Advanced Computers Penrose Branch
67 Station Road, Penrose, Auckland 1061, New Zealand
Review №1

Absolutely excellent place for repairs. They did an amazing job with my tv and ensured it was fully fixed. I would definitely go here again for my repair needs.

Review №2

Highly recommend these guys. Theyre honest, respectful and dont take you for a ride with their work or prices and customer satisfaction is a priority. Really appreciated the mahi and advice your team provided.

Review №3

Great service. Had good communication via email from their head office in North shore.I did take my TV to the Penrose office, tobfef serviced.Thank you team. Happy customer.

Review №4

Thank you for getting back regards to my recent repair work. Good to know that businesses do care about their customers. Thanks Nancy for your help. Much appreciated.

Review №5

Advance Computers repaired my mac within 2 days of diagnosis. Its now running much smoother which is great. Melissa was friendly to deal with too. Thanks

Review №6

As a walk-in, I was greeted by friendly staff and William was kind to take the time and help me with my IPAD case screen protector. Super quick and so helpful!!! Thank you so much for great customer service.

Review №7

Competitive price and exceptional service. Melissa was a pleasure to deal with and will be the reason why I will deal with them again. Cheers!

Review №8

I took my Brother laser printer to Advanced Computers in Penrose. They repaired my printer in no time. It works as new (and even smells brand new) :)Melissa at the front desk is super friendly and helpful.

Review №9

A couple of weeks ago, I tried to update my Macbook and after updating, it would refuse to log in at all. After going through as many bug fixes and Recovery Modes as I could, nothing was getting better.After emailing a few different repair companies, the only solid reply I got was from Advanced Computers. They were clear on their prices and capabilities, so I ended up taking my Macbook to their Penrose store.After about a week, they emailed me to tell me the problem and sent me a quote. Turns out I had a liquid damaged motherboard (I had no idea), and they broke down the cost into all its parts and in an easy-to-understand way, from the deposit, repair costs all the way to cleaning costs. I paid for it, and exactly a week later my computer was ready to pick up, and it has been working beautifully ever since! No issues whatsoever.I really appreciated how professional and friendly the whole team was throughout the whole process, which took the anxiety out of the whole experience for the most part. While it did cost a fair bit because of the issue, I didnt feel like I was being overcharged at all - so I was happy with that as well. It was a real joy to work with the Penrose branch. If I ever have any more computer issues (hopefully not!), I will certainly be contacting Advanced Computers again!

Review №10

Absolutely top notch work from Arnel. Fantastic service, and prompt, clear communication from Advanced Computers. Melissa was very friendly and easy to deal with.Will definitely be using their services again.

Review №11

The team worked out I had a faulty ram. I was charged for cleaning (which wasnt done) but I only requested the diagnostics. When I brought this up they offered me a refund on the cleaning. Impressed with how Nancy handled the situation. Very professional, and working computer! Thanks.

Review №12

Great service! Melissa on the front desk was fantastic and looked after us well.Super happy and virus free!!

Review №13

Excellent Service, even gave me an unexpected refund as the repair costs were less than the inspection fee!

Review №14

Helpful and easy to deal with,kept me posted on progress, great repsir

Review №15

Wasnt the cheapest but quality was top notch and now everything is good as new so no complaints. Nice and helpful service from the receptionists. Thanks a lot

Review №16

Awesome service recommended to all

Review №17

$60 just for checking50/50 chance if repair or notNo parking

Review №18

Being able to have my laptop issue assessed on the same day was a very helpful part of the service offered by Advanced Computers, Penrose.Amanda was well informed and professional in all interactions. I would not hesitate to recommend based on my own experience with this company.

Review №19

I had my IPad for repair to replace the battery and home button. The repair was quick but the home button stopped working after only a few weeks. As I went back to have this looked at I have been told it was out of the warranty period and therefore I had to pay again to look at the faulty item. Since this was only a couple of weeks out of the warranty period I expected more leniency. The button then was only packet out with more glue to make it work (more or less), this has hasnt lasted long and it stopped working again. On the battery, it was ok to begin with but it is now back to what it was and only lasts a few hours, I am not sure if new replacement parts where new or second hand. I will definitely not go back and would advise to look for a different repairer.My advise, look for a better repairer.

