Pars Auto Limited NZ Campervans Auckland
25 Sabulite Road, Kelston, Auckland 0602, New Zealand
Review №1

After more than a year in my van I am still really happy with the camper conversion built by Pars Auto. Everything is solid and well thought out so that every space is used perfectly. They created little details and extra features to make vanlife easier. When I had a problem or needed a service, they were always happy to help. All in all I really recommend this place if you are interested in a professionally build camper. Nasser and his crew are very friendly people and always took the time for a good conversation with me.

Review №2

Talked with David and told him what we had to spend and he was able to find us a campervan within our budget!Only to have some troubles with our wire transfer and so the owner Naser gave us a place to stay in one of the realllly nice camper Vans he has (the one with my Partber standing up in) for 5 DAYS! we had showers toilets and could have even used the washer machine if we had wanted to!3 week return if any issues happen with vehicle. Seemed too good to be true.However we personally saw get taken Care of with 2 other vans. No charge to them for the fixs they did.If you are looking for a campervan this is the place to try FIRST!Will update at end of 3 weeks to let yall know how the van is holding up!

Review №3

Nassar is such a good guy! His first impression might be not so friendly but that’s just because he is busy. Once you get to know him a little bit you will see he really cares about the campervans he sells. The campervan we chose wasn’t finished at that moment but Nassar allowed us to work on the car together with them and we even slept there. We had a great time as we weren’t the only backpackers around. :-) Everybody was friendly and very helpfull - I didn’t know anything about cars but learned a lot!

Review №4

Great experience with the whole team working in Pars Auto LTD. A lot of choices and wide price range. Good for any kind of budget. They make sure all the mechanic is fine, and the inside of the cars are very practical and cute. Only good stuff to say about Pars Auto LTD! I definitely recommend this place if you need a car :) everyone is really nice and helpful

Review №5

I bought a van from a tourist who bought it from Mohammed 7 months earlier. I paid $4,000 less than the tourist paid - she paid far too much. The van was formerly a tradesmans work vehicle and has clearly had a hard life. The van is functional as a camper and adequately set up, but was clearly off the road for more than a year before conversion (lichen etc. on the roof etc.). It had been touched up (paint and significant amounts of body filler) but still had rust issues on the roof and roof gutters. Despite getting a new WoF in Jan 2020, the van was clearly not up to WoF standard due to poor repairs at the A pillar floor junction (not welded allowing floor to flex). The chassis and underbody have been resprayed so their condition is unable to be assessed. I would categorise Mohammeds business as a patch up and flick car dealer. Certainly he has a lot of very satisfied customers but realistically, as tourists, most would only have the vehicle for a few months before on-selling it. Rust issues would not show up until perhaps a year later at the next WoF. My advice to all prospective purchasers is to get a full AA inspection before buying Mohammeds (or anyone elses) campervans.

Review №6

Great place, great people!!! We had convinced Naceur to take us as a customer and build our van interior for us. It took a bit more than 2 weeks for Tony to do the job due to the high season but the result was really excellent!! Thank you so much for your dedicated work and effort to make our van our home 😍

Review №7

We get a good deal there, our van looks great and works well. Staff and owner are lovely and will give you good advice!

Review №8

Thanks to Nasser for everything. Perfect place to find a van. Always here to help you if you need. We suggest definitely this place :)

Review №9

Thank you Nasser and Ahmed,We were looking for a Toyota Noah/Voxy and you helped us to find a good one in your garage. The interior of the vehicle is very well arranged and of good quality. We are travelling in NZ for two weeks now and everything works well. We recommended pars auto to our friends.Merci Eric pour ton aide :)

Review №10

Pars Auto ltd is definitely one of the trustworthiest and friendliest car sellers out there.Theyr campervan-interior is done very thoughtful and with a lot of passion.We bought our Nissan Serena there 3 weeks ago, and are extremely happy with it :)Whilst we had to wait till our car was completely finished Nasser also allowed us to sleep in one of the other Vans for free with the possibility of using his kitchen and bathroom.

