John Andrew Ford & Mazda Penrose
23 Greenpark Road, Penrose, Auckland 1061, New Zealand

Review №1

Real pros with good covid procedures aswell

Review №2

Took car in for service. Staff were good. But it took them six and half hours to service the car and they did not ring me back to say that it was ready for pickup.i had to ring them. But they could have overlooked that issue. No problems. At times like this it is abit trying. Thank you for the work done JA Penrose.

Review №3

Jason & the team were able to sort out a minor but irritating issue that had been present since I had received my new car. No fuss and quickly and efficiently sorted.

Review №4

Jason and the team were great. Excellent communication, helpful and polite. Wouldn’t go anywhere else.

Review №5

Gary from Parts is an absolute star and an asset to your company, well done.

Review №6

Great service, pleasant and efficient staff. Highly recommend.

Review №7

I always get outstanding service from this team...

Review №8

Very very expensive. Communication very bad. Someone tells you one thing and another something else. They worst then finance companies chasing you fr payments LOL bt wouldnt use them ever again they chrge arm n leg for very minor things that cost way less other places.

Review №9

Parts team is very slack, not calling customers to inform them if part is there or if there has been a delay. they dont make any effort whatsoever. do not recommend.

Review №10

Filthy loan car during repairs also full of used tissues and facial masks during covid. Extremely Poor communication and after sales service by salesman Greg Coxen. 4 weeks to get action. Reported issues higher up but go nowhere and no change. Would never use or recomend.

Review №11

Incredible service and friendly staff

Review №12

Was told that I’d recieve a call for car pick up by 4pm. No call, so waited till 410pm and called thru to confine that my car could still be picked up

Review №13

Appalling. Took my car in for scheduled service and WOF post level 4 lockdown. It f failed the WOF and they wanted over $3,000 of work on a car I bought from them 12 months prior. Took it to another reputable garage who could not find the same faults and the repairs even on the like-for-like issues were significantly cheaper. I will never go back to this workshop again, nor do I recommend you.

Review №14

Fantastic service, highly recommended

Review №15

Great service but would my vehicle was returned with the washer reservoir cap missing...

Review №16

As usual, the service was carried out professionally and my car was ready at the agreed time.

Review №17

The shining gem of the John Andrew Ford service centers! I avoid my local service centre and travel here. The front of counter staff are the best and the vehicle service is professional and timely.Dont waste time and energy elsewhere.

Review №18

East or west, Mazda Penrose is the best👍🤘...Been to this place i guess since 2017...Have never been disappointed with the service...Excellent work team keep it up👏👏

Review №19

Service is fine, just price on the expensive side, my cx5 2015 cost me 1k each service, since my 3 years free services finished. Last year some un-usual thingys wore out, cost 5xx. This year bettery need to replaces $44xMy BMW service cost less per year...I guess this is my last service with madza, either sell it or go third party.

Review №20

Went in for a WOF, asked a simple question, can you help me to turn off the oil change required light, Got told its impossible unless I do maintenance service with them. called another 2-3 place that does WOF in the area, all said it can be easily done. Just got me wondered how come everyone else can do it but you cant? whats so special about ford Penrose? I have to do a maintenance thats not due with you guys just to turn off a reminder light? After a whole day of pressing ok to the reminder light decided to go ask google and guess what? you can go into setting and just hit Oil life reset. BOOOM!! not so hard is it? but thanks to you telling me its impossible to turn it off, made my day really great.

Review №21

No issues at all. The Ladies at reception are very welcoming and friendly.

Review №22

Fantastic service. Highly recommend.

Review №23

Hi my elderly parents were long time customers of John Andrew Mazda, but not anymore, 2 years ago they were given false & deceptive information by the salesman stating that my parents were to old to own a car due to new government legislation, he then suggested that the car could be registered in my sisters name. My sister simply stole the car from my parents once it was registered in her name. Be warned I strongly recommend to anyone not to deal with the people at John Andrew Mazda.

Review №24

Very happy with my Mazda experience at the Penrose branch. Great service, pleasant staff. Zoom zoom!

Review №25

Fantastic service !Booked car service online had a response following morning 7.30am to confirm details of vehicle. Appt confirmed for next day, dropped car off 9am as no rush to pick up. Had call late afternoon to pick up. Wish I had picked up closer to 5pm as my car was only partly valet..which was a.bummer.The ladies at reception were so friendly and helpful., coffee , mags and telly to keep u occupied while waiting. 8 minute wait was how long I waited...just a breeze.Im a big time review follower so was pretty curious on how my first visit here would pan out as reviews here werent too flash. Im all about customer service .....(20 yrs retail ) so was totally impressed with Ford Mazda Penrose. Well done team !

