The Bakers Cottage
2 New Bond Street, Kingsland, Auckland 1021, New Zealand

Review №1

So glad to get my Bakers Cottage fix after lockdown! Been coming here since I was a child with my mum and now I take my own daughter.

Review №2

Coffee is always amazing and consistent. Sandwiches and Pies are lovely. I really enjoy some of the tarts as well! this is also an extremely busy place especially during lunch time but the staff are always amazingly friendly and will always give you smile eventhough you can clearly see they are tired from running around non-stop! Oh they also do cakes and the kids love it! 💗 Will definitely recommend this place with a 10/10!

Review №3

This place is hidden off New North Rd which means it is not easily visible from the road.That might be for the best because this place is the best bakery between Auckland and Mount Albert and its is always busy.Food amazing.Coffee amazing.Service amazing.

Review №4

Put this place on your bucket list. Awesome food and Ive got to say, some of the best service north of the Bombays.For a few months now, this place and there excellent coffee have been our shining beacon towards the end of a very long work night, after this its time to start heading south again back towards the Bombays. Highly recommend everything.Thank you to Ken and the test of the staff....Flat white with 3 and Cappuccino with 2

Review №5

Very limited breakfast choice. No almond croissant, no vegetarian option apart from one pie and quiche. Had the pie and that was awful. Some sort of white sauce and one pea. No flavour whatsoever! Would not recommend

Review №6

The vegetarian options are tasteless and uninspiring. Ive tried all they have to offer but my filled roll yesterday took cake for worst item. It had two egg slices, one piece of soft cheese and sauce on only one end of the roll. An absolute rip off, I wont be going back.

Review №7

Enjoyed the Pies but the donuts were heavy and the salad we brought was too oily.

Review №8

Saw this place online & the food looked amazing. It was hard to choose. Settled for a meat chilli pie, custard donut with a cronut to take home. Pie was ok, not spicy enough for me, enjoyed the custard donut too, but it was the cronut later that made me glad I stopped in. Amazing! I would drive back from manukau just to get one.

Review №9

My favourite bakery I’ve ever been to. The absolute range of things they sell is amazing, from cakes to rolls, salads to pies, every sweet thing you can imagine and even fresh strawberries and cream when they’re in season. Who would have thought to put pork belly in a pie? Not me but it’s the best pie I’ve ever had. All their stuff is great. Highly recommend the baker’s cottage.

Review №10

The Wicked Sarsa cake is our daughter’s favourite cake but due to the nature of the cake, it is a tricky one to decorate and make fancy, BUT the Baker’s Cottage went the extra mile and did it for us and she was absolutely delighted with the colours and decorations on her cake. The cake itself was fresh and moist and indulgent and delicious, as always! Even my diabetic mum who doesn’t like sweet stuff couldn’t resist a slice! Our guests loved the cake and this is why we keep coming back.

Review №11

It was my first visit during the week. The parking was a bit of an issue when I got there although there seems to be plenty of on street parking. They need to improve on their cleanliness overall. The table was sticky and makes you wonder if it ever gets wiped. I had steak&egg Baguette which was ok.

Review №12

Great selection, nice staff and toastie was amazing 😁😁

Review №13

Tried the chicken panini & it was awesome. Will be back to sample the rest of the menu!

Review №14

Really really great food, really really poor service.Customers can be 3 or 4 deep at counter, and no one seems to want to serve. Why they dont put a permanent counter person on to serve just amazes me every time I go in there (which is very often)From your reply, and the fact that I have been a customer of yours for years, I strongly disagree that you always have 4-5 staff serving at once. There is always one on the coffee machine and there is no more than one usually, and that particular girl is not even that interested in serving. It is such a shame, as your food is great, but the customer experience is poor.

Review №15

Potato top pie was delicious, the mash on top was buttery and cheesy.

Review №16

Love this place! Great vast selection, really something for everyone. New brunch spot yay!

