Noel Leeming Queen Street
126 Queen Street, Central City, Auckland 1010, New Zealand

Review №1

Was not notified about bringing my own bags to collect items from the store , had to carry a laptop , phone and accessories in my hand walking home. Made a stop at countdown on my way and bought a bag, app needs to be updated - Money had been deducted from my account initially and no sense of urgency from staff or customer care about it, only competent staff is Penelope in customer service! She was amazing. Two stars is because of her. Still waiting for my money ($3600)to be refunded, also spent an additional $3600 to buy things for my dads birthday, I don’t think I’ll be returning to shop here again! Same products can be bought elsewhere, hassle free

Review №2

Middle of Queen Street, surprisingly deep store. Good range of computer and accessories. Apple stands are well laid out to see the range. Televisions are down the back along with small appliances. Good efficient transaction and got what I needed

Review №3

It is one of the best tech shop in NZ!

Review №4

Good staff Iran lady ,Persia Empire long ago

Review №5

Just last weekend I visited Noel Leeming on Queen Street looking for a couple of products that I was having trouble finding anywhere else and I had been referred by a staff member in a competitors store nearby. I was approached by a lady named Parisa who quickly helped me find what I was looking for. Her customer service was top notch. I will definitely ask for her next time Im in store as its hard to find good customer service anywhere these days. Thanks Parisa! 👍😁

Review №6

Lovely staff, pretty solid pricing. Easy to access as well right on queen street.

Review №7

Contact UsFor any questions regarding Noel Leeming, feel free to contact our Customer Support team who are available to assist 7 days a week between the hours of 8:00am and 9:00pm.Outside of our regular business hours, we also have a 24/7 call-back service that actively monitors for out of hours calls. If you leave us a message we will endeavour to get back in contact with you as soon as possible on the next business day.Please note that we are unavailable on ANZAC Day before 1:00pm, as well as Good Friday, Easter Sunday and Christmas Day.Or Contact Us Bysave some time and email us todayhave a question? visit our facebook pageyou can send us in a letter through the postlooking for a frequently asked question?Tech troubles? Were here to help. Click here to chat online with us now.Email Us

Review №8

The staff were helpful and friendly, went out of there way to find what I was looking for at another branch when they did not have what I was after. I did have to hunt around for a staff member though. Overall pretty good.

Review №9

Excellent for shopping if your planning on buying anything from their (in the store sale products) which there is a large selection to choose from.

Review №10

If you love electronics, this is the place. It has all the brands and the latest products.

Review №11

Noul Learning has a great variety of Bluetooth Speakers at a great price and there customers is perfect I shop at here quite often because all Outhers stores are out of town and Noul Learning in Queen Street is Really Handy

Review №12

Best price on electrical components and service is amazing. Wide variety and helpful staff.

Review №13

Helpful staff, great experience overall.

Review №14

Best customer service ive ever experienced.

Review №15

Good mannered staff , but someone neeeds to tell staff about the NESPRESSO pods recycling system noel leming have going

Review №16

Guy named Forrest doesnt know about the products. Also providing false info

Review №17

Honestly terrible service, really disappointed with noel leeming. no one picks up the phone ever, I hate to complain but the service here is out the gate.. I purchased a iPhone offline which the lady pro claimed would arrive 1-2 days then there was apparently none in NZ and they were unsure when this would be in stock.after having to go into the shop and look like a angry fruit loop, I managed to wrangle an iPhone 11 (they said theyd call when it had arrived), no call and its been sitting there, I only know because i had to re call the customer care team.Anyway bit of a joke if you ask me.

Review №18

Fast, easy service

Review №19

Very Dissapointing & terible service. I was given a false & wrong information about the portable aircon. I asked repeadtedly if it is not defaulty piece - he insisted not at all & kept saying one piece left & we reduced it to 365 from 500 something. i bought it. No box & manual was emailed to me - upon checking the manual it not only had one part missing but 4 parts missing. I returned the product & had to have my money refunded but i have lost trust in their customer service & lack of knowledge about the product & the person i dealt with at Noel Leaming queen street was infact the store main assistant in charge . Such a shame & when i went back he was in a meeting & didnt had courtsey to come out and apologise.No compassion & no positive attitude. Only one person by the name Kaka i would praise - he is awesome - he was kind & helped to get my product delievered & sincerely apologised. Every customer is looking for respectful service when they are paying for it. Harvey Norman is the best. I am planning to go back & check if they have refunded the money. Lost trust in them. Visit PB tech or harvey norman. My humble suggestion to avoid Noel Leaming on queenstreet. Stay safe .

