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1 Shakespeare Road, Milford, Auckland 0620, New Zealand
Review №1

NZ repair replaced my Samsung screen with what they told would be the same quality as a new phone. The new screen didnt last two weeks before it was cracked, no drops, no impacts. I asked to see the box to see if it was a genuine Corning 5 glass screen and this couldnt be produced - only one similar to this.They refused to entertain any warranty claim, or offer any alternative solution to the replacement cracked screen. Now I understand that screens dont just crack themselves, but theres no way a this screen was of the same quality as OEM that lasted 4 years of much more abuse. Any screen that cant stay in one piece through normal wear and tear is not fit for purpose.To make matters worse, in inspecting my screen the store person cracked my screen further to which I pointed out and got told I will speak to the manager.They never got back to me, on calling them again, the manager apparently said theres nothing we can do here.Short story, I paid $330 for poor quality screen that didnt last 2 weeks through normal use and NZ repair refused to help sort out the problem.

Review №2

Paras was incredibly efficient and kind, hands down way better than going to an apple help/repair. We Called apple store and they told us it would take at-least 2 weeks to replace the disk, Paras got it done in just 24 hours. Got my data back as well. Even he was happy to show me my computer from inside which was really exciting. He also hand over my old drive to me for data privacy purpose. Now definitely a loyal customer to NZ Electronics Repair.

Review №3

Called in to get a new screen for my i phone yesterday.. all done in 40mins, looks brand new, very happy with service and result, will be recommending this business to others. Be pleasant to staff in a business and they’ll be pleasant to you, no need for bad reviews here.

Review №4

Not very impressed at ALL. The edges of the screen are covered in this rubber material. Not professional.

Review №5

ZERO STARS - AVOID FOR YOUR OWN GOOD.They ran a diagnostic and determined my laptop screen needed replacing. I approved the repair and went to collect. When collecting they told that there is an issue with the battery. They had even placed a CAUTION sticker on the laptop (as pictured). Information about the battery was withheld! If i knew that the battery AND the screen had issue, the obvious choice would have been to replace, NOT repair. They LIED to secure the sale. They said the sticker was to protect the surface despite there already being a screen protector! Their response was routine been dismissive. Such a shame that places like this operate so deceptively. Expensive too. Go to an authorised Apple repair store, its simply not worth it.EDIT: They keep talking about a printer. I did not buy a printer and have no idea what they are talking about. Sticker protection excuse is a joke. Would you use a sticker on top of a screen protector for extra protection. They told me my battery was visibly expanding and now theyre down playing it. AVOID THIS SHOP LIKE THE PLAGUE.

Review №6

Nice and close by, good open hours and great customer service, they have a solution to any problem you give them

Review №7

Wounderful service, quick and high quality

Review №8

Best in town got my iMac and iPhones fixed by these guys. Prices are affordable as well. Highly recommend.

Review №9

Super efficient. Fantastic service. My daughters laptop was fixed within a short space of time. Im absolutely thrilled. Thanks so much.

Review №10

First time screen replacement, screen was flicking. Second time, face sensor was damaged. DT said not sufficient proof?? Excuse me. I will keep rehearing or hiring a lawyer to maintain the justice of the society.

Review №11

Aditya was very attentive to my needs, clarified all the services my phone needed and provided a great service overall! Very satisfied with it!

Review №12

Really enjoyed the service, had a really fast repair and looked perfect.

Review №13

Efficently fixed my macbook screen for reasonable price within 30mins. Price here was half what I was quoted elsewhere, remember to shop around.

Review №14

Awesome phone screen repair! Super friendly staff, extremely happy with the servicing and overall pricing, highly recommend!

Review №15

Just some constructive feedback. I called with a simple enquiry about the selling of laptop keys which you guys dont do and thats totally fine, no worries but found the person I talked to rude as they hung up on me. Could recommend possibly just adding in where I could get some or if you wanted me as a customer could have recommended bringing in my laptop - just some thoughts. Customer service goes a long way even for a simple enquiry. Cheers and all the best :)

Review №16

Fast service fair prices recommend them.

Review №17

Very good service. Friendly Professional staff. Certainly recommend themSilverdale branch. Steve Cole.

Review №18

These guys are life savers, with three phone, 2 tablets and twin toddlers we probably drop by once every 6 months. They are fast, and do a fantastic job

Review №19

I just felt the cost of getting my work done was too costly. I realised it so late. Wont recommend this place to anyone.

Review №20

These guys are so knowledgeable and fast service provider I ever see in my life. Thanks for saving my life. They took my dead phone which i already spend money to 3 shops but all in vain. NZ Electronics Repair had fixed within hour and minimal cost. It was really impressive. Definitely use them again. highly recommended. Thank you Mr. Honey for saving my life.

Review №21

Excellent service, fast with multiple affordable options.