Review №17

The steak n cheese pie was dry & just awful, sausage roll was blah, their red velvet cupcake had a weird aniseed after-taste my 11 year old only took a bite & pushed it away, the choc donut & apple cream donut were ok Id give a 3/5, definitely order takeaway coffee cup if eating in, otherwise latte comes in a small glass not worth the money paid & the coffee aint great either, a shame as I have fond memories of this place from back in 80s & 90s

Review №18

I liked the service speed and high quality, however, the bakeries are too sweet and full of oil/margarine. Also problematic to find a parking spot, but this is not a problem of the caffe.

Review №19

Food was amazing, not many places offer a decent steak roll where the main focus is on the steak itself, it was beautifulAlso tried the beef chop suey and a nice fresh cream, white chocolate donutAmazingCoffee 👌

Review №20

So much food to choose from here and its hard because it all looks so good 😍

Review №21

Great service and variety. The coffee is good (soy or almond options) the food excellent. Very friendly, efficient staff. Clean, well organised and plenty of seating in and out. A winner.

Review №22

First visit today. If you like great coffe and awesome bread you need this place in your life!

Review №23

Amazing cakes! Also highly recommend the chocolate​ donut. Cabinet items are great value.

Review №24

No doubt the steak & cheese pie was a successful 10 more visits to come. Thanks Bakers Cottage

Review №25

I would definitely recommend any of my friend or family to go. & have breakfast, lunch & many other sweet taste of healthy food, they have there. Its nice in morning when the sun is shiny on your back. when youre have coffee.

Review №26

Good quality lunch food, great selection savoury and sweet options

Review №27

My go-to place for a quick brekkie. Great coffee and a big range of cabinet food.

Review №28

Lovely bakery and cafe great variety of hot and cold dishes cakes and doughnuts yum have an area where you can sit and eat

Review №29

Great tradie food parking omg kills it

Review №30

Have gotten multiple birthday cakes here, highly recommend!

Review №31

Had a great pie, coffee and toasted sandwich this morning. Mean feed!

Review №32

The bakery with the awesomest pies, treats, cakes and raaange. Donuts, slices, salads, sandwiches— you name it, they got it.

Review №33

Awesome little bakery food was amazing kids loved it

Review №34

Favorite bakery in Newzealand so far!

Review №35

The Bakers cottage is good.Decent pies, salads, sandwiches, cakes and treats.Id love to give these guys 5 stars but there are a few recurring pain points that happen every time i go:1. Parking is a hassle, being in a popular area street parking is limited and there are only three carparks within the property, be prepared to drive up and down the street.2. Not the nicest environment to eat in. Bakeries are traditionally takeaway, so it is nice for The Bakers Cottage to offer tables and chairs, but often they are dirty and unattended. You basically have to clean up after the previous customers if you want to sit at a table.3. Prices are quite high for what you get. Dont get me wrong, the food is good! These guys know how to make food - but the price for what is essentially bakery food is quite high.4. No contactless payments. Come on guys, this is 2020. It is disappointing to see that you still do not accept paywave. Even during the Covid lockdown, banks offered small businesses to use contactless payments for free, but for some reason these guys refuse to sign on.5. Stressed staff. Okay, I do have to admit that I usually come during peak hours (lunchtime), but even then the poor staff always look super stressed. I think it must be difficult to work in such a noisy environment with quite a few other staff in the back fulfilling customer orders. Youre doing a great job guys!Overall, this place does good bakery food, but there are areas that need improvement.

Review №36

Great service, perfect spot for a sweet tooth.

Review №37

Good food and reasonable price. Id like to go to here again and again.

Review №38

Food Glorious Food !Dont mind paying a lil more for great food, this bakery has got it covered. Pies are scrumptious and yes ! Believe or Not it has big chunks of real meat, with real gravey!There is also a amazing menu to chose from. The salad selection on display is incredible, full of flavour, fresh any yummo! Sandwiches, paninis, bagels , savouries you name it...Bakers Cottage wont disappoint.Selection of slices and sweets , and the cakes...oh lord..the selection of devine cakes is like nothing I have seen in a huge cabinet from lil cakes, med and large. They are so beautifully and tastefully decorated...believe me you will find the best cakes , birthday or for any occasion stop !Selection of drinks available and the coffee, prob best around. Can be a bit of a wait, but its worth it.