Review №11

Where to start with this amazing company! Weve just bought a van from Pars Auto Ltd and they were nothing but perfect. Naser is one one the most kindest and caring people youll meet. We got to stay at his garage in another van whilst he prepared ours for the road, everyday hed be working on your van until hes happy its ready. It took around 10 days and the van is like brand new, working endlessly fitting new parts and anything you wanted doing. Hell let you work in his garage, using all his tools and materials that you wanted. Naser, Ahmed, Donald and Rachael we cant thank you enough! Dont look any further than these guys they supply the best vans in New Zealand for sure. Thank you for all your help and hard work 👍

Review №12

Me and my friend are from Germany. We brought a car here. The service was very good. They helped us with the registration and made further improvements on the car. Also they gave us many useful tips for driving in new zealand. really satisfied.

Review №13

Nice! I was astonished by their friendly behaviour.Me and my Girlfriend bought a Toyota Ipsum in 2018 October from here , we didnt want to stay on a hostel till our car was ready so he gave us an accommodation with a toilet, a bath, water to drink, a fridge and a cooking place all for free.Our car was cheap and had a build in bed , the previous owners had left their stuff in there like a pillow etc. But that helped us a lot , we washed it all and used it , so we didnt have to buy all this stuff.The car was dirty from the inside and outside but Nasser , the boss of this car garage , gave us everything that we needed or wanted to clean our car for free like a vacuum for example.We actually met other backpackers here ^^ they were all staying here too and we had a good time.All in all we had a free stay for a couple nights a cheap car and a good experience.

Review №14

Very helpful and very fair!The owner is very honest. He will do everything for make his costumers having a very good experience.All the best for him !!!

Review №15

We are really happy, that we chose Pars auto LTD. They really care about their cars and also their cusomers. You will get car in a perfect condition. We totally recommend them!!

Review №16

Hey there,we bought a car a few weeks ago and are totally happy with our decision to buy here. The owner and his father are very helpful and gave us a guarantee of 4 weeks. We had two little issues and he repaired the problems without discussions. Further to this issues the car runs very well and is in a very good shape. The owner and his dad dont cheat on people and take a lot of time to improve the cars.In addition to that he was very helpful and gave us some tips and recommendations.We would strongly recommend this professional and fair dealer.

Review №17

We purchased a van from this dealership and yes, as suggested by other reviewers you pay a little more but you get what you pay for. The owner and his son genuinely care that youre happy with your purchase and they put work into the cars before selling them so that theyll last. The owner was kind enough to let us use his workshop to convert the van into a campervan ourselves (negotiated into price). He and his son are helpful, resourceful, and honest. There is no negotiating prices here because the owner knows the exact worth of the cars he sells. Yes, you can buy cheaper on TradeMe but you run the risk of buying a lemon. This seller gave us a 30 day engine guarantee and we havent had any trouble with the car whatsoever. I highly, highly recommend this dealer for travelers as he also offers a buy back option. His lot has many makes and models and he had a lot of patience for us as we circled the lot a million times. We are very pleased with our van and thankful that we found such genuine people to buy it from.

Review №18

This is the best place you will find in the all New Zealand to buy a camper van. Professional, extremely friendly and incredibly generous this is what would describe the team of PARS AUTO. They offered me accommodation and gave me access to their tools during one week while I was customising my van.Your van will go through a complete mechanical check and they will change EVERYTHING that as to be change. 3 weeks of mechanical warranty (after one week I got a problem with my speed sensor, I came back, they changed it directly and for free).I bought my van 1 month ago, Ive done 4000 kms, and Im EXTREMELY HAPPY with my van.Just go there.Thanks Nasser !Merci Eric !Take care

Review №19

We recommand Nasser at 100%. We bought our van there. Nasser is really kind and he gave all the time lot of advices.He had a lot of choices, and helped you to find the perfect car for you. Thank you for everything Nasser.

Review №20

A really nice place to buy the car you need, with a good team that want to take care of their customers, you can even have some arrangements with the boss, Naser. Thanks for all guys !

Review №21

Very nice vans, and good care of costumers

Review №22

Do a mechanical check at an other garage bevore buying a car.

Review №23

We purchased a honda odyssey for an incredible price and were given accomodation for the time we didnt have one. Thank you so much, we are definitely going to recommend pars to anyone.

Review №24

We are two backpackeurs and for us its the best car dealer in Auckland.HONNEST and RELIABLE !!!Adives

Review №25

We feel so lucky to have found Pars Auto!! Thanks so much to Eric for his recommendation and all his help. Thank you to Naser, Ahmed and everyone at Pars! We have never seen such a hardworking team of people, so dedicated to making their customers happy. We couldnt be happier with our nissan vanette and the service we received to make it our perfect campervan. Overall such a fantastic experience and start to our travels in New Zealand! We love you! We LOVE you 😁 Rachael and Donald

Review №26

Awesome people! You definitely can buy your campervan or camper here. Everyone is so friendly and helpfull:) we bought our campervan here and even could stay here to use their tools to attach a second battery ourselves and personalise the car! Naser, thanks!