Review №22

Such an Amazing Tech Place in Milford on Shakespeare Road with Knowledgeable and Professional Staff. Really happy with the service provided . Got my MacBook Pro Screen Repaired in only 30 minutes, unbelievable.So happy. My Mac looks brand new. Would definitely recommend to all.

Review №23

Great service. They were really kind and understanding about the issues I was having after getting a bad screen replacement elsewhere. Highly recommend :)

Review №24

From what Id been quoted from multiple other repair centers, and the work was completed much faster than I expected.Even I live near the CBD - its worth a trip into the MILFORD or just use their mail in repair service, they are that good.The customer service was very friendly and they even gave my little girl a treat while we were waiting. Overall very happy with the experience and would recommend them to anyone else.

Review №25

Finished my screen repair in 30 mins! Phone feels brand new, highly recommended to come here

Review №26

Amazing service by Adi. This is definitely still my go to for screen repairs and apple issues.

Review №27

I visited last Saturday. because close to my house. my iphone7 has restart issue. i paid $44 for diagnosis.and they told me i need replace screen + battery + charging port still device. $290 + GST. I couldnt believe them. So i visit free diagnosis shop. they told only screen issue.Battery health is 89% (over 80% is normal) i paid $79 for replace screen. my iphone is all good. They are very bad scammers. I attached Quote and Invoice. Please never visit this shop

Review №28

Awesome service, great pricing and the quickest repairs! Definitely recommend these guys for any repairs

Review №29

Absolutely terrible quality workmenship & service.Might as well order from WISH.DONT RECOMMEND.

Review №30

Great quick service, professional, good customer service! Thank you above and beyond

Review №31

I really recommend you make a trip to these guys with your computer issues. They know how to help without making things complicated or expensive. They are honest about the best way to fix an issue, and saved me from a big cost another place wanted to charge me. NZ Electronic told me how to take better care of my Mac Book and I’m grateful. I really recommend you speak to these guys if you have an issue before spending heaps unnecessarily.Dr Mark Hamilton

Review №32

Fast service and good customer support!

Review №33

Great professional work, always reliable in a timely fashion/ customer service on point as well❤️❤️😌

Review №34

Great fast service thank you

Review №35

Very Good Amazing Job on the screen guys very affordable as well it may crack after two weeks of fixing but overall the crack is not that ideal give these guys their props GOOD JOB FELLAS KEEP IT UP🔥🔥💯

Review №36

Really helpful and very kind :)

Review №37

Very quick and helpful experience .

Review №38

Wow!!! went into the store with my wet iphone 6s. technician named jas in the store fixed it in just couple of hours and was working absolutely fine after that. Lucky my data was saved as well. would recommend these guys to everyone. highly trained and professional. cheaper then other places. Cheers guys! Thanks once again .

Review №39

Thank you Aastha for being so willing to help me in my hour of need and no charge! These guys are very helpful and I would go back to them for their services

Review №40

I was thoroughly impressed with the serviced I got from nz electronics phone screen was damaged and i was looking for best repair shop. I got quoted a significantly good price then anywhere else. My phone was ready today in morning but I couldnt make it and they were closed at 5 pm (Saturday) however one of their staff members came just to give me my phone. Not only that I got a cheaper price then quoted. 5 stars all round!! Highly recommend and thank you Mr. Honey for saving my time and money. Really appreciate for to deliver my phone at home. Thank you so much.

Review №41

Quick service and great value!

Review №42

Such an amazing service!!! So fast and convenient!!!! Phone is looking brand spanking new!!!

Review №43

Great knowledge, experience and real customer focus to get you up and running again as soon as possible... genuine troubleshooting for real issue and not just to make a sale ... highly recommended

Review №44

My PC was stuck in a boot loop so I dropped it off to NZ Electronics Repair. I was told I would get a call the following afternoon to discuss the repairs. I received no call and was stuck calling in day in and day out to try and get information about my PC. Finally after a week I got a call saying they couldnt find the problem. I picked my PC up and asked for the write up detailing the diagnostics but they could not give that to me because the technician was not in the shop. I asked for this to be emailed to me ASAP as I urgently needed my PC repaired.Additionally when my PC was given to me, the case was not secured with any screws and the side fell off hitting the pavement and cracking it. It has been a week since I picked up my PC and I have still not received a write up of the diagnostics they performed even after a reminder call mid week.Was surprised to pay an upfront $45.00 diagnostics fee even though their website states a free diagnostic and even more surprised when I wasnt offered a refund when they couldnt find the problem. Since, I have been told it is a simple software related issue I can fix myself. Very unhappy.

Review №45

Very professional and pleasant to deal with.

Review №46

Quick turn around and extremely helpful service on a broken screen.