Review №20

Customer service terrible. Workers werent willing to message when parcels arrives, says we have to contact them to see when it’s ready .

Review №21

The services are amazing the staff are really nice and the prices are not too expensive

Review №22

The 2 times I have come in here, not even one of the reps acknowledged my presence. Was more than happy to walk out and go elsewhere.

Review №23

Ive many times tried to fix my laptop but theyve just kept saying that physical damage wont include in my warranty (and Acer and this store ignore the first main baord problems which started since i firsr time bought cant control sound and a company with damage sound, and they said to me they will guaranty every damage in that products but now saying that

Review №24

Thank you so much Kevin for your help.Excellent service.

Review №25

I purchased a gold Air fan worth $99 BRAND NEW. When I arrived home part was missing while travelling from a long distance. While I asked staff about dont they care about reviews he mentioned he dosent care but the company does. Please check your products after you have purchased them.Thanks Fam.

Review №26

Great customer service.

Review №27

Have different range of products but due to their vast range they lack in varieties within the same category such as in gaming range they lack many good brands. But overall they have good satisfaction rate

Review №28

Look for Roshan when purchasing a vacuum cleaner. Kind and knowledge in the product range and it’s automatically included policies.

Review №29

The best shop to get any or all electronics at Queens Street. The staff is very helpful and gives you genius advice on what to buy best on your requirements.

Review №30

Very knowledgeable and helpful staff at this location. The prices are very competitive. This is my go to electronics store in Auckland!

Review №31

Absolutely terrible customer experience.

Review №32

Great Experience Helpful Staff

Review №33

Sorry team, terrible service more than 3 times weeks apart. Staff don’t engage, when at last one does, they point you to try get the attention of another team member.

Review №34

Noel leeming queen street is my collection point for parcels from The Market.

Review №35

Nice staff, great you as you walk in and very helpful

Review №36

Finally a Noel Learning with service and helpful staff will be back

Review №37

A tardis... bigger on the inside!

Review №38

Staff not particularly friendly nor helpful. They need to learn more about the products they are selling. Good product selection on display. Do your research online rather than rely on staff for information.

Review №39

Best place for electronics. 10/10 for customer service.

Review №40

I like the guy who served went out of his way to find what I need at the back. Busy store lots of people waiting.

Review №41

Well stocked store. Very courteous and helpful staff..

Review №42

Ordered Ipad thru Queen Street store and paid. They said it will take only 3days to get it. I have been waiting a week but no one called me from Noel leeming that what is going on. Rang to store many times no one answered. Customer service team said its taking 3 weeks to get it. They should have called me at least, but I had to ring them every day to make customer service team to email to staff and staff manager to contact me. Still haven’t heard from store. Dont trust this guys when they say it will take couple of days to get it.

Review №43

Good variety of brands and products, however, the staff is just too much intrusive in my point of view. Even if you are just looking around, they will approach you and start convincing you to buy something. I understand that you have targets, but give people a break. It honestly is too much sometimes!

Review №44

Very bad staffing. They make customers wait for hours to attend the queries.

Review №45

Today (Sat, 27June) I went to enquire about a phone P20Pro at Queen Street CBD store. Noelleeming price is $797 handset only. 2Degree Mobile shop and website selling $599 hand set only also(unlocked) and are in stock. I asked about the NoelLeedming Price matching policy for the $200 price difference. The first lady staff at the counter told me it has to be a shop on their list in the system for price match. I said that is not correct. Then the next staff came along and was more helpful. This staff then asked the manager if they can price match for me. The manager very angrily answered No we cant match it. Becuase its Vodafone hand set (unlocked). The branch manager in charge today(27 June) gave me the impression that they will try and find any reason NOT to price match. As Noel Leeming website does not advertise theirs is a Vondafone set(unlocked) . What a pathetic excuse fornnot wanting to price match. Staff and the branch manager at their Queen St Store AKL need more training and better understanding of their website of Price Promise Ts and Cs. As well as the customer services skills, put customer before profits. Would not return to that store again due to managervs action today. See my attached photos as evidence.

Review №46

Alex, and the rest of the staff, will over promise and lie to make sales (and fail to deliver).We called twice to find out what was going on with our delivery, and both times they promised to call us back. This didnt happen. They were quick to take the money though.Dont waste your time. Prices are cheaper at Harvey Norman or JB Hi-Fi, with better service.

Review №47

Best service

Review №48

Manager Vikas, very good person, so helpful

Review №49

It is conviently located in the city centre to collect your online purchases.