Review №26

Dropped the girlfriends Mazda CX5 for a full fuild change service and asked for an engine compression test. Was told they will need to keep the car for 2 days since they have to remove the top of the engine (head). When I explained its just a spark plug removal required to test the compression, they told me thats not how they do it here. 😅🤣😂🤣

Review №27

Very Friendly and Knowledgeable Staff... Always Use these Guys without Hesitation

Review №28

Booked a 60k service and asked them to update the SatNav to reflect the new road speed limits. Drove home and SatNav displayed the old speeds. Phoned and was advised that sometimes the update doesn’t take and to bring it back in it’ll take about 20 min to upload. Waited an hour and told the first two attempts didn’t work but the 3rd one did, but when they handed back the car they said if it hasn’t worked they will need it for the day to delete all the software and reload it.Took the car back for a 3rd time and told it would be ready at 3ish phoned at 3:30 for an update and promised a return call. No return call so turned up 15min before they shut to be told that Fords latest update is dated May, pre road speed changes. Three visits and 17 wasted hours. Oh and if you drive on the Waikato Expressway the SatNav shows you driving on fields, who knew it only opened in June this year.

Review №29

Another disappointment when picking up my supposedly repaired vehicle. Vehicle not repaired again even though I have spent nearly $6000 having it repaired in the last 6 months. Service is an absolute shambles..seems like the repair shop staff do what they want and no one wants to communicate with the office staff if there are any issues and vise versa. Client is left in the lurch and frustrated. Very disappointed.

Review №30

Excellent service as expected from Ford

Review №31

Another great service, we get all our fleet done here and the service was exceptional again. Loan car always available and great team to deal with

Review №32

Edit: With the customer services manager and Katie gone everything has gone downhill. Guy at front desk has no clue....sad really.Original review:They go through highs and lows, where as a customer you want consistently good to great service for your car. Thank goodness you have Katie there...and I dont mention people by name that often. Credit to her for managing customers expectations vs service delivered.

Review №33

Booked service by phone, because my car had oil high level problem, they told me sevice takes 1 to 2 hours, when I came they told me service will take 5 hours. I been waiting 3 hours already, my car still not been touched, so I asked can I booked another day, that guy told me its up to me, but if I took the car away, if car has problem, its all on me. What? Ok. I have to wait. Very good service!!! When you buy car they were very nice after that I have nothing to say. Two faces.

Review №34

These guys have looked after My SP25 Mazda 3 since new. They are all really friendly and always do a great job. I appreciate the complimentary car washes I receive even when I just am getting a $50.00 warrant.

Review №35

Great service once again from JAFord

Review №36

Top caliber attention and service from this team. Always feel like Im their only customer.

Review №37

Service will always do their best

Review №38

I was going to fit a new oil coolant hose to our MX5, until I saw what a mission that particular replacement is: I booked it in to John Andrew, and they came in under the quoted amount, and even gave the car a clean. Great service, very impressed. Note that it can take a while to get a booking, but thats common to any busy mechanic.

Review №39

Avoid unless you want ripped off.$560 for a new wing mirror and was not the same color. Why would I want to different colored mirror.And the reception staff where very ignorant!

Review №40

Exceeded expectations. Phone inquiry, they had the parts, said put them to one side, collect 30 mins later, job done

Review №41

Excellent service. Good coffee too. Happy to spend time there when my car is serviced.

Review №42

I got my 2018 M3 SP25 10,000-km service last week.The service (along with grooming and transport) was great, although its a bit too long (from 8.30am till 4pm). The reception was good and I was returned with my car key by Andrew (the service manager) himself with a big smile and friendly gesture. When I walked back to my car to have a detail check Andrew just walked past and asked if I was happy.Theres only one very minor thing - I found 2 hairline scratches - one at the front spoiler (in front of the driver fog light) and the other at the rear under skirt (driver exhaust). Also a small brown stain at the passenger side front spoiler. If not these, Ill be more than happy to give 5 stars. :)

Review №43

All team very helpful and supportiveNothing a problem

Review №44

I recently had the pleasure to visit your workshop to have my Mazda vehicle remote re-programmed. The reception and service I received was outstanding and it cost me a fraction of the price compared to the quotations I had received from some so-called specialists. Thank you for such friendly and efficient service.

Review №45

Update to 1 Star review:Initially had a bad experience with the reception staff, however the manager had reached out to us with a complimentary WOF and apologised for the initial poor service that we had received.Managers response and suggestion to rectifying the situation was professional and satisfactory. Happy with how we were dealt with in the end.

