Chelsea Estate Heritage Park
Colonial Road, Chatswood, Auckland 0626, New Zealand

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Nice short walkway with view of Auckland CBD

Review №2

Really nice place to have a walk and grab a coffee from the cafe/restaurant nearby. If you have a dog theres a great spot for them to have a dip if you follow the track and head in the direction of the northern bridge from the car park.

Review №3

Awesome place for a nice walk

Review №4

Easy walking tracks. Lots 2 see

Review №5

Beautiful walk, a shame about the pond being so polluted

Review №6

Lovely quiet beach and the paths are usually very quiet and peaceful.

Review №7

Nice park with ponds for ducks near the water front. Good place for a nice stroll

Review №8

Nice place for a good walk and the new track coming soon from milton harward construction is going to be amazing cant wait....

Review №9

Such a hidden gem. Not crowded. Beautiful. What else could you want

Review №10

Lovely park, fantastic cafe too.

Review №11

Excellent park with amaze-balls waterfront views (right on the water) of Auckland city from Birkenhead. Excellent walking trails that can be flat or steep depending which way you choose to explore. Get up close to shags and ducks in the brackish lakes along the seafront. Take your pupper to meet the local canines that gather everyday in the evenings. One of the top 5 dog parks on the North Shore!

Review №12

About 15~20mins walk one way, from the car parking place right down to the beach. Narrow footpath with lots of steps towards the downhill side.Roads are not paved so watch out if youre going there after raining day, might be a bit slippery.The beach itself is quiet and feeling somehow remote. Not the typical NZ beach that will give you the WOW factor.People are jogging here sometimes and some dog owners didnt take care of their puppys poo.......

Review №13

Nice park for dogs. Not buggy friendly

Review №14

Great place to take the kids and dog for some fresh air.

Review №15

Great place for a walk and swim!

Review №16

Great bushwalk, nice views of the city from far away, visiting the chelsea sugar factory is a bonus!

Review №17

Great place to have wedding photos meet up for a walk go for tour they the refinery playground or take on city views.

Review №18

One of the hidden gems in Birkenhead- A blissful soul searching walk via Rawena Road - quick to get to the Chelsea Sugar Company!! Beautiful views of harbour , the bridge and sky tower !! Mind the downhill but is well equipped with a rail to hold onto - lush green grass and beautiful treesThe bird songs were just fantastic:)Safety Tip: keep off the road while crossing the Sugar company car park

Review №19

Beautiful place for a walk or just see the birds in the pond. The forest walk is one of the nicest on the shore, especially with the stream and ponds along the way

Review №20

Lovely walk! Lots of people enjoying the park. Definitely coming back!

Review №21

My dog loves to come here to have a good run around. The views are awesome for the humans too!

Review №22

Good walk. Great views. Really liked it.

Review №23

Awesome hosts and great location!

Review №24

Beautiful location and easy walks with plenty of space for families or walking the dogs.

Review №25

Stood in line to wait tobe seated at a table with no eye contact frm any staff, for 15 mins, so left. I think for lunch yu must hv a booking or else yr just ignored.Wont be going back again, but is set in a lovely park surrounding that over looks the Harbour.

Review №26

Lovely place to walk. Really enjoy the loop walk.Dont forget to like my review if you find it useful. :-)

Review №27

Quiet and peaceful

Review №28

Lovely place :)

Review №29

One of the best spots in Auckland. Amazing smells of grass, flowers and pine.

Review №30

Nice spot for a walk. So many contrasting vistas, from native forest, to ponds, to sheltered bays to city views. Plenty to keep adults and kids interested.

Review №31

First time visiting this place today. There is some construction currently and the bridge to the sculpture was closed so we couldnt get close to it.the pond is nice but a little smelly but Nice views of the harbour bridge and downtown area though.

Review №32

Amazing spot for a wedding. Everyone looks & feels great. Bridesmaids wrists very sore at the end of the night.

Review №33

This is a lovely place for a stroll as long as you love hills, steps and if wet then mud in places. There are trails leading to Kennedy Bay and some look out points as well as trails leading to Chesla sugar works. There are several loop options so you dont have to come back the way you came. There are views of the city and harbour.

