Noel Leeming Henderson
The Lincoln Centre, 111-129 Lincoln Road, Waitakere, Auckland 0610, New Zealand
Review №1

Iv been going here for awhile. Staff are a bit hit and miss. Iv been trying to sort out an insurance claim, gone in a couple of times, and no one helps me. This last time I finally got some one to help me pick out my replacement items, and give advice. He was very helpful, not like the others, and just walk away.

Review №2

First staff member that served me was way better than the second staff member. Would have been 5 stars but second staff member wasnt pleasant to deal with. I dont know how you communicate in your country but you need people skills mate. You are the face of a well known brand so Noel Leeming, you might wanna train your service people with some common sense and manners. Not good at all.

Review №3

Pleasant place to browse and shop. Staff are helpful but all push extended warranties. Just say no.

Review №4

The service was very fast and friendly, if I need anything else I will definitely go to Noel Leeming

Review №5

A good range of electronics and if you keep an eye on the specials, you can get some good deals.

Review №6

The branch is well stocked, and the prices appear to be in line with their competitors. But why do they, and competing companies always insist on charging a delivery charge? Particularly if a customer spends large amounts of money on several items.

Review №7

Great range of products, I would think most people would be able to find what they are looking for, well worth taking time to look.

Review №8

Bad customer service……… need more staff that will help instead of give attitude

Review №9

I was left waiting at the back of the store for a long time 😒The salesperson just never came back to get my product off the wall for me.

Review №10

Staff very helpful re-mobile phone security.

Review №11

Cheerful welcome upon entering.Clean, tidy, well-represented products. Extensive whiteware and brownware ranges - plus additional stock held out rear.Pleasant, helpful staff members. First sales consultant slightly underprepared for my questions, and under-aware of stock on hand. Second team member 100% spoton with products on hand and additionally in the storeroom. He understood the price promise policy and happily met my expectations expertly. He was also admirably able to update my associated online data (and issued sales docket to my email instantly). Just plain smart 🤗🤗😊

Review №12

Great store with good product range. Friendly staff always willing to help. I would definitely recommend this store to anyone

Review №13

Wow you guys really made my day today!! I bought a Bluetooth speaker that went faulty and there were none to replace it. As we replaced with a new speaker THAT new speaker came with yet another speaker for free!!! Made my day. As a musician musics huge for me. Thank so much Lucy and reception for your help and care today Thankyou Ry

Review №14

Nice collection of tech gadgets! And home appliances.

Review №15

This store should change its name to noel lemon.Store manager is a muppet and another staff. I questioned why their werent any prices with the smart watches on display. The staff laughed and smiled like it was a joke. I asked what was funny and he kept smiling like somethings funny. So I told him to stop acting like a monkey and grab some prices. He refused and got the manager. Manager is useless and asked me to leave after he said hell call the cops.So I told him to call them. Funny situation really. But I guess I wont be going back to thatUppercut yourselves.

Review №16

Came in intending to spend a significant amount of money. Did several loops of the store, even stood near the product I wanted for awhile, not one person asked if I needed help. There were 4 or 5 staff in the store and no more than 3 customers including myself, no one helped.Needless to say, I’ll be taking my money elsewhere.

Review №17

Staff werent helpful at all, got better service at another noel leeming store.

Review №18

Great deal on phone. Nice friendly staff.

Review №19

Staff are friendly and helpful. Best price for gopro accessories. Not busy during morning

Review №20

The salesperson was unhelpful and useless and so he missed out on an easy sale of an expensive TV.

Review №21

Happy with the purchase. Girls at the counter so helpful.

Review №22

The store Manager was useless! Giving me incorrect information about Samsung mobile.Instead of listening to my concern he was giving me unacceptable excuses like Samsung S21 Ultra was not designed for speaker phones!I called Samsung NZ and was so helpful and professional, they advised me to go back to Noel Leeming to exchange the mobile which I only bought 6 days ago and having issue with the speaker phone. This store is only helpful if you are purchasing but DO NOT WANT TO LISTEN when you have faulty product!

