, and with the high challenge level of the puzzles, its very frustrating to have solved the puzzle correctly but spent another 10 minutes looking for other solutions, because the mechanism didnt trigger how it was supposed to.The concept, story and puzzle style is great, just needs some polishing to be playable.

Review №11

Awesome fun! Cant wait for the new games, we will see you again soon. Thank you for an awesome experience guys :)

Review №12

We had so much fun even though the clues really challenged and frustrated us at times. Lots of lateral thinking needed! An awesome experience for all ages.

Review №13

Awesome time , would recommend 4-5 max as some rooms are cramped. Great family /team building fun. Would do it again !

Review №14

We were a bit spooked walking down a long driveway towards what looked like a cheap Bates Motel. Luckily, we were met with a lovely host and well made puzzles. The escape room itself was very good, but very challenging! Wouldnt recommend for beginners as it took us all 90 minutes of our allocated time to get through only half of the challenge, but for more confident players, this is a great activity.

Review №15

This was fun! I went with my two adult children and their partners for my birthday (I didnt have to pay as it 2as my birthday, which was awesome). The puzzles were challenging and very cleverly put together, with secret doors that popped open, laser beams to activate clues and lots of other fun mechanical components. I highly recommend this as a fun activity for groups 14yrs+.

Review №16

It was a great experience and a well instructed escape room! Very unexpected. it took us a long time to figure everything out. Unfortunately we didn’t make it in 60 min so we had to pay more money.. the escape room is very exciting, as it is so hard but logically in the end of course! Definitely worth a try! :)

Review №17

Great way to get the brains working overtime. Thoroughly enjoyed trying to figure out the game/escape clues.

Review №18

This is the most creative escape room that Ive ever been to, and Ive been to many rooms in many different countries. Almost every single lock and challenge was creatively done and my partner and I had an amazing time. Its definitely a challenging room. The owner and creator was really nice as well. Im looking forward to future rooms here!

Review №19

Great room!! Very smart, well thought out. Detailed story and our game master was very friendly and welcoming. Best mechanical room in NZ.

Review №20

Not my favorite escape room - built to not be completed in the time and then pressured to buy more time. The puzzle itself is fun but the [SPOILER - head in the water] part didnt trigger for us even though had been done correctly. Wouldnt recommend unless you had done a lot of escape rooms and prepare to pay for more time.Also pressured to write a review while in his office - which is why I suspect it has so many 5 star reviews.

Review №21

This escape room ecexperien was the most unique one we had done. We have been to many escape rooms across Auckland - both lock-based challenges and mechanical ones. This room had the best of both worlds and the puzzles were great fun. They were closely tied to the story and made us think outside the box while being in the dark. Highly recommended

Review №22

Been to most of the escape games in Auckland, this is one of my favourite room escape game. Enjoyed the flow and puzzles are well thought out. Suggest to add some finishing touches on the props and the overall presentation, the theme has so much potential but the execution could be a lot better, as the whole experience still feel like home based. I’m sure they’ll do better in the up coming games

Review №23

Playing an escape room in someones residential house is just weird. Price is high too. I wouldnt recommend this place when you have access to professional escape room businesses in Auckland. Some of the other Google Reviews are truly questionable...

Review №24

Challenging - yet, if you end up putting a lot more thought towards the clues - they do make sense (however, we did struggle with one part due to voice recognition issues so maybe that can be changed to something that functions better). Mostly mechanically operated which makes it exciting and less stressful having to worry about numbers, letters & directions to unlock padlocks.

Review №25

Slightly concerned we might have been lured to our death walking down a long driveway in suburbia but fortunately this added to the spooky feeling of the game! Rachel was a wonderful host. Really fun game, lots of great mechanical puzzels. Would definitely recommend for a fun escape room experience!

Review №26

A team of six of us has played the Silent Lake - Redemption theme. This is a fully mechanical escape room. Highly recommended! Dont be fooled by the long driveway and the residential look house. You will explore a very interesting journey once entered!