Review №20

Really unhappy with the service from here. I took a film camera in to get the shutter repaired as well as the lens and it costed me $415.00. I was told this was all that needed to be done to fix the camera. Once I received the camera back whoever repaired left a bunch of dust in the lens where I cant access and clean it myself - it needs to be opened again which is very frustrating as I have to bring it from auckland every time. The camera also doesnt even work still after paying over $400 for it! So Ive paid all this money for a camera that came back in worse condition that what I sent it to them.After sending an email and getting no reply for a few days - they said they cant get rid of the dust THAT THEY LEFT AND WASNT THERE BEFORE and that they would repair their camera again if I can organize bringing it to them. Ive dropped it off on Monday and sent an email straight away to advise. Its Thursday now and still no update or anything. I have been told after a phonecall today that I will get an update which I really hope happens.I look forward to seeing how they reply after an inspection of the camera. If they cant fix the camera with no extra charge as well as get rid of the dust their tech team left I will be taking legal action to get my money back. Will definitely be the last time using this service if they cant sort my camera out this time. Really unhappy with the customer service and the tech repair work.After leaving a review they contacted me and organised a super fast refund. Happy with how they reacted after seeing this and the refund and service was very prompt afterwards. Would have loved the service to be this good before however Im happy with how it was resolved in the end.

Review №21

Great service, well priced. Melissa on Reception rocks customer satisfaction..thanks!

Review №22

Very good service!

Review №23

Technician was fantastic. He fixed my laptop promptly and was a very nice person to deal with.However, lady at the reception was the rudest to me and my child. It seems she hated her job or that was disgusted with our presence. She is the reason why I dont give a five star rating.

Review №24

Outstanding service from these guys. Had an external hard drive that wasnt working but I desperately needed the data from. After an great explanation of options, I bought a cost effective kit to DIY the data recovery at home. Unfortunately it turned out the drive was too baked for that, but when I returned they were able to expertly and quickly recover everything off it for me for a reasonable cost. Many thanks.

Review №25

Amanda, the lady at reception is a friendly, professional and great to deal with. She has great communication and informs you step by step about what the job requires and when your job will be done. We have used Advanced Computer before and would use them again!

Review №26

Why I recommend Advanced Computers?- convenient location: I live in South Auckland, so Penrose station is not too far from me- affordable prices: I paid $40 (initial $60 minus discount) for an initial inspection, which was less than in the other places I checked- customer service - excellent, just read their responses to some angry customers and you can see that they are really trying to solve every issueAbout my case. Back in July, 2020 my laptops hinge got broken. Moreover the headphones socket got loose. So I took my laptop to Advanced Computers for repairs.Because it was a lockdown, the repair took longer than I thought it would. But the guys from AC kept me updated about everything and tried to speed up the process as much as they could. I really appreciated the work the guys did and the amount of support they provided.

Review №27

Ive taken some vintage film cameras in to get looked at. They replied quickly and I appreciated their honesty when they said they werent able to find the parts for the camera (its was very old and not common - especially in nz). They were helpful and professional the whole time

Review №28

The team at Advanced Computers have done a great job, not only repairing my PC, but backing up existing data and loaning me a spare PC while the old one gets serviced. Excellent work, thanks to all the team!

Review №29

Took an amplifier in to these guys to repair one of the HDMI ports. They charged me an inspection fee (which is fair enough) and quoted a very high price to do the repair. In the report they said they had opened up the amplifier to inspect the port. I used another (much cheaper) company to do the repair and they said they could tell the amp had never been opened up before. This is a plain and simple rip-off. I would warn anybody off from using Advanced Computers for any repair work.

Review №30

They didn’t really find out the problem with my partner’s camera. We would have appreciated if they were honest and said that the camera is irreparable. Instead we were charged $400 and another $40 when we brought it back again. The camera was ok for a week and couldn’t be restarted again. Decent customer service but perhaps go elsewhere for camera repairs.Edit: The battery was not the problem. We fully charge our batteries as well before sending it to you for the second inspection. If it was as simple as that, we would not require your assistance. If the next check is free, I would consider sending it back. Otherwise, I would not waste my money or time.

Review №31

We took our plasma TV to Advanced Computers to get a quote for repair after our 4yr old smashed the screen with a block. The lady at the front desk arranged for a repair quote for the insurance company, and sorted out all the following drama eventuating in a replacement. Even after our new TV arrived broken due to damage during transit, she sorted all that out too! We were very impressed with the customer service. Highly recommended.