Review №46

Excellent service. Great team to deal with

Review №47

IF I COULD GIVE THEM NO STARS I WOULD! I booked my car for a service over the phone the lady ( who was nice) on line said I would be given a loan car while my car got fixed. When I turned up they told me it would take four weeks to get a loan car. The customer service was terrible, they were grumpy and rude. I payed $240 for a filter clean (WHICH IS NOW NEEDING CLEANING AGAIN AFTER ONLY TWO WEEKS) and they also used 70ks on my car which wasnt paid back. Definitely not impressed with this branch at all, will not be returning in the future.

Review №48

Went to pick up the Mazda 3 that got serviced over here. They forgot to put the stamp on the service book, which is ok with me, I understand people forget. So walked inside and asked if I can have a stamp on the service book. And the staff ask me:Where do you want the stamp, on the book or on your hand? whats that supposed to mean? Do I look like 8 years old? Great job making your customer feel uncomfortable and offended. Cheers

Review №49

Best ever. I booked my Mazda 2 air con fault on the phone 📱, but was actually booked for grey Lynn. I showed up at Penrose to a slight look of bewilderment oops. But they said no worries we can fit you in. Air con is sorted. Were rolling 🤣 again. Thanks for the great service.

Review №50

Good service

Review №51

Friendly staff and lowest price for original Mazda Parts. Try John Andrew Mazda before e getting ripped by any Mazda wreckers. And funny thing is All wreckers buys here and then sell it to customers

Review №52

Always excellent service and the people are always friendly and accommodating

Review №53

Service team is great. 4 stars because when they are closed the phones just ring with no automated system to tell you they are closed or when the opening hours are

Review №54

Happy with the service

Review №55

Awsome team work I have ever seen. Thanks

Review №56

Absolutely amazing. Can not credit this team enough. Bought a voucher on Groupon the day before the service was scheduled. Rang and asked if I purchased it if I could use the voucher and received a welcoming yes. Turned out the Ranger needed a few things replaced. I was called and given a quote and asked to proceed. Also found out by one of their technicians that the grill I had installed was illegal and explained in detail as to why. Thank you so much for all your help John Andrew Ford. Without a doubt Ill be bringing my Ranger back to you for every service even though I live on Waiheke. Full credit to your team of highly trained professionals.

Review №57

Bit on the pricey side & keen on the upsell...Specify what work you wish to be done, as they are very good at finding faults that require them to do further work on your vehicle... Having said that, work done seems good & is covered by warranty....

Review №58

Excellent all-round service. Thank you!

Review №59

Booked in my car, it was a very easy process and great service all the way through. Kept me updated over the phone on anything they needed to do or parts to order and even gave me a lift when I dropped off the car.

Review №60

Just a Warrant of Fitness today,but fantastic service ,great experience beginning with Katie,right through thanks

Review №61

Left 2 messages on phone to book service, no one called back after 2 days. want to book a loan car while car gets serviced, have to wait 4 weeks.... great service, NOT!!.

Review №62

Great service

Review №63

Very knowledgeable staff in sales, service, and parts. They should pay more to their staff.

Review №64

Friendly staff great service, will drop you off at work and return your car to you

Review №65

Really good service and friendly staff

Review №66

Service manager is rude in and very helpful

Review №67

Everything going smoothly, well organised. Thanks.

Review №68

Fantastic efficient service. Even got a car wash.

Review №69

Left messages. Never called me back :-/

Review №70

Good service

Review №71

Car was not cleaned very well & they didnt inform the customer of their obligation to pay for anything when car was under a fleet contract???

Review №72

Katie in service is on to it. Well done

Review №73

Very friendly service

Review №74

Fast service!! Hospitable environment!!

Review №75

Good service - good service.

Review №76

A happy face

Review №77

Great staff and service

Review №78

Some great deals

Review №79

Great friendly staff

Review №80

Service Admin could be better.

Review №81

Great service 👍

Review №82

Good fast service

Review №83

Tried ringing service dept many times with no answer, dont return messages . now take all servicing elsewhere

Review №84

Customer service is always tops👌

Review №85

Small place and not enough car park.

Review №86

Outstanding service and support.

Review №87

Thanks for proving service

Review №88

No a good experience at all.

Review №89

Great service

Review №90

Great service

Review №91

Friendly staffs

Review №92

Parts and services

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  • Address:23 Greenpark Road, Penrose, Auckland 1061, New Zealand
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  • Phone:+64 9-571 3024
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