Review №27

The people running it are very friendly and it was such a complex and unique escape room. Really made me think! Even though it’s in a residential area don’t let that fool you. Spooky and complex, I loved it!

Review №28

Totally awesome. Really intelligent, well constructed clues. Definitely needed the collective group puzzle solving skills 😅. Well worth a visit.

Review №29

Having done most of the escape rooms in Auckland I would say not waste your money on this room. The puzzles are poor and clues are random or none existent. The room is entirely done in the dark which I wouldnt have an issue with if it enhanced the experience. I think the room is kept dark to increase the difficulty as they dont actually want you to complete the room because when the 60 mins is up...they ask if you want to pay more money to continue! Ive been to pretty much all the other escape room companies and have NEVER been asked to pay more to spend a bit longer in a room.

Review №30

Could feel those efforts they put into the room design, fully mechanic one which is very rare on the market!definitely would recommend!

Review №31

Great experience, great customer service 10/10

Review №32

Okay hear me out, I’m terrible at escape rooms and rarely finish them. But when I say this one is bad. It’s bad.High tech is not accurate - there are some magnetic locks and a laser light. But if you want an escape room that makes sense then this isn’t one for you. Multiple things were broken leaving him to come into the room to reset them.Then on top of that. There was a lot of nonsensical and poorly made puzzles.This only leaves me to highly rated reviews are his friends or paid reviews.I love escape rooms. And I enjoy not finishing them. This one was not able to be finished for the sole reason of Charing extra for extra time

Review №33

Very realistic room — It’s the most creative escape room I’ve been to. The address can be a little tricky to find (go down the long driveway to the end), but definitely an interesting experience.

Review №34

Really fun experience. A well thought out theme and back story. Lots of cleverly designed clues too.

Review №35

What an amazing time! Some absolutely unique and challenging puzzles with a great storyline.Dont let the entrance fool you its super professional on the inside and such amazing staff!New locations apparently opening soon :)

Review №36

Very challenging room but super fun! Instructions are very clear and the mechanical locks are great... We loved the story line and the clues. Very creative!

Review №37

This escape room was OK but it doesnt seem like they have taken notice of the suggestions, as we found the same issues as other reviewers. Firstly, it is much too small for a group bigger than 4. Some of the puzzles were creative and very interesting, but only one can be solved at a time, so a small group of 2-3 people is best. Secondly, they told us its rare for anyone to finish within an hour. They keep 2 hours aside for each booking and charge extra if you take longer than an hour. Why not just be honest and charge a little more for 90 minutes or something? Thirdly, the house really, really smells! There is obviously a pet there and its not well-ventilated. It was worth a try but I much prefer the one in Ellerslie.

Review №38

Such a fun and creative escape room! The only things you need to know is 1. Its in someones house on a residential street. 2. If you go over time you have to pay (but it wasnt much, and if youre good youll escape in time ;) ). 3. After reading the other reviews I guess there should be a trigger warning for the storyline. . But overall I would definitely recommend if you love escape rooms.. also I would suggest a group of 4 is enough people as the space is not big

Review №39

Very interesting storyline. My first escape room experience and would definitely come back! Was so cool and they were very helpful with the clues.

Review №40

Such an awesome experience! It may not be like the other more mainstream experiences (this is in a residential house) but its super challenging, and a lot of fun. Very impressed that the host built it all himself. Thanks DC Escape!

Review №41

This is an awesome place. Best Escape room in Auckland! Good location where is easy to go. Story line is impressive. We love it!

Review №42

We had a great time playing as a team in this escape room game! It was very challenging and really made us think collectively as a team to solve the puzzles. The rooms were very well designed and mechanical which we thought was very challenging, would definitely recommend others to try it out!

Review №43

Clues and puzzles were unique and challenging. Host was friendly and welcoming. Overall great experience!