Review №34

Just beautiful. Great off lead dog exercise area too

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Review №36

Not a bad spot however access can be quite narrow. If u r coming from the onehungta road way then highly suggest to go towards signs for beach/Kendalls bay. It goes downwards so a significant number of steps involved. Do not go the swamp track it is not the best, not flat and not paved at all, has bad inclines that r not suitable for every person. Kendalls bay is rather small though so not worth it if u r looking for a scenic view. What I did was take the signs for beach downwards towards Kendalls bay then decided to take the swamp track on my return however like I mentioned above the last half of the track is terrible. However from Kendalls bay towards the swamp track there is a Westland lookout which is not bad either however it is very steep as is only step paved halfway therefore not suitable for children elderly or if you have low fitness levels. No toilets. Dogs allowed.

Review №37

Great to dog walk and be in the city but not feel like it.

Review №38

Great views

Review №39

My dog just loves it here

Review №40

Nice view of the city, but ever so slightly obscured. Awesome little hike. Lots of steep steps, but well maintained trail.

Review №41

Great park to walk around and to see the old sugar factory

Review №42

Beautiful place for a walk

Review №43

Brought a good tropical smoothie for $9However the cabinet looked amazing have to go back for morning tea

Review №44

Good walk. Connects to kauri park. Can walk for 2.5 hours plus.

Review №45

Pretty walk, suitable area for dogs. Parts of walk closed

Review №46

Beautiful view of the city and such a chilled out spot to sunbath.

Review №47

Great view, quiet and relaxing spot!

Review №48

A pleasant spot to visit and just chill

Review №49

Lovely place

Review №50

Good for a shot bush walk.

Review №51

Just to have a ciggy lol

Review №52

Too many people

Review №53

Its a nice bush walk down to a really nice little beach. Most of the walk down is under the cover of the bush with a couple of rest areas. The dogs love it and were all pretty knackered by the time weve walked down and back again.

Review №54

Good fishing, stay lining across the reserve

Review №55

A really nice park for walks. There is an extensive network of interconnected tracks that link several Coastal parks in this area. Some of the tracks are well formed and suitable for pushchairs while others are more challenging with tree roots and stairs. One particular track down to Kendall Bay is very steep with lots of stairs and is a great track to train on as it sure gets the heart pumping.

Review №56

Good for bush walk.

Review №57

Nice walk. Great cafe with a cozy playground.

Review №58

Nice for a walk. Average cafe.

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Review №60

Good to take ur dogs around

Review №61

Great dog walk with a off leash area on the beach

Review №62

Great place to walk dogs and yourself!

Review №63

Enjoy walking around here but some of the tracks could be maintained a little better. Nice and peaceful and great to get out in nature.

Review №64

A hidden gem in Auckland. This park is truly amazing, albeit a bit hilly. Advantage is that you can pop by the cafe at Chelsea afterwards for a quick drink to cool down.

Review №65

Great walking area. Nice to walk down to the beach or enjoy the individual look-outs. The trails are well taken care of. Steps and non-slip surfaces where needed. Some nice views of the bay and adjacent areas.

Review №66

From what Ive been told this place used to be a great place for walks and other park activities but as of visiting it seemed to mostly be under construction or blocked off for one reason or another. However the road would be great to take a drift bike down if there werent so many trucks

Review №67

It was my first visit.And I loved it.Massive Burgers.Food was amazing.Bit expensive.Worth it.My mother had been there before.

Review №68

Lovely morning walk

Review №69

Scenic. Didnt go inside though.

Review №70

Nice close stop to walk around

Review №71

Chelsea visitor center Cafe has fantastic food and drinks. Interactive center is very cool for younger kids. Park itself has fantastic scenery.

Review №72

Nature at its best. Great tracks really well looked after. To the right track as you go down lots of steep steps. Nice they all join up to the Chelsea sugar factory.