Review №47

Dropped my Samsung A30 while shopping. Popped in to NZER Milford shop to get replacement screen. Picked up 1hr later. Highly recommend this branch.

Review №48

Very fast and good prices

Review №49

Baris diagnosed my faulty Mac BookPro and even though I was past my AppleCare Insurance he suggested it would be worthwhile to query them about this major fault. He was right and AppleCare made an exception by covering the cost of the parts for the repair. I appreciate his ethics in suggesting I pursue an alternative.

Review №50

Im so impressedIwas having major problems with my old ipad and aftertalking to apple help deskWhere they quoted me $350 to $450 to repair.Iwas gutted . A friend suggested I try NZ ElectronicsI took it in at 1.00 was ready at 5.00 all fixed for$140The Ipad is performing better than when I bought itTrue professionals fair priceGreat serviceI fully recomend them

Review №51

Offered me $99 to replace charging portGuys across the road at EStore cleaned the port and charged me $15Won’t be coming back here!

Review №52

Came here around 1-2 years ago to get my phone screen replaced. They suggested two options, either OEM replacement or a cheaper alternative. I opted for the OEM part and asked if it would be cheaper if I had paid cash. They offered like $30 cheaper or something (cant remember exactly), and I took it. After they replaced the screen, I noticed that the display wasnt as bright anymore and it would often glitch out. I couldnt press certain keys on the keyboard or the certain places on the phone screen wouldnt register the touch at all. I recently got my phone screen replaced again but somewhere else and they stated that the screen wasnt apple genuine and was a knock off screen. They showed that Apple Genuine screen shouldnt be a shade of grey when turned off and showed a comparison between a genuine apple OEM screen vs knockoff (which was my phone). After replacing at the NEW place, the display looked significantly better and also I did not get the touch issue. Overall, I came to this store due to the reviews and decent pricing; however, I will not be coming back again due to scamming for some extra $ by using a knockoff screen over a genuine screen that I had asked + paid for.

Review №53

Total lack of communication, was told computer needed replacing and after getting a 2nd opinion from another company was fixed within an hour for just $80…

Review №54

Thanks NZ ELECTRONICS REPAIR for repairing my dead Mac. It was on folder sign with question mark . But they guys Replaced the faulty Hard drive and My device is working fine and happy with the service . Thanks Honey . I Will drop off some chocolate for you Please collect it from reception . cheers!

Review №55

Very fast polite and affordable I recommend this place .

Review №56

Great service! Took my laptop in for a speaker and battery replacement, they explained everything perfectly and it was done in under 30 minutes.

Review №57

Great service and competitive pricing. Have used these guys for a battery replacement in a MacBook and screen replacement on a phone. Great job, recommended.

Review №58

Just got my Macbook screen replaced within 30 minutes!! Amazing Turnaround and found Best Price. Thanks Guys for fixing my device so fast.

Review №59

My wife required advice re. her gmail account. We found your engineer at Milford branch to be very helpful and would be happy to recommend your business which provides excellent service.

Review №60

Excellent Service all of the 5 StarsParcis knowledgeable on phoneGordon

Review №61

I have recently visited NZ electronics repair shop and my experience was awesome. Staff members were really professional and my job was done meticulously. I recommend this shop to everyone who wants to repair their mobile /laptops.

Review №62

Great customer service. They went out of their way to out with a smashed screen on a Sunday and had it done within 30 minutes. Super happy with the result and grateful that they figured out a way to help when no other places would.

Review №63

Awesome super fast service and very responsive professional staff. Saved My poor cracked phone in less than an hour time.

Review №64

Very good service fast and cheap repair.thanks a lot!!!

Review №65

The guy who served us was really friendly and gave us many options to suit our needs. Super quick and helpful with good prices :)

Review №66

Had my Samsung A50 screen repaired here. Took less than 30minutes! The customer service I had experienced was top notch. Paras had served me at the Milford and couldnt be happier with the service I had received from him. I had my MacBook fixed here before too. Great work Paras.

Review №67

I just got repaired my completely shattered iPhone X in only 30 minutes and that too at such a good price. I am really impressed seeing how hard working and professional these guys are. Called them over the phone and they were so polite and confident. Moreover they have plenty of Free parking. Big Shout out to team NZ Electronics Repair for bringing my iPhone X back to life. Cheers!

Review №68

Had my macbook battery replaced over my lunch break - so quick and easy :) got a free internal clean too which was very kind!

Review №69

I took my daughters MacBookPro in for repair as the battery was dying and the speaker was making a buzzing/crackling sound when playing music. The guys in the shop were very friendly and obviously know what they are talking about. They said the repair would be done that afternoon.Not even an hour later I got a call to let me know the job was completed.What fantastic service.

Review №70

MacBook Aier Screen done with in 20 minutes time frame.very fast and professional services.