Review №44

Very challenging and had a great time! Not your typical escape room as it’s all mechanical. Very cool! Would really recommend this place to everyone!!

Review №45

Positives: free parking, kind service, fun puzzles and great story line.Negatives: Inside someones residential house , their yard was a mess, the house was alittle run down (old carpet), little signage.Overall: For the price I expect business quality. I have been to many escape rooms around New Zealand and overseas and this is the lowest quality outfit Ive been to. Well done for a home made job.

Review №46

The use of technology and automation in the rooms is the only positive. In term of narrative other Escape Room companies provide a better experience. We also came across something that we had never experienced which was an extra payment for additional time. Overall we recommend trying Rotophobia in Rotorua, Perplexity in Hamilton and Escapades in Auckland.

Review №47

Excellent escape room challenge. Really well thought out puzzles and story line. This was our first escape room experience and we both enjoyed it immensely.

Review №48

The experience definitely starts before you even begin. Im talking from the road (lol).Took three of us almost two hours to complete. Such an exciting and spooky challenge and I definitely recommend, especially to those who love a challenge.

Review №49

Having completed hundreds of rooms from around the world, sadly this one is one of the worst Ive ever done.The good:*The staff were lovely.*Interesting concept and good attempts at interesting puzzles rather than relying on locks.The bad:*Decor is rather lackluster.*Room is very dark and since this takes place in a private residence, you never actually escape the feeling youre just rumaging around in someones house.*Audio clues are extremely hard to understand, English clearly isnt the actors first language so you have broken English on top on very loud background music. Cutting the music and hiring a voice actor would have solved this.* Puzzles are often illogical and one math related one is incorrect.*Charging if you go over the hour.*No warnings for sensitive content (violence, suicide etc).*No warnings for claustrophic rooms and requirement to crawl through small spaces.*Hints tend to consist of the staff coming into the room and just solving it for you.Sorry but there are much better escape rooms out there than this one. Dont waste your time or money.

Review №50

Having done several of the Escape Rooms around Auckland, this one was frankly disappointing. Several puzzles were illogical, or required clues to provide direction.The setup was poorly done - with the room being done in the dark to make up for this.‘Mechanical’ puzzles are fine - if they trigger properly, and don’t require repeated attempts to have the puzzle work.The location is a couple of rooms at a house. Poor signage and not easy to find.The worst aspect is charging extra if you ran over 60mins.If you are looking for an escape room - most of the other ones in Auckland are better than this. I would only recommend this one if you’d done all the others...

Review №51

This was soo awesome. Clues are very challenging. Totally enjoyed this experience and would recommend anyone to do this. Thank you.

Review №52

Fantastic Challenge. Completely blown away by the entricate detail and creativity put into it. Would highly recommend to all. Great experience and would love to do it again. Thanks for the thrilling experience!!

Review №53

It was so great! Although we didnt finished the game, it was great fun. I want to play the next theme also, as I liked it that much. Please carry on. It wasnt that hard, also for no original english speaking persons.

Review №54

Totally didnt expect what we just did! So much intrigue and thinking involved. The hour flew by and we loved all the twists and turns! So clever and would highly recommend!!!! We got so close yet not close enough...

Review №55

This is so cool! The owners have made it all from scratch which is dedication! I loved every part of the escape room and the challenges it brings

Review №56

Legit one of the best escape rooms ive done! All mechanical and the story was crazy! Highly recommended! 😁

Review №57

Awesome time with a group of friends. Really tricky but you eventually figure it out. Dont let the location down a driveway fool you. Had alot of fun.

Review №58

This escape room is very different from other rooms I’ve done but very good and challenging, excellent communication had lots of fun completing this room. Would recommend to other people to complete.

Review №59

The room was so much fun, it was quite tricky and we werent able to finish yet alone get into the third room. I recommend going with 4 people, I went with 7 and it did get quite squished. The guy was very nice and polite. I totally recommend giving it a go yourself :)

Review №60

Thanks for the fabulous experience, the best escape experience we had in auckland. Full Mechanical and very logical storyline and linked together puzzles. would definitely come back again for more.