Review №23

Everytime I have been here the service is terrible. The staff, although not rude, are neither helpful nor friendly. I am an Indian and it may be a coincidence,but the Indian staff are not very customer-friendly to other Indians. I have had this experience thrice. The other staff are more friendly.Staff dont appear to want to help and if at all they do it looks like they are doing you a favour. They are very condescending. Today we went to click and collect, the counter staff keptus waiting while they kept doing whatever they were doing, without even an acknowledgement. Terrible.

Review №24

They have a great selection of goods and their staff are helpful. Post-purchase however, delivery and installation of goods can be VERY slow. Ive not had the best experience (though it worked out in the end). If youre looking to buy something you can carry away, fine, but if youre also wanting delivery and installation, Id shop around.

Review №25

Good service - good Boxing Day bargains - it would be nice to see some variation in staff - they have women which is great ! Some representation of other cultures not just Indian or Asian would be fair !

Review №26

I did not have to wait long before being asked if I needed help. Good service and I was very happy .

Review №27

Only place I shop for electronics. Gold card discount is a bonus..

Review №28

Not always the best service some staff seem more interested in chatting amongst themselves

Review №29

Dude that helped me to buy my new laptop really knows what he’s talking about, made it really easy for me :)

Review №30

Their website still selling online stuff which one not even have in stock wat a update system they have and selling IT products and providing tech support hahah

Review №31

Awesome place to shop, very local, great bargains and great friendly service as well, thank you to the call centre, the lady training and to Crystal for your awesome service, i will always come back here, cheers Noel leeming Henderson😀👍👊🌺

Review №32

Love our Westgate team. Always helpful

Review №33

It seemed like every few steps I took a staff member asked if they could help me.Starts to get a bit tiresome after a while.

Review №34

Its Noel Leeming what more can I say

Review №35

Went to exchange my daughters hard shell case for a bigger laptop but there stock was limited super limited.. Place doesnt have much.. They hold more expensive cases vs westgate

Review №36

Salespeople get commission, kinda helpful but not so much.

Review №37


Review №38

Good deals as always to shop here

Review №39

Said item 4+ in stock online, didnt have any. Pretty poor collection of technology unless your interested in phones or watches

Review №40

I have been here a few times now and staff are consistently friendly, helpful and focused on finding solutions.

Review №41

Friendly and helpful staff

Review №42

Visited Henderson store to purchase whiteware. No service at all. Walked out after 15min and went to a different store. Would not recommend.

Review №43

Great service

Review №44

Another visit and another good service, keep it up... Best place to visit.. Keep it up.

Review №45

Have experienced really poor service on numerous occasions, prefer to travel an extra 10 minutes now to another branch!

Review №46

Covid L3

Review №47

I have been trying for 2 days to call you but the calls are never answered. Ive talked to your customer service twice who have emailed you twice. I want to by an appliance off you but dont want to drive to Henderson again just to check availability.

Review №48

Friendly staff and members. Fast service.

Review №49

It has a lot of car parks and the store is pretty big too. I was able to get the last popular item online and they processed it really quickly so I was able to pick up the next day.Staffs seemed nice too :)

Review №50

Bought an HP printer. Good price but staff would benefit from some training around customer service. There were many staff, no customers and all team members stood around, no greeting or asking if they could help. Even when we asked where printers were it was a gesture and that they are over there. I had to go and get an assistant when I needed information.

Review №51

Ordered a Lenovo Tablet online said it would be in stock on the 4th of June. On the 31st of May I received an email to say it was ready for pick up. When I went to the store they tried to hand me a tablet wrapped in paper, finger prints all over it. Asked what this was and was told it was my order. I asked where was the box and charger, dont know. Asked when the stock was coming in dont know. Said I would wait and call next week. I am now on a call for AN HOUR to be told that this is still not in and that they can cancel my order. This is the resolution!!!!! No apologies nothing. These items SHOULD NOT be put on sale WHEN YOU HAVE NO STOCK. This was to be a birthday present. You completely messed up here and it is not good enough

Review №52

Staff was very pleasant..would fo again

Review №53

Went in to purchase a couple grand worth of equipment to enable us to work from home. We were completely ignored by all staff. Spent our money elsewhere.

Review №54

Ani and Janelle were ver helpful. Ani went out of his way to help me.

Review №55

The young Women who served us was great, got the Manager when she got stuck and he was fantastic. Thank you.

Review №56

Loved there service as you walk in. Bought a mobile device. Quick easy.