Review №50

Fantastic service today. Went in with an issue with my headphones and couldnt find the receipt. The staff were efficient and helpful, I was attended immediately and they went out of their way to work out how to sort the problem straight away. My headphones were replaced, a new warranty issued as well as an online receipt for any future issues. In addition they offered further assistance if I were to come back later with the charger and replace that with a new one if any issues came up. I highly recommend this store and commend the staff on their work ethic.

Review №51

Love this store

Review №52

You thinking for buying a Gadget. You definitely go n meet Parisa. Shes the only person I talk to when I walk into this store. Her knowledge about the products n her skills for selling them are simply amazing.Thank you Parisa for taking care of me whenever I walk into Noel Leeming Queen Street.

Review №53

The choice for blue tooth headset is less🥺

Review №54

A nice place to shop if you want variety and unexpected bargains. The staff are always busy with customers and the prices are competitive. My only problem is they dont have 🍎Watch straps but I wont hold that against them..

Review №55

I placed an order for a Kobo eReader, listed as an essential item in stock with delivery times from 2-4 days. The money was taken from my account. After numerous times trying to contact them through website chat, I called them and waited one hour to be answered to get an update as my order was still showing as processing. Once I managed to talk to NL, I was told that “they have placed more than 160 orders to their supplier and that every time they call them for a follow up is going directly to their answering machine. So they don’t know what to do and therefore they can’t give me any information on how long they will take to deliver the order.”I decided to go to their Facebook page to read the latest comments from customers and I happen to connect with a lady who ordered the same product as me on the 3rd of April and still no updates. So, even though they know their supplier is not answering the phone, they are still showing the product as available and in stock in their website, saying that is an essential item and that it will be delivered during lockdown. This is not ok. Is being sold under false advertising. People are struggling enough as it is. It’s despicable behaviour at the best of times, and right now it’s even more disgusting. I’ve cancelled my order. I placed a new one with PB TECH and it was delivered next day with outstanding communication.

Review №56

Good price and and staff that explain in details about the products we were interested in...

Review №57

This place has all kind of stock available out of some other stores and loved this store looking after me for an item out of warranty

Review №58

Friendly staff. One stop shop for all your tech needs.

Review №59

Amazing service. Walked out a very happy customer

Review №60

Great service and knowledgable staff

Review №61

Very helpful information from staff. Friendly and know the stuff. Didnt leave me to wait much either.

Review №62

Friendly and quick service.

Review №63

Its so good being inca place wic is full of tech

Review №64

If I could give it 0 rating, I would ! First off, Customer Service was horrendously TERRIBLE. If your looking to purchase something/enquire about a product and get disrespected at the same time, here would be a go to place. NOT customer friendly and flat out rude. Was looking to purchase an item but that just put me off totally. Never stepping foot here again.Also, some of the staffs here, literally has gibberish knowledge about the products ( bout being a salesperson) and lack so much in enthusiasm and passion. LOL.So safe yourself the hassle, go somewhere else. Just for comparison, got a hell lot of better service at JB-Hi, at least they care and know their products.

Review №65

Great service and advice. If you want to talk audio look for Rachel (might be Rachael). She knows her stuff and will try to find you a good deal.

Review №66

The staff is so unfriendly its almost seem like we are begging them to spent money here if there a minus star I will give itPS. A staff was on her phone walk into me that was standing still didnt even say sorry infact I said sorry to her lol

Review №67

Excellent experience in returning a broken item today to the Noel Leeming on Queen Street. I was helped by Jamie.I had taken the wrong receipt with me, but Jamie patiently found my original purchase on the system and I was able to show an electronic record. No problem and a replacement for my item was found quickly and efficiently. Well done!

Review №68


Review №69

Fairly good service in and out within 10 mins for some aa battery and a smile. heaps of sale peoples on the floor and customer looking at new gadgets.

Review №70

Great for shopping, a variety of mobile phones, juicers and blenders, electric jugs, televisions, cables. Friendly helpful staff.

Review №71

Prices higher than competitors offer. The shops presented very good.

Review №72

My family and I are shopping in this store often. Good customer service, friendly and helpful staff. Big choice of all you expect to find here

Review №73

They are busy all the time and some people only are good service.

Review №74

Worst customer service ever.

Review №75

Standard store with some electronics. Reason for low rating is the sales team. As soon as I entered the store with my girlfriend this guy would just immediately approached us asked if I need help. That is great, but after I said no he would just stand super close to us anyway and watching us. Creepy and uncomfortable and I can see that the rest of the sales guys were the same later on. I had to ask that guy if can help him somehow to make him let us be and give us at least 2 m space while he was still watching us. There is plenty of other shops to go so I suggest all customers to go to pb tech of jb hifi.