Review №32

Had a TV that needed repairs, brang it in paid $355 in repairs then took the TV home it prompted me to do a system update after that the TV didnt work again so I took it back they claimed me doing a system update broke it again and was my fault but that makes no sense they clearly didnt fix every problem, I told them I cannot afford anymore payments after they asked me for further repairs. I was then rang and told it was partially fixed then rang back and told she read the wrong report to me which is just incompetent and my TV wasnt fixed, at this point I have no need for it as Ive been blead of all my money as I went out and purchased a TV stand and audio equipment for it when they first told me it was repaired. I have now stopped answering them and they are saying I owe money for disposal even though I know they wont dispose it they will pull it apart for spare parts after they took all my money and tried to give me a broken TV back. Dont waste your time.

Review №33

Service at reception was awesome

Review №34

Awesome turnaround time and follow up support. Easy to find and park too, always helpful! Thanks millions Amanda and the team!

Review №35

The staff at Advanced Computers are amazing. They worked really hard and went out of their way to make sure I had my computer back in the shortest time possible. Absolutely outstanding service. Highly recommend

Review №36

A great computer and phone repair place. This is my second time coming to this repair shop and it’s just great. You get what you pay for and wonderful customer service. Thanks a ton to Amanda and technician William for their work.... Definitely recommend and I’ll be returning if I need anymore repair jobs.

Review №37

Service is always prompt, professional and at a good price.

Review №38

Thanks for repairing my camera. Great advice & service.

Review №39

Excellent customer service from Melissa

Review №40

Guys doing their best job the most efficient and fast way. Prices are moderate, amazing customer service.

Review №41

I went in there too pick up a friends phone he was having repaired and got chatting to the lovely staff there. They ended up changing my screen protector on my phone and offering great advice to me on electronics. I didnt even go in there to buy anything for myself and I came away a more informed person than I went in. And with a screen protector. 5 stars.

Review №42

Loved the customer service and quick response, we will be back with any further issues, thank you Advamced Computers

Review №43

Thank you to Advanced Computers. During level 4 lockdown I dropped my laptop destroying the screen. I took the damaged laptop to Advanced Computers and had it back in three hours with a new screen fitted. Brilliant service.

Review №44

Firstly they did fix my laptop, but to be honest I was not impressed with their customer service. I dealt with them entirely by email as my laptop was dropped off by a friend who recommended this place. Their emails were hard to understand and often my questions went unanswered.

Review №45

My go to tech repair spot.. have been here a few times and each time their friendly staff and prompt repair service has been top notch A+++

Review №46

They know what they are doing.

Review №47

Amanda Hubley, the office administrator is a fantastic communicator, very helpful on what we needed and and very professional. I will be back with other devices.

Review №48

I have used these guys a couple of times now. Always super friendly. Never have to wait long. Professional. Offer good advice and options. Always keep you informed during the process.

Review №49

Very good service and great value. Friendly and knowledgeable staff, who got the job done very quickly. The job resulted in me replacing my computer, and the purchase here was at the best competitive price.Jonathan has fantastic knowledge and Amanda is very helpful. Will definitely use again, and highly recommend.

Review №50

Amanda at the reception is undermining if youre not white. She should not be a customers first point of contact if shes not going to behave professionally. Bloody ridiculous, and Ive taken my business elsewhere.

Review №51

New go-to place. Professional, informative and great communication. Went above and beyond with installing OS even though I mentioned not to. Really appreciate it 🤟🏾

Review №52

Great Service with no surprises. Amanda was fantastic on front desk dealing with 4 customers quickly. Efficient systems and response within the 2 days with a quote to replace when the TV was found to be obsolete for parts. Insurance covered the replacement and the inspection was part of our Insurance Excess and was deducted by our Insurer, so no money was wasted getting things checked before repair or replacement. This company even disposed of TV as its part of the initial Inspection Fee - Top Marks. Highly recommend using this professional business.

Review №53

Excellent service. The receptionist lady called Aileen is an excellent, lovely person. She was really helpful. As while they were very busy, she managed to explain my situation to the technician and eventually got my iPhone 8+ screen fixed within an hour!

Review №54

Amanda and the team at Penrose were so accommodating of our unusual requests. They did a great job and will definitely be back, hopefully not for repairs.

Review №55

Great Service and response time and very friendly. Have used them before and will use them again. Awesome!!

Review №56

Very professional, responsive team, quick to offer solutions, highly recommended 👌

Review №57

Always such friendly helpful service. Realistic about what they can and cant do (I trust what they tell me), good value for money (I believe) and quick service. This is always my first stop for any repairs and Ive sent a number of people here too!

Review №58

Really great helpful service. Amanda really knows her stuff and helped me clone my phone.