Review №39

Great selection of food here, Vietnamese lemon grass banh mi and meat balls pasta are good value and tasty. Our favorite local cafe.

Review №40

Consistent high quality bakery. Coffee is great.

Review №41

Pork belly pie and iced mocha is my go to! Havent found anywhere that matches the iced mocha here. Cakes are rich and worth its price. Try everything, youll love it.

Review №42

Super delicious food thats great value. Staff always happy to help as well. Lots of parking nearby

Review №43

Amazing food, go with a thick wallet.

Review №44

Delicious food. You have to try the cream donuts, cabbage & beef spring rolls to die for and the totally yum cheese & onion toasties which are a meal on their own

Review №45

Relatively inexpensive with great food and good coffee

Review №46

Best bakery in Auckland, their cakes and fresh doughnuts are amazing.

Review №47

Love their savouries and pastries and wide spread variety of sweet treats. Best iced chocolate in town!

Review №48

Beautiful Birthday 🎂 cake for our sons 30th birthday yesterday 😋

Review №49

Verity of delicious food and good service

Review №50

Excellent food🌭

Review №51

Excellent food, efficient service

Review №52

Amazing, amazing bakery. Wonderful pies, great cakes, really love this one.

Review №53

Best options for sandwiches all fresh and tasty

Review №54

Delicious, simple and tasty.Consistent pies, sammies and delicious savories.their savories are the best. the cakes could do with a bit less sugar but other wise all great.

Review №55

Loads of options, so little space in tummy. Quick and friendly service, great coffee, lovely atmosphere. Coming back for sure. Impressed with their pesto chicken sandwich.Edit: Regular here now: Butter Chicken Pie, Potato Top Chicken pie, caramel slice and pecan pie. Dont miss these, rest is brilliant too...

Review №56

Custard cream donut from here is the best!!

Review №57

The best Bakery in Auckland! You pay for quality here and you get it multiplied

Review №58

An amazing selection of food & good value for money. We come here regularly because the food is delicous & the customer service is really awesome every visit.Highly recommend their Pulled Pork Potatoe top pie & Chicken Bacon Mushroom Potatoe top pie.

Review №59

This place is a bit of an institution in Eden Terrace/Kingsland ... everything is baked on premise ... old fashioned comfort food

Review №60

Had a fantastic pork belly Vietnamese sandwich here. Cinnamon cream doughnut was delicious.

Review №61

One of the best bakeries in town! Staff are very kind too. The baristas make delicious hot chocolates. Highly recommend!

Review №62

Good food all round ...enjoyed their pies ....

Review №63

It was ok price pretty deep

Review №64

A high chance this is one of the best bakeries in Auckland

Review №65

A few years ago this place was let down by miserable people behind the counter, but how times have changed.Marie made a PERFECT coffee and the other lovely young woman serving today were exceptional. Why? Friendly, efficient and a warm vibe. Oh and of course the food is utterly divine (always has been). I am not rating this on the decor or parking as this is a bakery, not a restaurant at the waterfront. I hope they keep the nice staff as I hadnt been here for years due to the scary and unfriendly vibe that used to permeate the atmosphere with misery. Now Ill be back!

Review №66

If car parking was easier I would easily put on an extra few kilos. Love the pies!

Review №67

Theres a perfect dish for every taste

Review №68

One of the best bakeries in auckland

Review №69

The best pies in Auckland as well as other bakes and food. 👌👌👌

Review №70

Great food, filled rolls were amazing and cream donuts were sooo good 😍

Review №71

An amazing little cafe with a wide range of food. Lots of healthy salads and wraps along with an amazing selection of pies and savory food items. The jaffa slice was really good!