Review №76

Hi team,Just visited your Noel leeming queenstreet store and in minimal words, I will not be back again. The sales consultant we were vaguely greeted by, who goes by the name Jill (Indian female with reddish hair) seem disinterested in the conversation from the very start. We were about to purchase a high ended device along with accessories which she had lots of trouble finding. As we approached the counter we mentioned we wanted to finance the devices and the little interest she had in the sale disappeared. Then before started the finance process she had pretty much told us that the credit team would not approve and also stated she didn’t want to waste 30 minutes of her time. In terms of Jill, I absolutely think she needs to be put on a performance improvement program, or placed on a position that is not customer service based.

Review №77

Not very good experience placing order online and picking up from the store. Called 3 times and order wasnt even ready to pick up. Messaged online support and got told order was ready. Called the shop again and said yes its ready, never got text or email confirmation. Once I reached the shop, they couldnt find it so the girl went to the back and got it from the store room. First and last time ordering from queen street store.

Review №78

The Apple charging cable that I bought here had been defective since its release and it was Holy Day so I applied for a repair and waited for a month. When I got a call to pick up, I visited the store with a receipt, and I found my charger and just heard that someone had taken my product, I stood for 30 minutes. She told me come to back to meet another staff tomorrow.. haha I was so embarrassed. The staff was so unkind.

Review №79

Not all staff were friendly and approachable. Staff lacked detail information regarding the item to be purchased. Website shows the item can be found on store but store had the one different than what I was looking for.

Review №80

Friendly staff and a good place to shop for all electronics that you need. You can also ensure price are same or better than competitors due to their price match policy

Review №81

The items on display are smaller in number but their prices are great especially in comparison to competing outlets. The service is okay. It felt like they werent as eager to help people with their queries.

Review №82

Was interesting observing how things tick here when having to wait 20 mins while they try to find the item id ordered. Staff are nice enough, except for one who had an excuse for everything, but some of them checking their phones whilst serving customers, chewing gum, sitting around nattering... some of the staff are lovely and proactive though. Not the best experience.

Review №83

Staff were welcoming and helped me find the products I was looking for. However when I told them my intention of buying the products online, they seemed suddenly disinterested in me.

Review №84

Good selection of electronic goods. Probably the best in city

Review №85

One of the best place to shop but expensive.....

Review №86

Service in this store is amazing. I always go there even if I see better deal elsewhere. Noel Leeming Queen St always beats the price or match the deal.

Review №87

Excellent prices and fabulous service. Located in Queen St opposite Wyndham St its smack bang in the middle of town .

Review №88

I bought a Samsung Galaxy S8 from there.Everyone working in there are always ready to help us and have a pleasant communication with the customers.Have a wide range of collections of products and they often give great offers on products.

Review №89

Electronic and home appliances shop. Good selection of phones, laptops and accessories. Some printers, TVs and coffee machines. Good prices, excellent service.

Review №90

Always love this place...I can try a free coffee before decided which new flavour will I buy

Review №91

Sales person are good, customer service team isnt the best. They need some more training in handling customer especially after i bought a faulty iphone from their store.

Review №92

Customer service needs to improve in this store - staff are often not available, or not knowledgeable. Prefer to shop at JB-HI

Review №93

Never call them, visiting in person is the only solution to your queries as different people will have different answers to your questions. And do remember to take down the name of the executive you are speaking with if you happen to call .because if you dont, no matter what your circimstances are no one at the store will even make an effort to help. Was given wrong information about a cards identity verification process twice in the same day and the mistake I made was that I believed them and did not remember the name of the individuals I spoke to. Bad experience , hope this helps others looking at their service.

Review №94

Right next to Vodafone if yah need a quick top up guys. Cheap deals.

Review №95

Unfriendly service. Many of their staff just stand around doing nothing and unwilling to help. Always long waits at the front counter! Literally littered with Indian staffs yet they seem to be giving their own people special attention think that’s pretty racist if you ask me. Won’t be coming back here again. And like somebody else has said: THIS PLACE WILL CLOSE SOON

Review №96

No complaints. Got what I want and staff were friendly and helpful.

Review №97

Really poor customer service. They are happy to sell you something new but dont think you are getting any after sales service!

Review №98

Super slow service.

Review №99

Staff give you amkityle false idea that they will provide phone case at half price but always check the material and cost of what they are providing. Usually its the old stock or not so good case with ridiculous price

Review №100

Some staff are nice some are not. Specially if youre in a rush and you need something which they could help without sarcasm.

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  • Credit cards:Yes
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