Review №73

Beautiful, beautiful place. Such glamorous walks. It feels like youre so isolated yet youre so close to the neighbourhood. Sadly Kauri Dieback has reached here. Please open again!

Review №74

A beautiful spot to relax with a coffee

Review №75

A lovely place to visit and a nice new cafe too. We arrived just after a tour bus arrived so the kitchen was backed up and no spots left for the factory tour. We opted for cabinet food to avoid waiting the suggested half an hour for a kitchen lunch. The staff member taking the orders at the till was very friendly and willing to chat and joke with us despite the obvious influx of patrons and all the other staff were very friendly too.

Review №76

This is a public park, with several nature trails nearby. Good for picnics, trail runs, or hanging out. There is an alcohol ban on the property.

Review №77

Such a great public park, especially because dogs can be off lead! Youll often find 9-10 dogs hanging out here playing on a Sunday afternoon.

Review №78

Free heritage park with access to some dams and foreshores but walkway around all the 4 dams closed at present due to upgrades. Fantastic harbour views especially over Christmas New Year when red pohutakawa flowers are in bloom. Sugar restaurant at the Sugar Refinery is now open selling delicious food with great ambience.

Review №79

Its a nice place to go for a bush walk while being close to town. There are several little bays you can visit on the walk. The tracks are pretty good but can be muddy so proper footwear with good grip is recommended.

Review №80

Beautiful place,go for a walk through the tracks,stop at the cafe enjoy the view of the harbor bridge watch the sun go down

Review №81

Lovely walk but the algae laden lake is terrible, and the warning signs are serious. Its not clear what the lake was used for with the sugar works, but there are some kinds of vents or pipes in it. Id be interested to know how the purification of the lake occurred. Can it be fixed?

Review №82

Great local dog park

Review №83

Very pretty walk, with beautiful views of the city. Part of the walk is closed off due to repairs, but still a pleasant and quite unique walk. Some of the walk is quite steep, and another section is a rough, tree root covered path.

Review №84

Love going down to the Chelsea sugar factory and walking round the park there. The cafe is lovely too. Definitely worth doing for anyone who lives in north shore!

Review №85

Great place for a weekend stroll! Very easy to get around with good sea views and forest trails around the park. Great if you want to get a view of Auckland city from a new angle!

Review №86

The Chelsea sugar works have developed this in to Avery nice attraction. Lovely views, very nice cafe/ restaurant and beautiful walks .

Review №87

This is an interesting place to visit. This is New Zealands only sugar refinery, tours of the refinery are available. There is a very good cafe, childrens playground and toilets with ample convenient parking. The whole refinery is housed in a large and very picturesque park estate with bush walks, lakes and beautifully maintained workers and management houses dating from the early 1900s. A good place for a family picnic.

Review №88

Best dog park in Auckland. Lots of friendly dogs and responsible owners.Plusva great view of Auckland city and the bridge. Do the loop, its worth it.

Review №89

Perfect for dog owners

Review №90

Not a cloud in the sky 👌

Review №91

Road down to the beach is a bit hard for casual visitor wearing sandles. Sport shoes are necessary. But the view is all worth it.

Review №92

Nice park with good walks - just be mindful walking as you have to walk over a lot of tree roots with some steep hills. Good views of Auckland city and nice bay to visit. Definitely recommend

Review №93

We had a picnic packed so it wouldve nice to see more tables and better quality tables to sit at. Lovely views and grounds.

Review №94

Good for a short walk. Tracks quite steep in places. Some nice views over the city and out West

Review №95

Great trip walks up the dam.around duck ponds.peace and quiet.we are asked not to feed the the water will give the ducks and birds botulism.but what a great site the old sugar works you can organise visits schools are well educated there they have good recipes online.great for visitors

Review №96

Abit of coffee and a slice from sugar makes the medicine go down in the most delightful way!

Review №97

They had a lovely range of food that tasted delicious but the service could be improved.

Review №98

Quite a bit is closed at the moment or it would have been 5 star

Review №99

Amazing walks and Chelsea cafe is delicious

Review №100

Modern, well organized, variety of quality food and some interesting activities both free and for a charge for before or after.

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