Review №57

Managers are disrespectful to staff and to various customers. Worth the drive to another store or across the street to Harvey Norman

Review №58

Awesome customer service from Carmen.

Review №59

Sometimes there are plenty of serving staff and they are very helpful, at other times there are few serving people and they are unhelpful - some consistency would be good.

Review №60

One of the best stores.

Review №61

Excellent service. Thank you.

Review №62

I have visited this store yesterday. Unfortunately they dont have in stock the item which I am looking for. I couldnt able to place an order online. It was asking to visit any stores.Sales girl over there trying to order from another store. She asked store manager about the options to do it in the system. The Store manager rudely told that its not our duty to get the item. If the customer need they have to go to that particular store and get it.Before lock down they get me an item from another store. Now the store manager doesnt want to help the customers.Waste of time and effort. Not recommend this stores to anyone.Lots of Negative feedback already. But these people dont want to change. Shame on the brand Noelleeming.Its the worst store experience I ever had. If you got to clearance center or other Noelleeming store you wont feel like this. Its so disgusting.

Review №63

Customer service is next to nothing, staff is so unprofessional. Never going back there.

Review №64

Not feel comfortable every time i visit here. Theres alaways those stoogies who follow you while you just look around. Sales people are eager to earn commission.

Review №65

I dont come here often a, staff member is so pushy I normally deal with Westgate myself

Review №66

Its always a good customer experience for me at Noel Leeming Henderson.

Review №67

DO NOT RECOMMEND....The manager Salen was extremely unhelpful and obstructive and now I see why the poor reviews....It comes from the top and I will never shop with this brand again....Thank goodness I managed to get in touch with the product manufacturer who is shipping replacement product...Bad service Bad management DO NOT SHOP HERE...!!!Simon......Thank you so much for restoring my faith in Noel Leeming...after a very bad experience with Salem at Lincoln Road I found someone that understood the product failed and he replaced immediately. I WOULD NEVER DEAL WITH THE LINCOLN ROAD STORE EVER AGAIN AFTER THE POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE FROM SALEM AND CREW. TRY ST LUKES.....THESE GUYS GIVE A DAMN....!!!

Review №68

The place isnt what it used to be. The manager is very lazy when it comes to customer concerns and is not attentive to customer needs. The new staff here have been problematic and stubborn before Covid-19 and still persist in being so. Go to Westgate instead, they are more competent and happy to help you.

Review №69

Went to our local New Lynn store but were told the item we wanted wasnt in stock. Was told Henderson had stock, the store located off Lincoln Road is easy to find and plenty of parking outside. The store is large and the staff very helpful, they priced matched from a competitor so excellent value too. We find the customer service is unbeatable with this company.

Review №70

Be very careful when buying on finance from these guys - they will include insurance packages without asking you ( on your finance ), my guess is coz its based on commission and then you have to fight tooth and nail to have them removed. Staff who less than 12 hours earlier was your best friend for buying from them .. suddenly cannot recall ever dealing with you , promise to call you back and hey surprise surprise !!!!! dont call .If your thinking of buying from here .... think twice... read everything 3 times or better still just dont do it and take your business where it will be appreciated- coz its not appreciated here

Review №71

Good, but worker walked off after showing me what I wanted. Had questions but figured it out on my own. It was $50 down from $80. Winning!

Review №72

Love Noel leeming

Review №73

Service slow and item purchased was cheaper at PB technology

Review №74

Just went to have a look at the Lincoln Rd store and met a young salesman Matt who was the most helpful and friendly salesperson I have ever met and left after purchasing a couple of items. So nice to be treated right in this day and age. Thanks Matt and staff:-)

Review №75

Staff here have always been friendly and accommodating. Not pushy and very knowledgeable. Thanks guys

Review №76

Very helpful staff

Review №77

The young man who helped me was so helpful...Amazing service from him. Wish I had got his name.