Review №71

My Mother who is in her 70’s & works in the area needed her Samsung screen replaced, they charged her double what’s advertised & she got the screen back in worse condition. Mum was told by a reputable provider (after paying again to redo it) they must have applied hot glue to secure the screen, anyway a shoddy job. When she went back to complain they said she must have dropped the phone, typical rip off & deflect, avoid at all costs.

Review №72

Excellent fast service. So happy my phone works again, thanks so much!

Review №73

On giving my phone for repairs at the Milford branch, I was greeted by a rude lady who told me I had to pay a certain amount of money to first diagnose what was wrong with my phone. They took $44 from me to diagnose my phone, after which they said there was nothing they could do. Thats fair enough, I agree that there may have been nothing they could have done to repair my phone, however, whats the need to charge an absurd amount of money for a diagnosis, along with being treated as a sub-par human by staff at the counter?

Review №74

Great job - v happy - this is the third item I have had fixed - all 3 at great prices and quick turnaround

Review №75

Great place with great and good people.Could not be better.From Brian

Review №76

Really fast and good service would recommend

Review №77

Excellent service from the Milford store. Replaced iPhone battery while I waited and a very nice staff member. Other service companies including Apple NZ wanted me to leave the phone for two days which would have been inconvenient.

Review №78

Did a great job. Did it for me straight away. Very happy and recommend their services.

Review №79

Good service awesome

Review №80

Fantastic service . Did a great job repairing iPad screen and upgraded but didn’t charge extra.

Review №81

Good guy. Super fast service

Review №82

Very fast and efficient service. Would recommend 10/10 experience.

Review №83

Fast cheap and a great job highly recommend.

Review №84

I am very happy with the service and price. Must give them a try.Thanks !

Review №85

Great service. Took about 20 minutes to fix my iPhone XS Max. They even fixed things I would never have known without any charge. Thats awesome. Fantastic service and quick.

Review №86

Very fast same day maintenance service on my laptop. Friendly staff. Would be happy to use this business again. A+++

Review №87

Very fast on the spot service to replace my battery, good price and generous too!

Review №88

Highly recommend!I went in to get a new battery for my iPhone Yesterday, and we started looking at phone found my screen was cracked on bottom and screen protector was also cracked. He gave me half off the battery replaced the screen and gave me a new screen protector. Battery time is much longer and it feels like screen is smoother also it took less then an hour. This was at the store on Northshore!

Review №89

They made me pay 100 nzd just to say my ipad pro was Broken

Review №90

I am genuinely happy of making a right choice by going to NZ Electronics Repair for second advice. Rejected by one of the store as my liquid damaged phone cant be repair, I decided to take another opinion because my phone had lovely memories of my marriage and honeymoon pics. Glad that Mr. Honey could fix it the same day ! Unbelievabe. So happy I made the right decision. I was really impressed by the reviews and went there. Quick and best phone repair service. Would definitely keep coming back for all my phone issues. Thanks again.

Review №91

This shop over priced on repairsover $300 charge for iphone 8 plus replacement screen

Review №92

Didnt get my surface repaired here after the bad communication and expensive prices. I was just trying to email them to clarify the process / cost of the repair as there was some confusion, but found they were quite rude and would never answer my questions directly.

Review №93

Its really satisfactory job,I bought second hand phone from was full of faults. but nz electronics repair saved me.they were transparent, empathetic and extremely efficient.I would highly recommended for quality timely and efficient service and reliable price.

Review №94

Unprofessional and not willing to help with a simple query over the phone, not a great experience.

Review №95

I had taken in my iPhone 8 plus for a screen replacement. Very good service and price too. It only took about 40 minutes to replace the whole screen. Would definitely be coming back for further electronic repairs. ONnly downfall I found is that since replacing the screen for an OEM screen, I noticed that the touch sensitivity / speed seems a little buggy/jumpy. It doesnt recognize my finger swiping or when texting. I would have to either press down on the screen with a bit more force. Overall, good experience. Thanks

Review №96

I brought my iPhone X on 26th October 2029at 11.45am with a cracked screen and walked out of the shop with a fully replace screen before 12pm (10-15 mins)Awesome service and a great price too100% recommend

Review №97

Got my MacBook screen replaced a couple weeks ago and I have to say - the service was faster than expected and stress free. Such great experience. I would 10/10 recommend. Will definitely revisit to get any other electrical bits and bobs done in future. You guys are amazing, keep up the awesome work! So happy to be able to use my laptop again.

Review №98

The best turn around time and value for repairs done to my iPhone 6. Paxas top top service mate!

Review №99

Quickest repair I’ve ever experienced!Top quality as well. I’ll definitely be coming back!Thanks NZ ELECTRONICS REPAIR for fixing My iPhone X screen.

Review №100

I am very happy with the service , my iPhone got repaired within 30min and quality is also very good

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