Review №27

My girlfriend and I were looking for a campervan, when we met Naser at the Auckland carfair. He told us about his garage and invited us to see all his cars. The best decision we made. After seen all his cars we chose a Toyota Noah, but unfortunatelly it wasnt a campervan, yet. Then he introduced us to Eric, we explained our ideas and what we wanted in the car, the design, the size of the bed and the second battery, extra lights and usb charger. When we finally decided everything we closed the deal. Eric started the work, and he did an amazing job!We loved the design, the eletric part is awesome and everything is from the finest quallity! Definately great choice!

Review №28

I had a goal when I arrived in NZ on january 2018 : buy an empty van and make it self-contained by myself. After 2 weeks alone, searching for the best deal, I crossed the way of Naser and his always-smiling-son Ahmed at the Auckland City Carfair. What an incredible meeting... These people welcomed me into their garage, gave me the keys of the vans that interested me, I tried them all the time that I wanted. After a serious test driving I chose my van : a Toyota Hiace Super Custom. I started to work on it with professional tools, woods, advices, etc ... and my dream has come true : my house was made and I was so proud of me. In a row of days and weeks living in the accomodation above the garage, I discovered a family very endearing, generous, whose goal is to make backpackers happy, ready for a great adventure througt NZ in a reliable car.Work always pays, these people understood it. You will find the best campervan quality in Auckland with a warranty of 3-4 weeks. Serious mecanical check and WOF are systemicaly proceeded. Thanks PARS Auto, thanks my friends.

Review №29

We bought a car here in 2016.The dealers seem a bit sketchy but they are nice, helped us with registration and insurance before we left and gave us a 30 mins NZ driving lesson where they drove with us and explained road rules that may be different to other countries (eg. roundabouts etc).The car itself is alright, we drove it 10.000km and it still drives fine, although it has problems with starting sometimes, which they did not tell us when we bought it.The price, it sure is more expensive than buying from private, but we got 2 weeks warranty, repair if it is broken and if it cannot be repaired we could choose another car in the price region (we got that written down with signature). They also take back the car for 30-40% of the price you bought it, which seems alright if you cannot find a buyer. Better than nothing!Altogether i would rate 3,5 stars. 1 less because they did not say a thing about the starting problems of the car. But maybe they did not know that themselves, because it started to happen 1 week after purchase (a mechanic said it was wear and tear and probably existent for a few months already but it was nothing horrible or safety related, so i think it is okay.)And 0,5 less because it is a bit pricy compared to buying private and to other dealers.

Review №30

I bought a car there in September 2014. Its just another dodgy used car dealer, who is trying to get the most money out of you. Here are the pro and cons:PRO:+ They are mechanics and check the car for functionality, so youll probably get a decent working car and if anything is wrong with the car within the first two weeks, they will fix it for free (so they say).+ They have a wide range of backpacker cars and campervans, mostly bought from backpackers.CON:- You wont get a cheap car, the prices are much higher then of most privately sold cars.- The cars are dirty, and not well looked after. Theyve mostly not even looked inside after they bought the cars from other people, they just do some minor things, like changing the tyres and the oil and thats it. I found used socks under my seats, food in the trunk and lots of very dirty blankets and pillows.- Since they dont clean up the cars you will have a hard time finding what youre looking for. Most cars are just as dirty as the previous owner left them, including boxes with rubbish on the seats, dirty pots and everything.CONCLUSION:Youre better of finding good cars on trademe, gumtree or on noticeboards in Backpackers. Sure, its more trouble, but you will get a much better deal if you take your time, look at a couple of cars and if unsure, bring the car you want to buy to a car shop for inspection for $120.

Review №31

Great price and variety

Review №32

Bought a new mattress for our van there at a fair price and sold the car here at the end of our trip. The car was left to us until our last day and we were taken to the airport free of charge. Very friendly owner, I can only recommend it!

Review №33

Very satisfied that we have been driving a vehicle bought here for 5 months and we have not had any problems. Very serious and honest seller who offers self contained campervan style vehicles. Very wide choice of vans, fitted or not. You can also buy the material and equipment to do it yourself. Highly recommend it!