Review №72

A cosy cafe for all the pie fans our there. With options from salads to cakes and desserts, Bakers cottage offers many pastries of great quality at decent prices. Great place to get GF cake too!

Review №73

Pork Belly potato top and Vietnamese pork belly roll 😍😍 never fails!

Review №74

Load of variety of food, salads, pastas, sandwich and pie with good price and quality

Review №75

Awesome bakery, awesome range of rolls, salads & sweets. The staff are great also

Review №76

Best bakery in Auckland. Pies are a little expensive but everything is good price. Even bake their own bread. Recommend ciabatta bread if youre on a budget for Sunday morning eggies

Review №77

Great people and very nice

Review №78

Nice place for a coffee and snack

Review №79

Great food. Despite queues, served promptly by friendly staff.

Review №80

Great range of delicious kai and kawhe, Ill be back to try some more treats soon!

Review №81

Best bakery in auckland, huge selection and everything is top quality 10/10

Review №82

They never disappoint you. friendly staff, great coffee and a whole range of food and pies to choose from with reasonable price.

Review №83

Staff are amazing! Great food!

Review №84

Love this place. Excellent service. Good variety of food which is consistently delicious & reasonable prices (fresh salads, loaves of bread, soups, pastas, toasties, pies, sweets, coffees,... ). Always relatively busy. Doesnt always have parking availability & busy side streets. Lots of seating at small tables. Highly recommend.

Review №85

Thank you Team, the Caramel Salted Banana Birthda cake was right up there. The food at your bakery never fails the taste, service and quality test. Thanks :)

Review №86

Enjoyed the pies on a wet day.

Review №87

This is the nicest food I have ever eaten in awhile. For quick food. It is nice and loaded with great taste and the price although it may seem high it is definitely worth it. I always get full frkm here fast

Review №88

Honest food at an honest price. Theyd sold out of the pulled pork pie 😒

Review №89

Nice little bakery, really busy! Variety of delicious food 😊

Review №90

Yum!! Glad we found this place when looking for a late lunch. Amazing looking food, well presented. Had a pie, sausage roll and cream filled lamington between us. Great pies! Nice to having a sitting area to eat it rather than pastry crumbs through the car haha

Review №91

Foodis usually quite good (stear clear of the Mac n cheese though - its mostly sauce) but possibly the most inefficient ordering system ever.

Review №92

Old conans brings back memories..still got oat cookies...yay!!Birthday cakes awesome!!Wonderful staff!!

Review №93

Delicious food, great selection of sandwiches, pies, salad and other dishes, as well as cakes biscuits etc. My favourite bakery in Auckland.

Review №94

Great food love the rolls and the service is really great totally worth the visit.

Review №95

Best pies, rolls and emergency birthday cakes! LEMON CAKE YUM!

Review №96

Was waiting patiently to be served (which of course is fine, its busy) but the staff kept serving others before me. Every now and then a server would ask whos next? And they always picked someone else who was also waiting even if they arrived after me. No one acknowledged me once for 15 minutes. Even though I was standing right next to the cabinet trying to catch the eyes of the staff and raising my hand when they asked whos next. I legit started to feel I was being deliberately ignored. To add insult to injury, I mentioned this to the man who eventually served me and he didnt care one bit, no sympathy and just said with no sincerity whatsoever sorry ok, what do you want to order? - shocking customer service from what I perceived to be a quality cafe. To their credit, the food was tasty - hence the 2 stars.I love to give praise where it is due but Im also not afraid to give criticism where it is due. As a frequent visitor of cafes around Auckland due to the nature of my work, I am very disappointed by this experience and will tell others of my bad experience here.

Review №97

Best food and services in town. Had lost my wallet in the shop. Barbara rang me twice for it. Really appreciated for this! Will let my friends and colleagues know about it. Recommend this bakery for everyone!

Review №98

Good food. But of a wired system for ordering/paying.

Review №99

Orange cake is so yummy.😊😆

Review №100

Great food been here long time some cashier not friendly. Best oat cookies but this time were burnt and and gone up significantly in price used to be good back in the day

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