Review №61

Very difficult and time consuming but very rewarding. Good way to kill an afternoon. Best suited for two.

Review №62

Epic and unique escape room! Very intricate. Need to be in good physical shape. Richard is pretty awesome.

Review №63

Very tough but logical puzzles. Took us about 1hr35 with 2 of us. Most interesting room weve done in Auckland! Love the theme-super creeeeeepy as hell!

Review №64

Overall, a very cool experience. The darkness and tense atmosphere made us feel like we are actually living in the ‘Silent Lake’..

Review №65

This experience was a great surprise! As a newbie with no idea of what I was doing or getting myself in to walking down that driveway was a lil creepy in the middle of surburban lands, it really set the scene...loads of fun. The course was challenging and interesting with attention to detail and good atmosphere. Rachel was a lovely host, thank you!

Review №66

I went to Dream constructor on the weekend with a friend and had an awesome time . the puzzles were challenging but fun to try and work out and we had many laughs and frustrations. My Brain hasnt had to work so hard for a long time would highly recommend for those wanting a super challenging experience.

Review №67

Really enjoyed this escape room(s) and the thought put into each clue. An intriguing storyline with really cool equipment.

Review №68

Didnt know what to expect in a residential location, but this is easily one of the best escapes weve done. Very interactive with unusual ways of progressing and unlocking doors. Really have to use your brain!

Review №69

If youre looking to do an escape room, do this one. Its amazing clever and a lot of fun I highly recommend. Am so looking forward to the next instalment.

Review №70

Fun. Very challenging. Needed the clues but never felt hopeless. And actually makes you think about the story line

Review №71

Very entertaining! Loved the Silent Hill theme

Review №72

It is a fantastic experience. My boyfriend and I have a fun today. We will recommend this place to other friends in the future.

Review №73

Highly recommended! Spent 1 hr and a half here. Really enjoyed the story!

Review №74

The operator is pleasant and quite accommodating. The location in a residential house with rubbish lying around makes the business look dodgy and we nearly drove away upon arriving. The clues did not seem to lead to one another, it would be interesting to hear if anyone finished it.

Review №75

Excellent room. good fun. hard though

Review №76

Difficult to find (down long driveway) and definitely doesn’t have the feel of a business in operation. The explanation was hard to understand and struggled with the entire concept (the hints didn’t seem to correlate to the story/puzzle) Felt we were being scammed by asking for more money to extend the time. Waste of time and money.

Review №77

Very challenging, and interesting. And very friendly staff. Ill definitely come again.

Review №78

The game itself was great, but the environment outside of the game room leaves a lot to be desired.

Review №79

Awesome escape room! Very scary! Good puzzles. Highly recommended!

Review №80

The best escape room that I have tried so far. Very logical set up and full mechanical, deinitely will come back again once new room open!!

Review №81

Was asked to pay extra fo an extra thirty minutes and it felt like it wasn’t suppose to be doable in 60. If there wasn’t a Christmas discount I would have easily gave it one star. Some of the puzzles didn’t work properly and some of the puzzles made zero sense. Being in someone’s house makes it odd and not the best environment.

Review №82

Awesome room. Challenging and fun!

Review №83

Read other comments before doing this.Positives: interesting puzzles, mechanical, good atmosphereNegatives: not enough lighting (frustrating) , feels like he is trying to extract as much money from us as possible (charge for more time) , not enough clues and one of the locks were broken,LOTS of potential to be great but need more work on the interior and try not to scam people by charging for more time

Review №84

The hardest one I have done, but heaps of fun. Be aware that you will probably need more than one hour, so will have to pay extra for that.

Review №85

Something interesting to do. Gets your brain cells going. Great idea. My advice would be not to over analyse.