Review №34

I came across Pars car when looking for a buyer for my van and was received nicely there. You are very cordial and showed me your projects right away. Really great work. You customize the vans to your wishes and make you a fair price, both in the sale and the buyback. They want you to come safely and happily through the country and you will notice that every conversation. I regretted that I did not buy my van there because I did not know it before. But I would recommend it to anyone!

Review №35

We bought our van from Pars Auto. We are delighted! Nasser and Eric were very good advice. Always attentive and very available. The vans are of very good quality, and in very good condition. The interior meets our needs, very pleasant to live with on a daily basis. In addition to our material satisfaction, its nice to have this human contact, especially when buying a vehicle, which will follow us for several months. We recommend!

Review №36

If you are looking for a fully equipped and fully checked-in van, then this place is just right for you, here you will just be happy! - and that is also Nassers goal🥰🍀Nasser and his crew do everything they can to give you the best and most enjoyable start to your backpacker adventure, help with any questions, and give you valuable tips about Vanlife.The atmosphere in the garage is just awesome and we immediately felt at home here.Thanks to Nasser for this gradiosen Van and the nice time we were allowed to have with himAnd thank you, for this wonderful start into a hopefully wonderful journeyWe love youGod bless youENJOY!We wish you all the best❤️Jan and Juliana

Review №37

At the end of 2011 I bought a van there and after initial skepticism, I am very satisfied with the service. It was all formalities (registration, TÜV etc.) taken care of. The car had received a top service before the purchase and I was able to sell the car there again after my trip to New Zealand for a good price.

Review №38

Campervan bought here and are super satisfied because we drove over 10k km with no problems on the engine.Would buy here again at any time if I ever need a car in NZ again.

Review №39

I highly recommend Naser and his team if you are looking for a self contained van or car. I bought a Mitsubishi L300 a year ago from him and had no issues with the van. Naser is very professional and will help you with everything, he will offer you all the tools for free and all the materials for a very good price if you want to DIY on your vehicle yourself! He will give you a free mechanical check, so you can leave peacefully once the sale has been made!

Review №40

Great place to buy your van or carYou can trust Nasser!

Review №41

Once your van has been purchased, Nasser will welcome you to the garage for the finishing touches and be there to help you. Dont hesitate and turn to him! It will also be of good advice when hitting the road.Once you bought your van, if needed you can go to Nasser’s garage for final touches and he will be pleased to help and guide you. Dont hesitate and go to him! When the time comes to leave, he will give some good advise about the car.

Review №42

We bought our camper van two weeks ago and we are so glad! Nasser is a very serious person whom we recommend. He makes sure everything is checked on your car and takes the time to have the vehicle tested for you. In addition, he greeted us at the garage while the car was being finished, it was very practical! We also thank his wonderful team: Éric, Rachel, Donald and Eugène!

Review №43

We bought our van here at Naser and Ahmed. They are two welcoming and warm, generous people, and they are determined to put everything in place to make your trip as smooth as possible. Safety and mechanical tests are carried out, if necessary, elements are changed (change of the battery and a tire before departure). Ahmed lent us his tools so that we could add some items to the van, and accommodated us in the apartment above his garage. It also offers equipment for purchase, very interesting.Go ahead with your eyes closed, you can trust them!In short, thank you a thousand times Ahmed for your help, your generosity and your kindness, not to mention your omnipresent smile!

Review №44

We bought our campervan here in early November and are really very satisfied. There were innumerable adjustments made for us and we were allowed to use everything in the yard to perfect our car for us :). The price may only be negotiable to a limited extent (a little is always possible, of course), but when it comes to remodeling and the interior, it is very flexible and does a lot for free, which made the price-performance ratio really okay :)- in the meantime came back to a service again, we even got 2l of oil :) -We bought our Campervan in november and after 6000kms we are still completly confident with it! Pars Auto made lots of adjustments for us - like a little kitchen in the back of our car- and so on. On top we could use everything at his place for our own individualization of the car :) we even cutted our own carpet :)! Thanks for everything and of course thanks for making the Service last week :)Maybe see you again when we are back in AucklandChris & Anna

Review №45

I bought my campervan there and got a car that I could drive my 10,000km without problems 👍🏼Brought my campervan here and got a great car, Thanks so much :)

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