Review №78

I cannot recommend Noel Leeming Lincoln Road at all.Try keep away and stick to using the Westgate store if you can.Manager Saleem is rude and refused to price match even though it meet Noel Leemings price match policy. I spent ove $2000 and surely a $50 price match wasnt unreasonably at a time like this.They had signs on their stock saying in stock even though they had no stock. Which was very frustrating.There are two breaches here both fall under false advertising.1. Failure to honour a price match policy that you advertise.2. Advertising that you have stock in an attempt to get sales when infact you did not.This resulting in me having to by the lower spec laptop as I need one for work during shut down.Im sure other have been caught out by this also so I will be looking at taking this to the commerce commission.So recommendation to any shoppers if using Noel Leeming keep away from the Lincoln Road store and stick with Westgate.Westgate staff are much more pleasant and actually seem happy to help.It is a strange time at the moment out there, but you wont leave the Lincoln store with any joy as they have none to give. Terrible experience.

Review №79

Great showroom in Lincoln road. Provided with latest gadgets for a better price compared to any other show rooms in the locality. Has gadgets of variety of companies..highely recommended. Could make benefits if you shop on offer time.

Review №80

Music too loud outside

Review №81

“Noel Leeming Henderson Manager is telling customers that Playtech is a parallel importer of Apple products” - a very concerned Playtech customer. Playtech is an authorised Apple reseller. Please do not spread false knowledge.

Review №82

If buying a small item, mainly the Indian staff, become indifferent and seem to have no patience. If you purchase larger items they are a bit more helpful.You also need to address body odours of staff. The odours offends me and I wont come back

Review №83

Good customer service

Review №84

Good help and sometimes great prices, but I have had serious problems with their online service.

Review №85

Disappointing. Went to buy an $1100 phone today and the sales people were too busy trying to get me to move over to a Vodafone plan to pay off the phone interest free. Had the cash and wanted to pay up from. Walked out without spending a cent. Will go to Harvey Norman instead.

Review №86

I do like this branch

Review №87

Good service with lots of good products

Review №88

Great staff. Superr friendly. Easy to deal with. Heaps of options to look at as they have a full functioning big display room. I got ther tv of my dreams

Review №89

Good selection of some products but staff seem like they are focused on making a sale then anything else. Have noticed this in Sylvia Park, manukau and Lincoln Rd shop. Also if you are not dressed well, youd be lucky to get any help at all, they will avoid complete eye contact!

Review №90

Have purchased all my electronics, whiteware, etc at this store. I tend to get carried away n buy more than intended so havent been in in a while. Good prices comparatively, customer service is okay.

Review №91

Ordered on.line but picked up very helpfull staff.

Review №92

I ordered a samsung A70, when I opened it there was no charging cable and no ear tips for the headphones.

Review №93

Very helpful workers. Needed some tech advice and young Joshua B was brilliant. Keep up the good work Josh.

Review №94

Staff were friendly and helpful. Only some feedback for them please learn more about products your selling time and time again I have found at some electronic stores including here staff have no real knowledge of the products they are selling.Went buy product and staff member was nice enough but soon as I asked a more in depth question about a product they looked at me if I was crazy I am a tech head and always research aspects of a product before I buy it wouldnt you?So please Noel leeming staff at least learn something about the products you are selling. But staff were friendly thats all I can say but just being friendly doesnt equate to good service.My dog is friendly!!!!

Review №95

The first sales person hung around like a Vulture and we had to say several times that we will have a look first then ask for help once we are settled with what we are after.Once my husband and I looked and agreed on what we wanted, we asked for help only to find that they had none on stock of what we were after, there were no suggestions to anything similar, they only seemed to want us to buy up their scratched up floor stock.Not impressed at all!

Review №96

Friendly staff...good service. Helped to open a box of a heater and test it so we could decide if it is powerful enough for what we wanted.

Review №97

Still my favourite appliance store. Staff are friendly and knowledgeable without being intrusive or pushy. Have a decent range and will match competitors prices.

Review №98

Manager here very helpful. Kindly advise.

Review №99

Local appliance store

Review №100

Staff either ignore you or follow you around watching your every move 🤔

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  • Address:The Lincoln Centre, 111-129 Lincoln Road, Waitakere, Auckland 0610, New Zealand
  • Site:
  • Phone:+64 800 444 488 ext. 97000
  • Computer repair service
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  • Cell phone store
  • Appliance store
  • Computer service
  • Computer store
  • Countertop store
  • Kitchen supply store
  • Refrigerator store
  • Washer & dryer store
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Service options
  • Delivery:Yes
  • In-store shopping:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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