Review №86

Was looking for a fun night out with friends...what a disappointment! To start with we couldnt find the location only to eventually find it in someone’s house. No signage and down a dark, unlit driveway. While the host was very welcoming we found the escape room to be far too difficult for the 1 hour allocated time and having to pay for extra time was disappointing, needless to say we didnt bother. Reviews seem to suggest most groups need extra time (with the fastest being 55mins) and some reviews appear to have very similar wording suggesting paid for reviews or friends. If the creators know its likely to take longer than 60mins why not give the option of 90mins before starting? Is it to make extra money? I think so. From what I understand, other escape rooms dont make you pay extra. The bathroom was really dirty and the handtowels wet so couldnt dry your hands properly. Few health and safety issues in the actual escape room with a horrible metal bar that you have to crawl over in the dark, with two of us hitting our knees. Not a lot of space for large groups, there were only 5 of us but we struggled to all fit in some of the smaller spaces with one of us on our knees, only to have a box above us open and almost drop stuff on our heads. While the idea behind the storyline was good the actual execution was just ok, English was obviously a second language which detracted from the experience and pulled you out of the story (spelling and grammar mistakes plus the voice recording was hard to understand at times). Unfortunately I wouldnt recommend this place to anyone, not unless there were some serious improvements...and maybe not even then. What a shame my first escape room experience was this, luckily it wont put me off but next time itll be with a reputable company in an actual business and not someones house (I hope).

Review №87

Really creative and really fun. Would recommend to anyone

Review №88

Great puzzle room, fantastic design and great story, i had an excellent time. Definitely recommend

Review №89

We had fun, great challenges. One suggestion: notes could be written with better English

Review №90

Mind Blowing experience, group of 6 of us went in and the game it self is really well made, can tell that alot of thought has been put in the game. Dont be scared off by the long driveway and residential entrance, cant wait for next their next theme to come out, will definitely come back.

Review №91

Incredible escape room that really challenges you! Had a fantastic time, looking forward to trying the next room to be released!

Review №92

Great fun! Well thought out puzzles to solve

Review №93

Very tricky game. Had so much fun solving the puzzles. It had good environment, luckily no scary creatures inside :D

Review №94

Loved it! Very challenging and enjoyable, mechanical was very fun! Lots of crawling .

Review №95

Was the worst experience, its in the middle of a residential area. Very unprofessional

Review №96

Good fun, very friendly staff and helpful 😬

Review №97

Wonderful. Really enjoy it. Will definitely come when next room is ready.

Review №98

Full Mechanical, English is quite simple to understand. We are an elderly couple, and we really enjoyed the experience.

Review №99

Awesome! Puzles and the props were cool👌 like the candles , walkie talkie etc makes you feel like your in an action movie 😃👍Fantastic! Theme with such a sad but thrilling storyline about Mary and James. The Guy who hosted us was really nice and polite and He was awesome with communication,giving us our clues and guiding us throughout the whole game when we were stuck, Would Really Recommend this to everyone to come and try out. The Escape room and puzzles were really thought out nicely. Would also advice people who try it out and dont finish pay for the extra time cause we did and it was worth all our money 💖 Thank you Dream Constructor Escape Room for the best first time experience for me and my family. We will surely be back for more 💖😊✌.

Review №100

Awesome escape room! We had so much fun, definitely recommend it

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  • Address:5 Tyburnia Avenue, Mount Roskill, Auckland 1025, New Zealand
  • Site:
  • Phone:+64 22 183 6385
  • Tourist attraction
  • Escape room center
Working hours
  • Monday:9AM–9PM
  • Tuesday:9AM–9PM
  • Wednesday:9AM–9PM
  • Thursday:9AM–9PM
  • Friday:9AM–9PM
  • Saturday:9AM–9PM
  • Sunday:9AM–9PM
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:No
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:No
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Restroom:Yes
  • Restaurant:No
  • Family-friendly:Yes
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