Review №59

I called in to have my iphone repaired, since it was not connecting when charging. To my amazement and delight, the receptionist confidently resolved the simply using a pin to remove lint/fluff from the socket...and no charge:)

Review №60

My iPhone wasnt charging properly. Went into Advanced Computers and they solved the problem in about 1 minute - there was lint inside the phone. They were kind enough to not charge for this - most gracious of them. No question if I have any phone or computer issues in the future Ill be going back there - great service.

Review №61

We have just used Advanced for the tenth time and received a discount for loyalty.I would;d not be loyal if they were not doing an awesome job. They are so helpful right from Amanda as the first contact.They are quick and efficient which is exactly what we need. I recommend Advanced Computers for all your computer needs.

Review №62

Very friendly and knowledgeable staff, got the job done even faster than they said. Jonathan is a great technician who gave excellent advice and really knows his stuff, while Amanda is fantastic on front desk - nothing was too much trouble. Will definitely use again.

Review №63

Needed urgent fix when email became unstable. Found Advanced in google search and although unknown they had good reviews. I phoned and they seemed to answer questions and be able to handle job. People were friendly, professional and very helpful. Up and running again by next day. I consider them trustworthy and give good service. Would definitely use them again. John.

Review №64

Excellent Customer Service at reception.

Review №65

Phoned in regards to helping fix a tv and all the call taker cared about was a $150 fee just to look at it. Was quite rude and not friendly

Review №66

Ive used them twice for my 13 inch MacBook Pro (mid 2012) and both times theyve successfully resolved my computer issues. Thank you Advanced Computers for the great service!

Review №67

Hi. Great service. Fast, knowledgeable & professional. They had my iPhone 7 Plus screen repaired in an hour & it looked better than new. They even fitted a screen protector that I brought along. Highly recommended!!

Review №68

This is the first time I had used Advanced Computers and I can honestly say that I was impressed with their professionalism, customer service and impeccably prompt and itemised communications with clear responses. My lens issue was personally dealt with by Nancy, keeping me informed every step of the way with no stone left unturned until I was completely satisfied with the final resolution and result. Advanced Computers will now be my first port of call for all my electronic issues. I commend Nancy on her professionalism, her thoroughness and superior customer service skills on how she handled this matter.

Review №69

Beware- IT IS NOT AN AUTHORIZED APPLE REPAIR CENTRE. Don’t waste your time if you have Apple care and need help on a Saturday....

Review №70

The moment I rang Advanced Computers the staff were very sympathetic regarding my broken S7 Edge screen. The branch manager Nancy was extremely helpful with advise for my insurance company. Nancy kept me informed regarding the repairs and organized a speedy return of my phone. Thanks once again; you have a great team!

Review №71

Great service helpful staff

Review №72

Took my gaming PC in for repairs, a few days later was given a quote for a total rebuild $1200+ which confused me totally as they said that the motherboard was damaged! Picked up my PC and took it to James IT, who said that there was just an issue with the switch. He replaced the switch and its working properly! Total repairs from James IT under $65 incl labour! Wont be using or recommending these guys ever!

Review №73

I have used Advanced Computers before and have always found them approachable. They have always been able to correct the issues with my computer(s) and for a very reasonable price. I dont speak computer (I am a nurse) and have always found them patient and thorough in answering any questions I have and in explaining the issues to me. I highly recommend them.

Review №74

Good service and very efficient!

Review №75

Advanced computer repair was very efficient and helpful when it came to repairing my laptop. They were very professional when I was dealing with them.

Review №76

Super helpful and quick service. Very professional all around and would definitely use them again if I had to.

Review №77

Really helpful, knowledgeable staff who were easy and enjoyable to deal with. Job well done, within time-frame and along the way staff very happy to answer my queries. Rate the customer service here very highly and the quality of work also (repairs to phone).Highly recommend.

Review №78

Great service and feedback, helpful staff.Ensure you tell them how to pick up your desktop so they cant drop it.

Review №79

Very competent, and no problem seemed too difficult. Initial difficulties with speed of work but they were sympathetic and found ways to speed things up

Review №80

They fixed a Sony Amp and were fast and efficient, excellent service.

Review №81

I would like to commend Amanda Hubley on her great customer service. Knowledgeable and a good communicator. My camera needed attention. She offered options to assist me in understanding how I could remedy the situation at hand before going ahead as there was a tight deadline to meet.

Review №82

Amanda was so helpful. She showed me a few tricks on my iPad. Stuff I didnt even know you could do.... The repair is perfect. Just like new. I will be back and Im telling all my friends what a great shop this is. Thanks Amanda.!!!!!!

Review №83

I had mistakenly dropped my Canon Digital Camera and the lens got stuck making it impossible to retract.I found Advanced Computers from Internet. The customer service staff was professional and courteous, advised me clearly on their repair procedures and time line. They did a great job fixing and cleaning it (it looks almost new) and the fee was reasonable (much cheaper than buying a similar class of camera).

Review №84

I found Advanced Computers by a google search....My TV blew up from a power surge. They co-ordinated a time for me to get home so they could pick the TV up and take it away. So easy no waiting around. TV was ready the next day and again worked with me to co-ordinated a time to drop it off. They even recommended changing a cable so I could get a better result with my TV.Excellent service, would definitely recommend!!!!

Review №85

Nancy and the team are always professional, friendly and willing to help. Their costs are reasonable and they offer a 1 hour service which is great when you need you phone for work. I have been several times to get my laptop and phones repaired. They were able to save my data and fix a really old Nokia phone. Thanks also to Amanda and Sophie for their wonderful service!

Review №86

I would like to say thank you for Nancys excellent customer service provided so far. Although I decided not to proceed further recovery but I am impressed with the attitude and service of Advance Computers. I would recommend anyone for any computer issues.

Review №87

Great service - thank you especially to Keith for all his help!

Review №88

Great service! I recommend Advanced Computers for all computing needs. I found them through Google maps and took a chance, and it paid off. The staff are knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly (even giving advice on a non-related issue!). The service is fast and very affordable, in fact, the fix on my Macbook Pro was way below what I thought it would be. They have my return business and Ill be recommending them to friends as well. Thank you!

Review №89

Have had the need to fix a few Iphone screens now for the family and these guys are just awesome.Super fast and extremely friendly.Amanda is fantastic and so easy to deal with.Would recommend these guys to anyone who needs a repair.

Review №90

Great company highly recommended

Review №91

Excellent service - with friendly and helpful staff. Telephone query was answered clearly and the website is also very clear.The repair was completed quicker than I expected - thank you.Easy to find and street parking outside.

Review №92

Really helpful. They also gave me some free food.

Review №93

Thanks for the reply, however I would have been happier if your team would have discussed the various options available at the time instead of basically giving me 1 options which was a rebuild.

Review №94


Review №95

They have same day service within an hour for a lot of repairs. However if a part needs to be ordered expect to pay in advance and they will let you know when the repair or service can be done. They are open on Saturdays at which time street parking is more available than during the week.

Review №96

I dont recommend Advanced Computers at all.They had my laptop since the 8th October and I was initially given a 10 day repair estimate (needing to get parts in). At 10 days I checked, but not until 13 days did they bother to reply and said they found another fault that will take another 10 working days. Despite checking and calling at 11/12/13 working days its only now, 7 working days PAST their last estimate, that theyve bothered to respond and let me know a new 10-14 day estimate because the part they ordered in has shown up damaged and its going to be ANOTHER 7 working days at least for another part to come in. The part finally comes in and then the last item they were supposed to fix they found the part didnt fit & they have to order another part so another 7-10 days for delivery. If theyd been competent enough to check this part right back at the begining we wouldnt be wasting almost another 2 weeks.All up, after an initial 10 day estimate, it took them 13 weeks to fix my laptop. No compensation was offerred .Again, I urge you to avoid using Advanced Computers. Go somewhere else if you value competantcy & the ability to keep to estimates.

Review №97

First time I smashed my screen. When it comes to (iphone) screen repairs, I highly do not recommend this place. Screens have a blue tinge and brightness becomes significantly lower --I compared this to a same model phone with its original screen. Also, the person replacing my screen lifted up my broken screen with a craft knife (I was cringing while watching this happen), leaving little scratches on the edge of the metallic finish.

Review №98

Great service. Knowledgeable and honest. Highly recommended.

Review №99

Happy with the firmware 2.0 updating of my Sony Alpha77ll. Completed within 30 minutes, whilst I had a coffee, next door. Nancy was very professional and helpful. Good work.

Review №100

Amanda at the Penrose branch was brilliant. I went in with a dead laptop (broken charging port) belonging to my daughter. We needed to retrieve her data urgently. Amanda came up with a great solution which was speedy and very cost effective. I walked out of the shop VERY happy. Keep up the great work.

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